Top 10 Best WoW BfA PvP Classes

wow bfa best pvp class
Laying in wait for the Alliance...

The best PvP class in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

The Clash of Titans!

For the Alliance! Lok’tar Ogar! Get ganked Noobs!

We’ve all heard the battle-cries as steel clashes with steel, spells are flung and opponents are left eating the dirt. The thrill and the salt when your side is victorious… or left wanting is something you know all too well.

Battle for Azeroth has brought PvP into the forefront of the game, with new ways to enjoy it reigniting our thirst for blood!

When there’s so much choice, sometimes it’s tricky choosing what to play. So this guide takes the pressure off your shoulders and lets you charge into battle.

Across the staples of Arenas and Battlegrounds, to the anything-goes of World PvP, it’s time to have a look at which classes are taking names and chewing gum.

I just hope they don’t run out of gum anytime soon…

Let’s have a look!

10. Havoc Demon Hunter

Pain, Suffering, Imprisoned: Unleashed.

Demon Hunters have been ferocious since their release from their vaults back in Legion. And in BfA, they continue to terrorize and wreak well… havoc across battlefields.

Packed with strong crowd control with a mighty mix of stuns and interrupts, we’ve all found ourselves cursing as we’re held in Imprison for ten thousand years.

Your sentence is only added with the PVP talent of Detainment, which increases duration and no healing.

Metamorphosis for Havoc DH is still one of the strongest offensive in the game and it is punishing in PvP.

An unsuspecting opponent can find themselves stunned and promptly wiped off the face of Azeroth in a few strikes.

Ouch. In a big way.

What makes Havoc Demon Hunter great in PvP

  • Numerous stuns and interrupts
  • Heavy-hitting damage
  • Mana rift PvP talent punishes enemy healers
  • Great mobility with double jumps and glides
  • Strong self-healing and defensives

Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Build:

9. Arms Warrior

Blood and Honour!

Arms warriors have been left flailing when it comes to PvE but I was pleasantly surprised to award them a place in my top ten. I can hear die-hard Arms Warriors cheering in the distancer as I bestow the mighty 9th place to their spec.

What Arms Warriors lack in hefty crowd control, they make up in truckloads of damage.

Mortal Strike can carry any Arms Warrior through all PvP scenarios, it is that strong.

I mean, that’s the warrior way, isn’t it? Why stun an opponent when you can just cleave right through them.

And it hurts. Trust me, I know.

What makes this Arms Warrior great in PvP

  • High burst damage
  • Great mobility
  • Easy to swap targets (we know the yells of hitting healers!)
  • Strong Single Target Damage

Arms Warrior PvP build:

8. Destruction Warlock

The flames of fel are always lit.

Great CC (We’ve all been feared to oblivion) and their own survivability with Demon Armor, Warlocks are popular picks for PvP.

Warlocks, especially Destruction, are capable of some of the hardest-hitting single target damage. I should only need to say two words, combined into one fresh hell:


If you’re silly enough to allow warlocks to get a few of these off in a decent succession, you’ll be writing your own eulogies.

I recommend starting with “GG” or “Well Played”.

I like the irony.

What makes Destruction Warlock great in PvP

  • Great crowd control
  • Numerous interrupts
  • Hefty damage
  • Good total party mobility

Destruction Warlock PvP build:

7. Discipline Priest

You lack in Discipline... Well, not really.

Home of the most unique healer in the game and the most underrated healer in PvP, the priest class is bread and butter in PvP teams.

I want to focus on their Top PvP healer: Discipline.

Discipline is by far the more popular choice and it comes down to better survivability.

Masters of shields, they can withstand the brutal strikes of melee far better than their Holy Priest brothers.

Able to heal through damage, they are a great utility as a DPS and a stand-alone healer.

And a pain in the backside for the other team.

What makes Discipline Priest great in PvP

  • Great defensives
  • Strong single target healing
  • Removing most debuffs
  • Dispel/Mass Dispel

Discipline Priest PvP Build:

6. Assassination Rogue

Twisting the knife in a Backstab.

I still have nightmares about Rogues in Vanilla (and now Classic…) and they haven’t subsided with BfA either.

Still making up the dream teams for Arena and Battlegrounds alike, with the spotlight remaining on Assassination.

Ticking poisons, endless stuns such as Blind and interrupts they can take on any team set up with unimaginable ease.

They’ll spam /ROFL and vanish before you’ve had a chance to notice them.

If they let you survive that is.

What makes Assassination Rogue great in PvP

  • Great mobility
  • Strong burst damage
  • Self-healing
  • Great battlefield control

Assassination Rogue PvP Build:

5. Windwalker Monk

The true meaning of a Smackdown.

Another dominating Melee, Windwalker Monks leave their pacifism at the door and unleash fists of fury on their opponents.

