[Top 10] WoW Dragonflight Villains (Ranked Weakest To Strongest)

The biggest and the baddest waiting at the Dragon ISles

Who are the strongest villains in WoW Dragonflight?

Dragonflight has been received with a lot of praise from the playerbase of World of Warcraft due to its story and setting returning to the basics of a classic fantasy adventure. But make no mistake, the lore of Dragonflight is vast and some relevant characters have been around for a long time in WoW.

In this article we will be looking at some of the strongest villains in Dragonflight, ranging from impactful story villains to challenging dungeon bosses (and maybe some speculation at the end).


10. Decatriarch Wratheye

Gnolls are a classic monster race of the Warcraft franchise, and it’s simply amazing to see them make a comeback in the Dragonflight expansion. A huge gnoll home lies at the Dragon Isles: Brackenhide Hollow. These gnolls have been completely changed by the means of powerful decay magic, and their leader is Decatriarch Wratheye, a powerful dark magician with plans of devastating the Azure Span.

What makes Decatriarch Wratheye fearsome:

  • Leads the largest gnoll home at the Dragon Isles, with many gnoll warriors at her disposal;
  • Wields powerful decay magic;
  • Can rot the land itself and any living being on it.


9. Infuser Sariya/Primal Tsunami

The Halls of Infusion are a place of ancient power connected to the Life Pools of the Red Dragonflight. In their war against the Dragon Aspects, the primalists have invaded these vaults to wreak havoc. Infuser Sariya is a powerful member of that group, able to muster the powers of elemental magic to such a degree that a giant water primal is summoned to fight against the adventurers.

What makes Infuser Sariya/Primal Tsunami fearsome:

  • Sariya controls powerful water magic;
  • The Primal Tsunami is an absolute juggernaut made of water;
  • Very challenging boss fight, including many AoE spells that can knock you back.


8. Koroleth

The primalists are one of the first enemies you will encounter while venturing through the Dragon Isles. This group has allied with the Nokhud centaurs in order to achieve their goals, and their leader is a Night Elf named Koroleth, a main antagonist of the Ohn’ahran Plains storyline. A faithful servant of the primal dragon Raszageth with powerful lightning magic at her will, Koroleth will definitely be a threat to every adventurer that arrives at the Isles.

What makes Koroleth fearsome:

  • Leads an army of primalist warriors;
  • Wields powerful lightning magic;
  • Has allied herself with the powerful Nokhud centaurs;
  • Plans to take control of the Emerald Dream realm.


7. Umbrelskul

A dragon who was foolish enough to meddle with raw arcane powers, Umbrelskul grew mad as much as he grew powerful. Sealed inside the Azure Vault for millenia, this ancient crystalline creature awaits any adventurer brave enough to dwell inside the Vault, which is one of the dungeons you will find at the Dragon Isles.

What makes Umbrelskul fearsome:

  • Combines the power of the dragonkind with out of control arcane powers;
  • Controls powerful crystals that can kill you and your party in an instant if you’re not careful;
  • Has been in stasis for ages and now is a really pissed off dragon.


6. Sentinel Talondras

Created with the sole purpose of protecting the vault which contains Tyr’s memories, Sentinel Talondras is a massive titan-forged refti that simply won’t stop fighting the unworthy intruders who venture deep into Uldaman. With no true understanding of good or evil, maybe Talondras isn’t a villain in the classic meaning of the word, but it is definitely a giant threat and a huge obstacle for players to surpass in Dragonflight.

What makes Sentinel Talondras fearsome:

  • Was crafted with the sole purpose of fighting off intruders;
  • Will stop at nothing in order to protect the Vault of Tyr;
  • Has power over titan orbs and powerful earth magic.


5. Warlord Sargha

Warlord Sargha is one of the leaders of the Djaradin, a native race of the Dragon Isles that is even older than the dragons themselves. These mighty hunters ride on mammoths and hunt down dragons as their natural prey, having recently awakened from their slumber just like most of the inhabitants of the Dragon Isles. You will face Warlord Sargha in the Neltharus dungeon at the Waking Shores, and you better be prepared for it.

What makes Warlord Sargha fearsome:

  • Leader of the mightiest Djaradin clans;
  • Hunts down dragons like it’s nothing;
  • Massive AoE damage and DoT effects during the boss fight;
  • Controls the powers of fire and magma.


4. Balakar Khan

Balakar Khan is the leader of the Nokhud centaur, one of the most powerful of the Maruuk clans, and an absolutely terrifying villain that you will face in the Ohn’ahran Plains storyline. This hulking beast has set his mind upon restoring the past glory of the centaurs, and he will do anything deemed necessary to achieve that goal. You can expect to have some trouble in the boss fight against this guy too, with a wide variety of complex mechanics that will challenge you and your group.

What makes Balakar Khan fearsome:

  • Has power over the Nokhud centaur clan, an army of powerful raiders at the Dragon Isles;
  • Is willing to do anything necessary to restore the ancient glory of his race;
  • Very complex boss fight that require a lot of attention from all of the players;
  • A massive centaur wielding a giant polearm, need I say more?


3. Chrono-Lord Deios

Chrono-Lord Deios is a dragonlord of the Infinite Dragonflight, with powers so strong they can meddle with time itself, present, past and future. To control the timeways and prevent the Dragon Aspects from regaining their power, this powerful dragon has entered the Vault of Tyr in Uldaman, where you shall face this threat as many times necessary in order to stop his plans.

What makes Chrono-Lord Deios fearsome:

  • Has power over time itself, with abilities such as rewinding time and slowing his enemies down;
  • Is a member of the Infinite Dragonflight, a group of time altering dragons with insane powers;
  • Intends to control the timeways and decide the future of Azeroth as well as change its past.


2. Raszageth

Raszageth the Storm-Eater is one of the leaders of the Primal Incarnates who originally rebelled against the Dragon Aspects. The powers of this proto-dragon are immeasurable, and it took the powerful Neltharion, yes, Deathwing himself, to surrender to the Old Gods in order to gain enough power to defeat Raszageth. A major villain with terrifying strength and a lot of plot relevance.

What makes Raszageth fearsome:

  • Is an ancient dragon with immeasurable power that defied even Deathwing;
  • Is the true leader of the primalists in their war against the Dragon Aspects;
  • Controls the mighty power of the storms;
  • Intends to free the rest of the Primal Incarnates, which would be devastating to the world of Azeroth.


1. Galakrond

Now, this last entry is a big speculation, however it is very possible that by the end of Dragonflight we might battle against the largest and most powerful dragon who ever lived in Azeroth: Galakrond. This ancient creature was larger than all of the Dragon Aspects combined, and was corrupted by the powers of Yogg Saron and by cannibalizing his fellow proto-dragons. While Galakrond is now dead, and his remains can be found at a place called Galakrond’s Rest, we definitely can see a return of this menace through the means of necromancy, the time altering powers of the Infinite Dragonflight, or any other shenanigans that Blizzard comes up with. All I know is that, if it happens, Galakrond will be an awesome and unforgettable raid boss.

What makes Galakrond fearsome:

  • Is the dragon of dragons, larger and more powerful than the five Dragon Aspects combined;
  • Cannibalizes his fellow dragons, hunting them down and eating their flesh;
  • Controls an army of undead dragons called the Not-Living;
  • Could potentially have the most devastating AoE attacks in WoW;
  • Would require a large raid of experienced players in order to be defeated;
  • One of the most ancient creatures in Azeroth’s history, with huge significance to the lore of WoW.


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