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These quotes will change your life if shout like Illidan.

Quotes are very inspiring when the correct character tells them.

Illidan Stormrage has been active in the Warcraft franchise for a very long time. He did many correct decisions and many not so good for others. He became an antagonist for the heroes of Azeroth but redeem himself to be the greatest hero of an expansion. 

Along his long journey, he said things that inspired others, including players. That’s why we bring you the top 10 Illidan best quotes that are great and above all, inspiring.

1. “The hunter is nothing without the hunt.”

Quote's cinematic here.

Illidan’s purpose was to defeat the burning legion. In the “Legion” expansion, once the legion was defeated, Illidan achieved his life goal and has nothing else to do than to be a jailer of his most wanted enemy.

What makes “The hunter is nothing without the hunt” great:

  • Very philosophic phrase about life’s achievements.
  • Illidan finished his task after thousands and thousands of years, now what?
  • Makes you empathic with the demon hunter and everything he went through.

2. “You Are Not Prepared!”

Quote's cinematic here.

When the second expansion of World of Warcraft was released, Illidan returned to be the main villain in the new zone Outland. “Burning Crusade” cinematic made this amazing quote by Illidan the most famous yet.

What makes “You Are Not Prepared!” great:

  • Does Illidan just say I’m a bad player?
  • Let me level my character to show you how well prepared I am!
  • It feels personal and offensive when he shouts in the cinematic to the screen.

3. “My destiny is my own.”

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In the “Legion” expansion, Xe’ra the Prime Naaru has been restored and offers the gift of light to Illidan. But he refuses it by fighting back. No one tells him what to do and who he must be.

What Makes “My destiny is my own” great:

  • A great quote to remind yourself you manage your life.
  • Illidan, a demon hunter, knows best for life advice.

4. “You learned that the things that once tormented you could give you power.”

Quote's cinematic here.

In the demon hunter introduction, we understand how this class was made and what is their purpose as champions. Illidan says one of the best speeches in the franchise including a lot of memorable quotes.

What Makes “You learned that the things that once tormented you, could give you power.” great:

  • Empathy with the demon hunter previously seen as villains.
  • Understand how races decide to follow the path of demon hunter after these words.

5. “Now You Are Prepared!”

Quote's cinematic here.

No introduction is needed. The iconic quote “You are not prepared!” makes a twist when you finally get to play the demon hunter class. Trained and guided by Illidan you are now prepared to fight the burning legion.

What Makes “Now You Are Prepared!” Great:

  • Now we are prepared!
  • Gives you goosebumps after years of hearing you are not enough for Illidan and now you are.

6. “Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced.”

Quote's cinematic here.

When Illidan invoked the Legion’s planet to Azeroth, a lot of characters showed their disagreement. But Illidan makes a great point, sometimes you have to decide and do things for them to happen instead of waiting for them to show.

What makes “Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced.” great:

  • A reminder Illidan does what he has to do in order to reach his goal.
  • A great moment in the game is when a planet appears in front of your eyes.

7. “What do you mean Blizzard added monks before demon hunters. Monks aren’t even a real hero class.”

Quote's cinematic here.

Heroes of the Storm, a blizzard game that gathers a lot of iconic characters from the franchise, has a great sense of humor. Illidan’s character has tons of funny quotes breaking the fourth wall and comments about his role, story, characters, and even the company decisions. 

What makes “What do you mean Blizzard added monks before demon hunters. Monks aren’t even a real hero class.” great:

  • After trying the demon hunter class, players realized monks aren’t as fun and innovative for the game as they thought.
  • Finally, someone says out loud that fists punches, and kicks are not a believable way to fight dragons and titans.

8. “In times I wished your heart had made a different choice. In the end, I know it made the right one.”

Quote's cinematic here.

Illidan always loved Tyrande for thousand of years. He always wanted to protect her even though she didn’t love him back. Illidan can be a demon hunter, evil, killer, and take different choices a normal elf wouldn’t take but we can be sure he has a heart and it belongs to Tyrande.  

What makes “In times I wished your heart had made a different choice. In the end, I know it made the right one.” great:

  • This showed that after all this time, Illidan still loved Tyrande.
  • A romance we always wanted to happen but as Illidan knew, it would never manifest.

9. “You wish to know the difference between the demons and us? They will stop at nothing to destroy our world. And we will sacrifice everything to save it.”

Quote's cinematic here.

The Illidari, Illidan’s demon hunters, are known to have demon powers just as Illidan. That makes them become the thing they hate in order to kill it. But in the Legion character cinematic, we learned what makes them different and it’s an awesome quote to hear.

What makes “The difference between the demons and Illidari” quote great:

  • Motivates every player to choose this class.
  • Makes Illidan a more incredible character to follow and admire.

10. “I AM MY SCARS!”

Quote's cinematic here.

When Prime Naaru forced Illidan to take the powers of light and started restoring his scars and fel power, he refused and destroy the Light entity in return. He shouted he was his scars as they portrayed the whole journey and everything he sacrificed in order to be who he is.

What makes “I AM MY SCARS!” great:

  • Other Illidan’s best advice for life reminds us we are what we are thanks to what we lived, and no one can change that for us.
  • Reflect how conscient and powerful Illidan was since his first apparition in the franchise.

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