WoW Dragonflight Best Mythic Dungeon Healers Ranked

Best Dragonflight Healers Ranked

We’ve looked at the best healers in Dragonflight for Mythic+ dungeon content and ranked them below. This list is a reflection of the current patch at the time of writing and in general, you should pick a class that you enjoy playing. Take a look at the pros/cons of each and find out which one fits your playstyle!


7. Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver monks start off at the bottom of this list. To be clear Mistweaver Monks are not bad, per se, they are just the weakest out of what is a pretty well-balanced healer meta right now. Their burst healing has been improved, and their throughput is strong. Their style of healing is through doing damage, coined “Fistweaving”. This is a very engaging playstyle that revolves around doing damage, however, it can be difficult to master and the rotation can be challenging to manage for newer players. Their utility is pretty strong however considering how melee-heavy the meta is right now for DPS classes, you will often see Windwalker monks in groups. This makes Mistweavers kind of redundant, as most of the “unique” abilities are brought to the table by other monk specs. They also lack big cooldowns to use if things get hairy, with Revival being the only one really, and that is on a 3-minute cooldown.

Top 5 Best Spells For Mythic Dungeons:

  • Mystic Touch: This is a debuff placed on any enemy you deal damage to, increasing the physical damage they take by 5%. Considering how melee heavy the meta is, and that Monks heal by doing damage, this is a very helpful debuff that can be applied easily.
  • Leg Sweep: An exceptionally good CC ability that stuns all enemies around your character for 3 seconds and is only on a 1-minute cooldown.
  • Ring of Peace: A very versatile spell, this can really separate a good Monk player from an average Monk player. Use it to aid in large pulls or to give yourself some breathing room to heal the party. It places a ring on the ground which knocks enemies back and prevents them from entering for 5 seconds. 45-Second cooldown.
  • Zen Pulse: On only a 30-second cooldown, this can be used almost every pull. It places a pulse around an ally, damaging all enemies within 8 yards. It then heals the target for the amount of damage it dealt.
  • Faeline Stomp: Another 30-second ability that strikes the ground dealing damage to up to 5 enemies and healing allies that are close by as well. Great for when you’re in a melee-heavy group.

Highest Rated Player: Irohstrasza ‹Turtles› @ Tarren Mill (EU) (

Healing Score: 82/100 


6. Holy Priest

Holy Priests have excellent mana regen which does help keep the group moving, and their single-target healing ability is very strong. Their weakness lies in their ability to deal with large amounts of group damage which is not uncommon in Dragonflight Mythic+ dungeons. They also have fairly weak utility and not many panic buttons to press if something goes sideways. With a few slight buffs, who knows, this could sneak up the list but for now, it’s at number 5.

Top 5 Best Spells For Mythic Dungeons:

  • Trail of Light: This is the Holy Priest’s best passive AoE healing ability. When you cast Heal or Flash Heal on a target, 18% of the healing is done to the previous target you healed with Heal or Flash Heal. It’s not much but it is passive so that’s helpful.
  • Power Infusion: A great utility spell that can be used on yourself or a teammate increasing haste by 25%. It’s a big increase in healing or a big boost of damage for one of your teammates.
  • Lightweaver: One of the main reasons why Holy Priests are excellent single-target healers. Flash Heal provides a buff that can stack twice, increasing your next Heal by 30% and reducing the cast time by 60%.
  • Power Word: Fortitude: A simple ability but it makes a big impact. Places a 5% Stamina buff on your party. Considering how weak your AoE healing is, it’s very important for your group to have as much health as they can.
  • Leap of Faith: One of the more iconic abilities in the game, you pull allies up to 40 yards away to your location. Can be very versatile, for either getting a party member out of a bad situation, used creatively when your tank is pulling, or even for dungeon skips.

Highest Rated Player: Suxxtea ‹Exposed Slavia Praha› @ Burning Blade (EU) (

Healing Score: 86/100 


5. Discipline Priest

Discipline Priests are this strange combination of Monks and Holy Priests. They heal by doing damage and feature some of the same strengths of Holy Priests but are slightly better. The downside, as with Monks, is that if your damage-dealing rotation gets interrupted or is too difficult to do, which can happen for a variety of reasons, then obviously no healing is going out and it’s very difficult to recover. Discipline Priests have more tools to deal with bursts of damage than their Holy counterparts, however, it does require them to stand still. This can be challenging when trying to avoid the mechanics that are doing big damage to your group. It is an engaging playstyle and can be very satisfying to do well but definitely has a learning curve as you progress to higher-level Mythic+ keystones.

