World of Warcraft Makes At Least $50 Million Per Month

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WoW is dominating the MMO marketplace

World of Warcraft has certainly made a noticeable splash within the MMO gaming community, but in 2013 the titan of industry topped the charts as it reached over $1 billion in annual revenue! This revenue along with 36% of the market share is what allows World of Warcraft to tower over Lineage 1 as the runner up at $253 million and 9% market share.

These numbers express the level of love that World of Warcraft fans have for the game, and the lengths they are willing to go to play this amazing game. With this level of income wouldn’t it be possible for the game to be turned into a free to play version? A massive monetary gain has been obtained, and the profit that could be gained from ads and endorsements alone could allow for free gameplay to fans without sacrificing a suitable profit.

WoW will continue to make bank

The demand for World of Warcraft has been on the high end of MMO gaming for over a decade and shows no signs of change within the near future. With this fact in mind World of Warcraft has been set in stone as never becoming a free game.

This announcement seems to have gone without argument as the only strike involving World of Warcraft is the Strike! Achievment.

Making a cool $50 million per month

Prices may fluctuate on WoW subscriptions, but it doesn’t change this MMO titans ability to pull in a sweet $50 million dollars a month from dedicated players and enthusiasts. With Blizzard releasing Legion as the new expansion to World of Warcraft in 2016, it would not be beyond the realm of possibility for Blizzards next expansion to pull in a ground breaking $200 million for the company.

At making this level of income, some may begin to wonder if anything else may be in development behind the closed doors of Blizzard. Could another MMORPG, bound to replace the World of Warcraft legacy, be in development now, or is this legacy meant to go on until it has no more to offer the world. Being that there are no oracles outside the realm of gaming, one could only speculate at the outcome of this gaming titan, and until its fate is truly clear, it will surely remain at the top of the MMORPG charts.

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