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10. Frost Death Knight

Blood Elf Frost Death Knight singing Let it Go after killing a hundred enemies.

Hello Little Lich Kings! Time to speak about this freezing class spec!

Users of Runes and Runic Power, the Frost Death Knights shows everybody how to keep a reasonable AoE damage rate with its setup! For me, it was a great experience using this spec; the rotation is straightforward to use both in Mytical+, Raids, and PVP! It has plenty of survivability full of defensive spells like Fortitude of Frost, Anti Magic Shell, and Veteran of the Third War. Being one of the best melee dps in WOW and using the powers of the Frozen North give you a great experience in every style.

What’s Great About Frost Death Knight:

  • You can transmog your two weapons into the legendary Blades of the Fallen Prince, made of the broken pieces of Frostmourne!
  • Frost Death Knights have great lore in the game!
  • Sumon a Frostwyrm that will breathe on all enemies within 40 yards of you!


9. Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock preparing some profane magic to fight.

In Shadowlands, the Affliction Warlock keeps being an excellent drain damage spec!

Known by many players as the only spec with a good spread multi dot damage in WOW, the Affliction Warlocks also have great survivability due to Soul Leech! Its great point in the rotation is the AoE over time with more than five targets using Agony or Seed of Corruption. The rotation for this spec is simple but requires attention to always keeping Corruption and Agony on the targets!

What’s Great About Affliction Warlock:

  • It has great mobility!
  • Malefic Rupture is your new main damage.
  • Affliction Warlock is an amazing class spec for raid groups or dungeon parties by its great damage rate!


8. Survival Hunter

A Survival Hunter photographed in her natural habitat, more than this you see on Animal Planet!

C’mon, pet lovers, this is your time!

Having the support of their loyal beasts, the Survival Hunters are a great consistent single-target also with Powerful AoE strong damage class spec. It has high self-sustaining skills and temporary damage immunity! As its spec name suggests, it’s the king of survivability and with an easy rotation of skills!

What’s Great About Survival Hunter:

  • It’s very versatile and almost good in everything as a DPS spec!
  • If the group doesn’t have a tank, using your mount to hold the damage isn’t a bad idea!
  • The great self-healing skills will make you deal with a lot of the damages, making the healers keep less worried about you!


7. Assassination Rogue

Undead Assassination Rogue after dinner and ready to reap some life! 

With impressive single-target melee and multi-target damage, having a slow and easy rotation for those starting in dps life! They also have additional damage by poison and bleed effects; I show you the incredible Assassination Rogue! This spec offers you a significant variability of group abilities and counting on a good number of defensive skills; all this ease the boss’s mechanics fight by having great survivability!

What’s Great About Assassination Rogue:

  • It has a great damage rate, and the group skills make the difference in a brutal battle!
  • Known by many as the main dps spec of Rogue class!
  • Cooldowns are short and can be used frequently!


6. Unholy Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight posing while conjuring an unholy army!

Behold the dark lords of profanity and fathers of undead pets!

Holding a great two-handed weapon powered by Runes gives the Unholy Death Knight the status of being one of the most fun class specs of all time! “A rotation to rule them all!” is incredibly easy and intuitive. You start using Festering Strike, which costs two Runes, then Scourge Strike will spend the already formed Festering Wound popping them on the target. Spending runes will generate Runic Power, which we will spend on Death Coil. Then Finally, we will use Outbreak!

What’s Great About Unholy Death Knight:

  • The aesthetic of the spells is really cool!
  • You will have an excellent survivability spec in your hands for M+!
  • It has one of the best single-target damage of all dps specs!


5. Fire Mage

Fire Mage after burning his own house by "accident".

Those pyromaniac fireball lovers!

Usually, Mages are a combo of versatility in battle, and this time will not be different! The Fire Mage is a great spec with the best mobility of the class, and it has a great sustained AoE damage with Flamestrike and Flame Orb. With Mastery: Ignite, your single-target damage will not need to be sacrificed!

What’s Great About fire Mage:

  • Great burst damage like Combustion and Firestarter!
  • For both PVP and PVE, you will be in control!
  • A smooth rotation with significant damage!


4. Fury Warrior

A heroic Fury Warrior fighting for the Banshee Queen's dream!

Grab your two two-handed weapons and relax on the chair!

One of the most dynamic dps specs both in single-target and multi-target! Fury Warrior is the best choice for those who want adrenaline and never be bored in a fight! This spec has great personal defensive abilities like Enraged Regeneration, Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, and Rallying Cry making you more resistant and raid-wide defensive cooldowns! Never worry about being slow or not being fast enough to keep suitable in boss mechanics; your mobility is something that makes other specs envy you, especially when using Heroic Leap!

What’s Great About Fury Warrior:

  • Battle Shout is a great power buff that will make you smash your enemies!
  • A fast and intuitive rotation A fast and intuitive rotation will keep your adventures always fun!
  • Fury Warriors have a powerful tier set in sustained combat!


3. Enhancement Shaman

This Enhancement Shaman is playing as Darth Sidious and screaming "POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!" 

The power of nature blessed this class spec a lot!

Specialists in single-target style, Enhancement Shamans, have a powerful rotation to annihilate their enemies! The choice of your Covenant, Talent, and Legendary will change your priority. Want a good melee bust buff? Windfury Totem is your choice and fits a lot in a party! These element users are so versatile that they have a group utility toolkit for dungeons and raids!

What’s Great About Enhancement Shaman:

  • It has great mobility via Spirit walk and Ghost Wolf!
  • Has some good options for AoE damage like Hailstorm and Fire Nova!
  • The flexibility at the Covenant choice is rare to work in many specs!


2. Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest after asking an Old God about her Christmas Gift.

Void lovers, the time is yours!

If playing with such a dangerous thing as the Void energy isn’t enough to show you why Shadow Priest is a great spec, keep reading! Owners of a great position in single-target dps, this spec is always chosen by those tired of healing in a party! Learning the correct rotation and timing isn’t just optional, for successful damage, you need to make a good choice of talents and practice until this gets natural!

What’s Great About Shadow Priest:

  • Healers love those dps with good self-healing skills; Shadow Priest has Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague!
  • Short defensive cooldowns to never worry!
  • They have short or instant cast time!


1.- Beast-Mastery Hunter

Beast-Mastery Hunter playing with his bear, is cute, isn't it?

And back we are pet lovers!

Beast-Mastery Hunter is the best spec when the subject is mobility; you can run, jump, swim, dance… all while attacking! It has a solid single-target dps, uncapped AoE, and brings a solid amount of utility to groups with crowd control, blood lust, and misdirection! The Aspect of the Turtle is a good emergency defensive button that provides immunity and lets you negate certain boss mechanics!

What’s Great About Beast-Mastery Hunter:

  • Mastery: Master of Beasts increases the damage done by your pets!
  • This spec is the only one that can tame Exotic beasts.
  • The rotation is easy and intuitive to play, not slow but also not so fast!



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