Top 5 Best Spells For Mythic Dungeons:

  • Atonement: The core of this spec. This is a buff that is placed on your friendly target after you shield or heal them with certain abilities that grants them 40% healing from the damage that you do. Lasts 30 seconds, and managing this buff is crucial.
  • Twins of the Sun Priestess: When you cast Power Infusion (see Holy Priests top spells to use) on an ally, it also grants its effects to you.
  • Throes of Pain: A small damage buff to Shadow Word: Pain and Purge the Wicked, however when an enemy dies with either of those two debuffs on them, it returns .5% mana. This adds up a ton over the course of a dungeon if you maintain dots and are killing the mobs fast. It helps with your longevity and reduces downtime.
  •  Divine Star: This is great for burst group healing in a 5-man setting. It throws a boomerang star that heals allies and deals damage to enemies on the way out and then returns to you, doing the same effects on the way back. If your group stays stacked (especially a melee group) this can be a very powerful AoE heal. Only a 15-second cooldown.
  • Aegis of Wrath: This buffs your shields by a huge 30%. It does decay over time if the shield doesn’t break but this is a massive increase if you are spamming shields out on your party members to counter AoE damage.

Highest Rated Player: Medizinmann ‹Dimension› @ Eredar (DE) (

Healing Score: 89/100


4. Holy Paladin

Like all specs of Paladins, the Holy tree brings a ton of utility to a Mythic+ dungeon group. It has great AoE and single-target healing and is probably the best Tank healer in the game currently. Their cooldowns are preventative so you can negate a lot of damage coming in. This does require management of cooldowns but the Holy Paladin talent trees are so well designed that cooldown reduction and synergy between abilities that it’s not that hard to utilize. Their damage isn’t that great which separates them from the healers that are stronger on this list. At high-end Mythic+ keystones, having the healer be able to do damage as well shaves off crucial seconds. For lower keystones though Paladins are excellent healers.

Top 5 Best Spells For Mythic Dungeons:

  • Beason of Light: Places a buff on your target, any healing done to other party members heals the target for 30% of healing done. This is how you keep the tank up while still healing other party members.
  • Blessing of Sacrifice/Blessing of Protection: We’ll pair both of these as they are powerful damage-preventing cooldowns that you can use on your teammates. Blessing of Sacrifice transfers 30% of the damage being taken by the target to you. Blessing of Protection grants immunity to physical damage for 10 seconds.
  • Aura Mastery: Buffs the aura you are using by doubling its effect. Since Devotion Aura reduces damage taken by 3% passively, using Aura Mastery would make it a 6% damage reduction for 8 seconds.
  • Mastery: Lightbringer: Although this is a passive stat-based buff, it’s worth mentioning. This makes it so your mastery affects your healing power based on how close you are to the target. Since Holy Paladins generate “Holy Power” by meleeing enemies, and then spend that to heal their allies, you are always standing close to your allies, granting you the full benefit of the plus healing.
  • Divine Toll: A powerful 1-minute cooldown that 5 Holy Shocks at the same time. Excellent AoE healing.

Highest Rated Player: Ellesmore ‹Why Live› @ Illidan (US) (

Healing Score: 91/100 


3. Restoration Shaman

Shamans are always viable because of Bloodlust, less so now that Evoker’s have it as well but still strong! They also have an excellent utility toolkit, so much so that you can’t spec into all of it which is disappointing and exciting at the same time. They have good single-burst cooldown healing, however, once you get past those cooldowns (which have a relatively long cooldown) then you might be in trouble. Shamans are also very cast-heavy so fights that keep you moving may be difficult. They can do a surprising amount of damage though which is helpful at higher keystones.

