Tomb of Sargeras: 10 Important Achievements For Players To Obtain in This New Patch

Tomb of Sargeras

The best achievements to farm for in Tomb of Sargeras

Spectacular Capture of Highmountain.

Heros across Azeroth are gearing up for the new Legion content. Achievements provide a variety of rewards, both vital and cosmetic. This expansion we can look forward to new pets, mounts, titles, and toys!

Some achievements must be completed before players may unlock certain content, so don’t let yourself fall behind in the race to Kil’Jaeden.

Here are the hottest achievements everyone is after.

10. Hatchling of the Talon

Similar design as the Goblin Glider, Emerald Winds leaves a fel trail.


Emerald Winds is a shortcut to flying in Legion. It’s basically a reusable Goblin Glider that launches you through the air before deploying.


Gather 10 Emerald Orbs in a single session of Aviana’s challenge in Sylvan Falls.

The Hatching of the Talon quest can be found in Highmountain. It will take some patience to overcome Aviana’s challenge, but it will be worth not having to grapple all the way through Stormheim. Emerald Winds is essential for players who have not obtained flying in Legion yet.

If you have already completed the pathfinders for flying, this item can still be useful for sightseeing or casual travel.

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9. Pathfinder Part One and Two

Part One Reward:

Increased mount speed in Broken Aisles.

Part One Objective:

Complete the achievements Broken Isles Explorer, Variety Is The Spice of Life, A Glorious Campaign, Loremaster of Legion, and Broken Isles Diplomat.

Mount speed is increased 20%, though, if you are in a guild that has the 10% speed bonus already your speed will only increase by 10%. Speed increases now stack up with class increases from death knights and paladins.

While it isn’t much of a boost it will make a small difference, plus, most of the criteria will be filled out naturally through questing.

Part Two Reward:

Flying in Broken Isles.

Part Two Objective:

Complete Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One; Explore Broken Shore; and Legionfall Commander.

Completing storyline content and earning reputation with Legion factions takes the most time and effort. Since it is a natural part of the game these achievement really are not asking for much.

Every player should be able to unlock Legion flying, otherwise, they may not be able to unlock future content. Once your characters are able to fly the game speeds up as you are able to get more done.

8. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Goblins

Located south of Vydhar in Iron Rest, the final quest opens only for level 110 players.


Title “the Gullible.” One of the lesser titles in Legion, it will still earn plenty of praise.


Complete the questline “Time To Collect.”

Goblin scam artists, Snaggle Sixtrigger and Rax Sixtrigger, send you all around Stormheim slaying and looting. They rarely have anything nice to say and are clearly sketchy characters. In exchange for their quests, they reward valueless soulbound green items.

After completing the side story that starts with the quest, “What A Ripoff!” “Time To Collect” will appear in Dalaran. The entire quest line is a lot easier to get with flying.

Players jokingly rumor that keeping the title on your character for a week unlocks a hidden feat of strength!

7. No Shellfish Endeavour

Murlocs always bring a buddy.


Mrgrglhjorn, a toy item that summons a stampede of adorable murloc tadpoles.


Complete the achievements: Now That’s Just Clawful!; Oh, The Clawdacity!; and Claws For Arms!

The Mrgrglhjorn is just one of many fun new toys introduced with Legion. Players are spotted all over scattering baby murlocs in honor of their adventures mind-melding with Murky.

Murky quests may be as close as we will get to playing a Murloc in WoW. This achievement is definitely one of the more cosmetic ones, but it has earned a lot of enjoyment.

6. Breaching the Tomb

Expect seeing more of these demonic adds while you breach the Tomb.


None initially, but players will gain access to access class mounts.


Complete all 15 Legionfall Campaign quests.

At the beginning of the Legionfall Campaign launch the quests were released weekly to pace players. Once released, there are less time restrictions.

Campaign quests are mostly made of straightforward things we already do (slaying demons and the like). So it may seem like a lot at first, but this achievement will breeze by.

We have been on the edges of our seats waiting for the big class mount release. Like anything epic, Blizzard is making sure we work for it. The quests for class mounts will not appear until players have completed the Legionfall Campaign.

Each individual character must unlock Breaching the Tomb before they can accept the class mount quests.

5. Poor Unfortunate Souls

Helya, a fallen val’kyr queen, reigns over Helheim, the underworld.


Lagan, rare battle pet.


Defeat Helya on Mythic difficulty while all players are Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Part of Glory of the Legion Hero, Poor Unfortunate Souls is a fun achievement that everyone should be able to knock out after strengthening their gear. Of course, she will be easier to take down in the lower Mythic keystone ranks than in the higher ones.

Helya is the final boss in Maw of Souls. She was persuaded by Loken to turn on Odyn and plots her revenge from her rule in the realm of the underworld.

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4. Mythic Xavius

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