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WoW Healer Role
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What are the best healers in WoW Dragonflight?

The holy trinity of RPG roles is composed of Tanks, Healers and DPS, and today we will be looking at the healer specs in World of Warcraft in order to pinpoint the best ones in the current meta of the game.

Dragonflight has been one of the most innovative expansions in the history of WoW due to the new specialization system, allowing for a lot more freedom when it comes to building your character and adapting it to your playstyle. All specs in the game are playable, of course, but some are simply better due to a more complete toolkit or overall performance in their role, and that's what we will be looking at.


7. Restoration Shaman

The Restoration Shaman is a very interesting spec that used to be in a much higher position in rankings during the Shadowlands expansions. However, with the recent release of Dragonflight and the removal of the Vesper Totem, this spec is currently lacking when compared to the other healers in the game. This doesn’t mean that the Restoration Shaman is useless, and it has a very cool playstyle, so don’t feel discouraged to pick this spec just because it isn’t as good as it used to be.

Restoration Shaman Strengths:

  • Great combination of direct healing and heal-over-time effects;
  • Very high utility potential with good crowd control capabilities;
  • Can restore the mana of party members;
  • High mobility, being able to move around the battlefield without compromising their healing output;
  • Decent defensive capabilities and emergency spells.

Restoration Shaman Healer build


6. Mistweaver Monk

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have the Mistweaver Monk, a spec that has improved significantly in Dragonflight when compared to its Shadowlands version. This spec has received lots of new abilities, ranging from offensive to defensive skills, and has great utility too. Furthermore, this is a hybrid healer with a very fun playstyle, switching from long range during healing to melee range to deal damage.

Mistweaver Monk Strengths:

  • Very fun hybrid playstyle that switches from ranged to melee during fights;
  • Great offensive and defensive capabilities;
  • Has access to a skill that instantly revives all party and raid members, as well as purging negative effects from them;
  • Amazing mobility due to abilities such as Roll and Transcendence;
  • A good option for teams based around physical damage dealing due to the Mystic Touch skill.

Mistweaver Monk Healer build


5. Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest is an amazing option for players who want to play a healer and still dish out some significant magical damage. The Atonement heals converts a portion of all spell damage into healing, making for a unique playstyle among healer specs. This spec has a very high skill ceiling and a veteran player can shine with the Discipline priest, however, it is also beginner friendly because of the strong spot-healing and damage mitigation.

Discipline Priest Strengths:

  • The very high skill ceiling for veteran players who wish to take their time to learn the spec;
  • Powerful spot-healing and emergency skills;
  • Amazing damage mitigation capabilities;
  • Unique playstyle, converting spell damage to healing;
  • Has 3 forms of dispelling available, easily removing harmful effects from their allies whenever needed.

Discipline Priest Healer build


4. Holy Priest

The two ‘Holy’ specs in WoW have always been somewhat in a very reliable position when it comes to healer rankings. Holy Priest is one of those classic specs that you simply can’t go wrong with, having a strong focus on directly healing your target with massive heals. Where they lack in damage mitigation, they compensate with outstanding healing output and purging negative effects.

Holy Priest Strengths:

  • Outstanding direct healing output;
  • Reliable spec that has remained consistent over the years;
  • Has 3 forms of dispelling available, easily removing harmful effects from their allies whenever needed;
  • Amazing buffs, including a unique party-wide stamina buff;
  • Can save their allies in an emergency with Desperate Prayer.

Holy Priest Healer build


3. Holy Paladin

Our second ‘Holy’ spec is the Holy Paladin, a personal favorite of mine and a very good choice for healers who like dealing damage. While this might sound similar to the Discipline Priest, Holy Paladins don’t convert damage into healing but instead gain stacks of Holy Power through their offensive abilities, which can then be used to empower their healing spells. With a legendary utility toolkit, amazing offensive and defensive capabilities, and a unique playstyle, you simply can’t go wrong with the Holy Paladin.

Holy Paladin Strengths:

  • One of the most balanced and versatile specs in WoW;
  • Reliable spec that has remained very strong over the years;
  • Very fun and unique playstyle that constantly switches between damage dealing and healing;
  • Outstanding emergency abilities that can change the tides of a battle, with lots of cooldown spells;
  • Amazing damage mitigation capabilities;

Holy Paladin Healer build


2. Preservation Evoker

Evoker is the newest class in World of Warcraft released with Dragonflight and, as expected, the newest specs in the game are very strong, the Preservation Evoker in particular is shining as a top choice for healers in the game. Their abilities can deal damage when targeted on enemies and heal when targeted on allies, furthermore they have amazing mobility, a great mix between direct healing and heal-over-time effects, and one of the best utility kits in the game.

Preservation Evoker Strengths:

  • Great mix between heal-over-time and direct healing;
  • Amazing mobility due to most abilities being instant cast and having access to Hover;
  • Naturally tankier due to the Tempered Scales passive;
  • Great crowd control capabilities with roots and knockbacks available;
  • Amazing utility with easy access to dispels and the ability to reposition allies.

Preservation Evoker Healer build


1. Restoration Druid

On the top of the rank, we have Restoration Druid, the healer spec that has been the strongest in Dragonflight so far and the favorite pick of high-ranked players. This spec has it all: mobility, heal-over-time, direct healing, utility spells and damage contribution. Switching between forms they can adapt to any situation you’ll encounter, and your allies certainly won’t be disappointed in your choice if you go with this one.

Restoration Druid Strengths:

  • Very versatile spec, changing between animal forms to suit your need;
  • Powerful heal-over-time effects, which are the focus of this spec;
  • Amazing mobility with instant cast spells and access to dashes;
  • Very strong defensive capabilities, especially in Bear Form;
  • Has the strongest set of crowd-control abilities out of all healers in WoW.

Restoration Druid Healer build

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