Illidan Stormrage Story Explained in 10 Points

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A demon hunter became a demon to kill demons.

You are prepared to know Illidan Stormrage’s story! 

Illidan Stormrage is one of the most loveable and important characters in the entire Warcraft franchise. His pursuit of power and arcane mastery led him to commit a number of horrific acts against Azeroth, but there’s always more in the story. Here are 10 points in Illidan’s story that can help you know him more as what he is and not the villain the game portrays.

1. Chosen from birth

Illidan was born with golden eyes, meaning he was destined to have a great purpose. He has a twin brother named Malfurion Stormrage, another important character of the series, who doesn’t agree with everything Illidan does. He is the opposite of his brother but with one thing in common, they are in love with Tyrande, the Priestess of the Moon.

2. War of the Ancients

The burning legion invades Azeroth for the first time and creates an alliance of convenience with Azshara and Mannoroth. He then met the titan Sargeras, who gouged out his eyes and placed two orbs of fire vision that allowed him to see all the magic in the world. 

3. Imprisoned

He became thirsty for power and wanted to destroy the burning legion after knowing Sargeras’ true plans. Malfurion thought his brother was forever lost to the magic’s way so he ordered to lock him deep in Mount Hyjal for 10,000 years.

4. Freed by old love

Tyrande went to release Illidan to ask him for help to defeat once again the legion, which had returned to Azeroth at the hands of the Scourge, led by Arthas Menethil. He then confronts Arthas in the forest of Felwood. Arthas beats him in power and knowing of Illidan’s search for power, tells him about a skull with great power. 

5. The Skull of Gul’dan 

After knowing about the Skull of Gul'dan, and the belief that with the increased power, he could do what’s right, Illidan went to look for the artifact. He absorbed the power of the skull becoming truly powerful but with a heavy price, Illidan transformed into a half-demon.

6. New home

Everyone couldn’t believe what Illidan became, even though it was for the greater good. Malfurion told Illidan he was free to go on the condition that he leaves Azeroth to not threaten their race. Illidan created a portal and left to Outland.

7. Master of the Black Temple

We’re now in Burning Crusade’s expansion. Illidan is the enemy of the heroes of Azeroth. During a quest, heroes allied with Maiev to attack and defeat the demon hunter. In the Black Temple raid encounter, Illidan is the final boss. 

8. Legion

After the fall in the Black Temple, the corpse of Illidan Stormrage disappeared. The true fate of Illidan's remains, was unknown. Some said that Warden Maiev Shadowsong took his broken body to the Vault of the Wardens while his lingering soul could serve the rest of his eternal sentence in the Twisting Nether. Nothing is confirmed.

9. The end of the Burning Legion

Illidan was imprisoned into magic crystal jails with his Illidari, only to be released when the legion assaulted the prison. Along with the heroes of Azeroth, Illidan embarks on the mission to defeat the burning legion once in for all. The titan Sargeras threatens to destroy the world of Azeroth.

10. The hunter is nothing without the hunt

After Sargeras failed with his destruction of Azeroth and the heroes defeated Argus the Unmaker, they returned to imprison Sargeras. Illidan stayed behind at the Seat of the Pantheon to be his jailor. 

There you have it, ten important things you need to know about the immense story of Illidan. He has a huge role in the main story, and even though he is no longer an active character, fans are hoping he may return for a new adventure.

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