When in a team fight, they add a lot of pressure and are one of the toughest classes to beat in single target damage.

With a couple of well-played setups, the Monk will have melted their opponent and Chi torpedoed onto the next.

Great utility, with abilities like Rising Sun Kick reducing healing as well as hitting hard, Monks are a must-have in team brawls.

What makes Windwalker Monk great in PvP

  • Great utility
  • Decent self-healing
  • Heavy single target burst damage
  • Great mobility

Windwalker Monk PvP Build:

4. Fire Mage

Even the DPS numbers burn...

Out of the three mage specs, Fire mage is the one burning the candle at both PvE and PvP ends.

Just uttering the words “Greater Pyroblast” invokes a fear in me words cannot describe.

Whilst it has a slow cast time, if they hide at the back and not interrupted, you’ll find yourself just a pile of cinders and salt.

Mages are particularly dynamic when paired with a rogue, with stuns evolving into Polymorphs, they quickly dispatch enemies before dusting themselves off and moving on.

It’s not uncommon to see a Fire Mage/Assassination Rogue/ Resto Druid in arena teams.

Just assume the emergency brace position.

And bring plenty of aloe vera for those blasts.

What makes Fire Mage great in PvP

  • Strong consistent damage
  • Great battlefield control
  • Decent mobility
  • Heavy-hitting abilities

Fire Mage PvP Build:

3. Restoration Druid

Do not take the tree huggers as true pacifists. They are deadly.

A hybrid class with hybrid abilities, the Resto Druid has always been top of the list when picking your PvP healer.

These jack-of-all-trades, master of all, can do absolutely everything.

And I mean everything.

The sweet HoTs of Renew and Rejuvenation are cranked up to power level 9000 with Swiftmend procs. Lifebloom is another lifesaver and when it ticks off or is dispelled, the target gets a nifty chunk of health.

A sure deterrent for trigger happy Disc Priests dispelling everything.

Great defensives such as Ironbark Ironbark and Crowd Controls like Cyclone make trying and failing to take down a Resto druid like waiting for rain in a drought.

Useless and disappointing.

What makes Restoration Druid great in PvP

  • Incredibly difficult to kill
  • Great battlefield control
  • Versatile healing
  • Decent mobility

Restoration Druid PvP Build:

2. Unholy Death Knight

Feast... My minions!

A difficult class to master, but once you hit it, you’ll be able to take down entire teams through heavy AoE abilities.

And who doesn’t enjoy inflicting a Total Party Wipe?

With most of their damage coming from their… “Pets” (can you call an undead, rotting construct a pet? I mean, really?), Unholy DK offers an incredibly unique melee playstyle that is hugely rewarding.

Great crowd control like Chains of Ice will render the strafing hunter useless as you spew Outbreak and Virulent plague across them and their team.

Necromancer’s Bargain is incredible, especially in Arena, as it’ll cripple any enemy healing and continue to melt instead.

Pets, Diseases, and Buffs… Oh my!

What makes Unholy Death Knight great in PvP

  • Huge AoE damage
  • Multiple defensive cooldowns
  • Great battlefield control
  • Strong burst damage

Unholy Death Knight PvP Build:

1. Holy Paladin

Throwing the book at you better than Judge Judy!

If I tried to count how many times I have cursed at Holy Paladins or groaned when I saw a Holy Paladin on the opposing team… I’d need every single Old Gods’ tentacles.

And that would only take me halfway!

Grumbling aside, I have to hand them my top spot because they are just that good. Without a doubt, one of the strongest healers in the game, and they dominate the Arena and BG teams as a token healer.

They have countless healing cooldowns for all occasions which provides amazing utility.

Utilising damage and healing through Holy Shock with Infusion of Light procs, Holy Pallys are one of the few healers that can do heavy damage and heal.

Aura Mastery is great to make the most of a Paladin’s aura and is its own cooldown.

And let’s not forget the shields the Holy Paladin bestows: the infamous “Bubble” that is Divine Shield.

You can continue to hurl heals and damage whilst laughing at the raging enemies who can’t make a scratch.

It’s infuriating. But good.

What makes Holy Paladin great in PvP

  • Fantastic burst healing
  • Multiple defensive abilities: self and party
  • Large amounts of healing cooldowns
  • Strong single target healing
  • Party buffs

Holy Paladin PvP Build:

So that’s that, the top 10 best specs for PvP in BfA.

Which spec here has taken your fancy? Try them out and see what you think about them for yourself.

Give another spec a try and delight in inflicting pain and fear into your opponents.

Or enjoy the smug flex of being able to perform outstanding clutch heals.

Be a champion of the Alliance or the Horde but remember…

There’s no crying in PvP.

Or At least try not to.

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