[Top 10] WoW Dragonflight Best Mounts (And How To Get Them)

Show off your swag with the coolest mounts in WoW

What are the best mounts in World of Warcraft?

The best mount is the one that you like the most, or the one that fits your transmog best. However, some mounts in World of Warcraft stand out for their unique appearance, outstanding popularity, lore relevance, shiny colors, etc.

We will go over some of those awesome mounts in this article, so get ready to ride on!


10. Gargantuan Grrloc

A big murloc. A very, very big murloc, and he is rather angry too. What else do I have to say? This mount is absolutely awesome, especially if you play a Goblin character, and makes your character look a lot like the legendary alchemist Razzil Darkbrew from DOTA or the Alchemist from DOTA 2. The Grrloc is currently in the 12-Month Subscription Bundle until January 2023, so you better hurry if you want to get this bad boy.

How to get this mount: 12-Month Subscription Bundle

See the Gargantuan Grrloc in action:


9. Antoran Charhound

If you are edgy and ain’t ashamed of it, then this mount can take your edge to a whole new level. This absolute unit of a demon hound, created by Sargeras himself, looks amazing and menacing, like a magma bomb about to explode at any minute and melt your enemies. These fiery hounds are rare drops from the second boss in the Antorus raid, so get your guild together and go get’em.

How to get this mount: Rare Drop from the Felhounds of Sargeras (Antorus)

See the Antoran Charhound in action:


8. Vengeance

Dragonhawks are the flagship animals of the prideful Blood Elves of Quel’Thalas. But this isn’t your average dragonhawk, this is the deathly Vengeance, a symbol of the darkened soul of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. And to ride on this undead beast, you’ll have to defeat Sylvanas in Mythic difficulty Sanctum of Domination. This isn’t an easy task, and it is a rare drop, but this dreadful mount is absolutely worth it.

How to get this mount: Rare Drop from Sylvanas Windrunner (Mythic Sanctum of Domination)

See Vengeance in action:


7. Mechacycle Model W

Now here is a somewhat weird mount, the Mechacycle Model W. This one's for all of you who enjoy the mechanic and engineering aesthetic in WoW, being the perfect mount for engineer themed characters and mechagnomes. And, on top of that, it looks absolutely unique. Keep in mind that if you want to grind this mount, you’ll have a lot of work ahead in order to unlock the Mecha-Done achievement, basically doing everything in Mechagon to get it.

How to get this mount: Mecha-Done Achievement

See the Mechacycle Model W in action:


6. Soaring Spelltome

Mages are masters of the arcane, with countless magic spells under their belt, or, should I say, under their tome. This mount is the perfect pick to fulfill the wizard fantasy in WoW once and for all. Riding a giant spellbook? These are levels of wizardry that would put Khadgar to shame. Venture into the Mage Towers and fly out of there on your brand new grimoire right now.

How to get this mount: A Tour of Towers Achievement

See the Soaring Spelltome in action:


5. Tomb Stalker

Let’s be honest: ancient giant raptors are the best thing that Battle for Azeroth gave us. These beasts look terrifying and awesome, with the highlight here being the Tomb Stalker. If you’re going for the tribal warrior theme on your character, this is a perfect choice, especially for Zandalari Trolls. Defeat King Dazar at the Mythic difficulty Kings’ Rest dungeon and pray to the RNG gods that you drop this mount.

How to get this mount: Rare Drop from King Dazar (Mythic Kings' Rest)

See the Tomb Stalker in action:


4. Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

Soaring through the skies on top of a reanimated bloody dragon, it can’t get any cooler than that. These undead constructs of bone and metal look absolutely fantastic, and you will feel like the most badass necromancer of Azeroth when you’re on top of one of them. All you have to do is to prove your worth through the depths of the Icecrown Citadel.

How to get this mount: Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10-Man Achievement

See the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher in action:


3. Ashes of Al’ar

We’ve reached the top 3 and this list simply wouldn’t be right without Ashes of Al’ar. This mount is an absolute classic in WoW and has remained popular over the years for very good reason. It is colorful, it is pretty, and it looks amazing. A rare drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider, lord of the Blood Elves, at the iconic Burning Crusade raid The Eye.

How to get this mount: Rare Drop from Kael'thas Sunstrider (The Eye)

See Ashes of Al’ar in action: 


2. Invincible

The glorious steed of prince Arthas himself, this is the horse that served the forces of light and the Lich King alike. Not only does it look amazing, but you simply cannot measure the amount of significance around this mount in WoW. Just like the previous entry on the list, it has remained popular to this day. When it comes to mounts, Invincible truly is invincible. Or at least it was, before Dragonflight.

How to get this mount: Rare Drop from The Lich King (Icecrown Citadel)

See Invincible in action:


1. Dragon Isles Drakes

With the recent release of Dragonflight, the whole meaning of mounts has been changed in World of Warcraft. Dragon Riding is a new skill tree that allows you to soar through the skies of Azeroth with all new mechanics and incredible speed. Honestly, these drakes put all of the previous mounts of the game to shame, due to just how fun they are to ride. On top of that, all of the Dragon Riding mounts can be fully customized when it comes to their appearance. These dragons truly are a game changer and represent the bright future of mounts in WoW.

How to get this mount: Dragon Isles Quests

See the Dragon Isles Drakes in action:


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