[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best DPS Class For Raids (Ranked)

Top 10 DPS Shadowlands raids
Top ten DPS classes that will crush any raid boss fight


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In World of Warcraft, the Outlaw Rogues are a group of thieves and pirates who rely on the gambling buffs granted by Roll The Bone's ability to increase their chances of winning. The Outlaw Rogue dominates raids due to its incredible single-target damage and some of the most effective cleave in the game thanks to Blade Flurry.

Why Outlaw Rogue is Great for DPS:

  • High single target while still doing great sustained cleave.
  • Very versatile in raiding content with multiple viable builds.
  • Rogue also has a very strong defensive toolkit thanks to Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion, and Crimson Vial.

Outlaw Rogue Guide



I am blind, not deaf

The Havoc Demon Hunters are powerful demons who draw on fel forces to fuel their attacks. They have an excellent 2-5 target cleave and burst AoE damage, thanks to their Metamorphosis ability. Every group has at least one Demon Hunter because of the Chaos Brand passive that provides a 5% magic damage buff.

Why Havoc Demon Hunter is Great for DPS:

  • Strong and frequently usable cooldowns and talents: Eye Beam, Unbound Chaos, and Demonic.
  • For high damage requirement moments, especially in AoE, powerful cooldown options are available.
  • Some strong survival tools.
  • Flexible mobility, allowing for great positioning control in encounters.
  • Can switch targets without any downsides, and can pool resources for an instant burst.

Demon Hunter Guide



Cleave it as you mean it

The Fury Warriors are fearless raid commanders who charge ahead wielding massive swords. Because of their ability to Execute, they have one of the most sustained execute damage, as well as excellent cleave and burst multi-target damage. Fury also brings Rallying Cry, the game's strongest raid defensive spell.

Why Fury Warrior is Great for DPS:

  • Fast and engaging playstyle.
  • Deals multitarget damage without sacrificing single target capability.
  • High mobility class due to Charge, Intervene, and Heroic Leap.
  • Multiple defensive abilities between Enraged Regeneration, Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, and Rallying Cry.
  • Source of the important attack power buff, Battle Shout.

Fury Warrior Guide



I am your worst nightmare

Shadow Priests are dark sorceresses who use void energy to power their spells, allowing them to excel at single and priority target damage. They deal damage in the form of over-time effects like Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, and Devouring Plague. Shadow also has group utilities such as Mass Dispel and Leap of Faith, which are useful in many raid encounters. There are also group utilities like Mass Dispel and Leap of Faith that are useful in many raid encounters.

Why Shadow Priest is Great for DPS:

  • Great single-target damage, with some flexibility in multi-target.
  • The addition of Searing Nightmare gives Shadow some good, sustained stacked cleave.
  • Amazing self-healing through Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague.
  • Situationally, good group utility in the form of Vampiric Embrace and Power Infusion
  • A powerful set of talents and legendaries that provide variety and options in most situations.

Shadow Priest Guide



Big Bang Chaos Bolts

The Destruction Warlocks, as the name implies, rain down destruction with their massive Chaos Bolts infused with fire and fel magic. Due to the Havoc ability and the Summon Infernal spell, he is one of the best DPS in any multi-target and cleave situation. They also have Demonic Gateway as a strong raid cooldown that can instantly transport an entire raid group 40 yards.

Why Destruction Warlock is Great for DPS:

  • Low ramp-up times for spells with instant damage.
  • Very high 2-target burst damage with Havoc.
  • Fantastic cooldowns.
  • Very high AoE burst during Summon Infernal.
  • Raid utility with Create Soulwell, Demonic Gateway, Soulstone, and Ritual of Summoning.

Destruction Warlock Guide



Bring some fuel, the fire is here

The Fire Mages are wizards who enjoy watching the world burn with their Pyroblast instant casts due to Hot Streak. During the Combustion cooldown, they have incredibly high burst damage on both single targets and AoE, as well as one of the best defensive toolkits in the game. Mages can use Time Warp as a raid cooldown to improve the overall performance of the raid, and Arcane Intellect to boost raid members' intellect by 5%.

Why Fire Mage is Great for DPS:

  • Very strong burst for a single target and AoE thanks to Combustion.
  • Extreme survivability with Blazing Barrier, Cauterize, Mirror Image, Alter Time, and Ice Block.
  • The best mobility of any Mage spec with Shimmer, Alter Time, Hot Streak, and Scorch.
  • Don’t have to sacrifice single target damage to cleave with Mastery: Ignite.
  • High execute damage with Searing Touch.

Fire Mage Guide



My bear will eat you alive

The Survival Hunters are hunters who grew tired of using bows and guns and instead became masters of melee combat. One of the most difficult specs to master in the game, but when you do, it provides some of the best AoE and cleave damage with Serpent Sting DoT, Wildfire Bomb, and Carve. They can adapt to any situation because they can move around all the time while doing damage to their pets.

Why Survival Hunter is Great for DPS:

  • Excellent AoE damage. 
  • Extremely strong self-healing and survivability due to Ferocity pets.
  • Consistent uptime on single target damage.
  • Temporary Damage Immunity with Aspect of the Turtle.
  • Can tame powerful beasts.

Survival Hunter Guide



Blood and Thunder

The Enhancement Shaman is a melee spec that uses the power of the elements. To deal strong, sustained damage, a wide range of skills such as Stormstrike, Lava Lash, Crash Lightning, and Flame Shock must be combined with effects such as Stormbringer and Maelstrom Weapon. Together with the Windfury Totem, they also bring one of the most important raid buffs for melee classes.

Why Enhancement Shaman is Great for DPS:

  • Can focus AoE and cleave into a single target to boost priority-target damage.
  • Hailstorm and Fire Nova have variable AoE options for different damage profiles.
  • Different Talent, Legendary, and Covenant build for different situations.
  • Versatile group utility toolkit.
  • Good mobility via Spirit Walk and Ghost Wolf.
  • The Windfury Totem boosts the other melee in your group.

Enhancement Shaman Guide



Run like a cat, swim like a shark

During the Eclipse, the Balance Druids, also known as Moonkins, use the power of the moon and sun to destroy their enemies with one of the best multi-target damage in the game via Starfall and Starfire. Druids can also transform into other forms, such as a bear or a cat, providing more valuable abilities to the raid group. They have access to utility spells like Innervate and Stampeding Roar, which will get them invited to any raid group.

Why Balance Druid is Great for DPS:

  • Sustained Multi-Target Long-Term Damage via Starfall, Moonfire, Sunfire, and Starfire
  • Very high single target burst via Celestial Alignment.
  • Good group utility with Innervate, Entangling Roots, and Typhoon.
  • One of the strongest survivability by combining Bear Form + Barkskin.

Balance Druid Guide



No one can stop my evil minions

As the winner of this list, the Demonology Warlock provides some of the best single-target damage in the game by summoning demons of darkness with Call Dreadstalkers and Hand of Gul'dan. Demonology Warlocks deal more damage when they have more health due to Demonic Consumption, which is great because you'll be constantly upgrading your gear. Demonic Gateway and Soulstone are two of their most useful utility abilities.

Why Demonology Warlock is Great for DPS:

  • Top single target damage.
  • Excellent survivability and tankiness with Demon Skin and Dark Pact.
  • High burst during cooldowns through Summon Demonic Tyrant.
  • High mobility via Burning Rush and Demonic Circle.
  • Raid utility with Create Soulwell, Demonic Gateway, Soulstone, and Ritual of Summoning.

Demonology Warlock Guide



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