Top 5 Best Spells For Mythic Dungeons:

  • Bloodlust: Increases Haste by a whopping 30% for all party members. Huge damage and healing increase for 40 seconds!
  • Spiritwalker’s Grace: Your one counter to Shaman’s lack of mobile healing. This is a 2-minute cooldown that allows you to cast while moving for 15 seconds.
  • Ancestral Protection Totem: A powerful 5-minute cooldown that drops a totem, resurrecting an ally who dies. This is especially strong because it doesn’t count towards the combat resurrection limit that’s in place, so you get an additional one from other groups. Can save a run.
  • Chain Heal: This is what makes you such a powerful dungeon healer. A heal that jumps from the target to the 3 most injured party members, essentially healing 4 members of your party every cast. It does require your allies to stack which can be a downside.
  • Ancestral Guidance: A 2-minute burst healing cooldown. For 10 seconds, 25% of your damage and healing is converted to healing on 3 nearby party members. It can be used to deal damage while keeping your party members topped, or big burst AoE healing.

Highest Rated Player: Larên ‹Phoenix› @ Silvermoon (EU) (

Healing Score: 94/100


2. Preservation Evoker

The newest class in the game is, arguably, overtuned. Surprise surprise. Evokers have the best damage of any healer, have Bloodlust, great utility, and amazing AoE healing. They do have the shortest range of any healer and struggle with sustained single-target healing. This is hardly enough to keep them from being the number two spot on our list. Their damage is bursty which is great as a healer because it lets you deal the damage and get back to healing fast. They have a knockback, a knock-up, and an interrupt for spellcasters. They can dispel almost every type of debuff in the game thanks to Cauterizing Flame, and they can heal on the move. They are barely behind druids on the list and the week this article was written 99 out of 100 of the highest keystones completed had either an Evoker or a Resto Druid.

Top 5 Best Spells For Mythic Dungeons:

  • Spiritbloom: A short 30-second cooldown that, when amplified, can heal the whole party.
  • Oppressing Roar: A powerful 2-minute cooldown, frontal cone ability that increases the duration of crowd control effects by 50% for the next 10 seconds. Manage big pulls by using this and having your teammates use AoE stuns that will last even longer.
  • Fire Breath: 30-second cooldown that does frontal cone fire damage that can be empowered as well. High burst damage on a short cooldown for a healer, pretty amazing.
  • Rescue: A short 1-minute cooldown that grabs a party member and flies you and them to a target location. It doesn’t interrupt spellcasting which is great, and it’s useful for repositioning or getting yourself or your teammate out of a tricky spot.
  • Rewind: The big heal button. It’s a 4-minute cooldown but it takes 50% of the damage done in the last 5 seconds and heals all your allies for the amount of damage taken. Great for recovering from big burst damage situations.

Highest Rated Player: Chrisz ‹Spiked Fail› @ Mal'Ganis (US) (

Healing Score: 99/100


1. Restoration Druid

Number one on our list, the Resto Druid. They have it all, burst healing, sustained healing, damage, utility, CC, mobility, and cooldowns. They even have the, arguably, best group buff in the game Mark of the Wild. The only thing that could count as a struggle is the fact that their toolkit relies on healing-over-time effects. This means that it does take a second to get healing rolling on several targets if they don’t have any HoTs on them. At high-level dungeons though, most players know the mechanics backward and forwards, where the damage is going to be highest and how it’s going to come in, so once you learn how to preemptively place your HoTs up on your party members, you become the best healer in the game currently. They have so many strong spells it’s hard to put just five, but here we go.

Top 5 Best Spells For Mythic Dungeons:

  • Mark of the Wild: Provides a 3% Versatility buff to the group. Since this stat affects both the amount of damage you do, and the damage taken, it double dips on effectiveness. Arguably the best group buff in the game.
  • Convoke the Spirits: A 2-minute burst healing cooldown that channels 16 Druid spells over 4 seconds. It will mostly cast the spells for the specialization you are, which means that Wild Growth, Regrowth, Swiftmend, and Rejuvenation are able to be pumped out at 4 spells per second.
  • Typhoon/Skull Bash/Incapacitating Roar: You probably won’t take all 3 of these but each is a strong CC. Skull Bash is a 15-second cooldown spellcasting interrupt. Typhoon and Incapacitating Roar is on a 30-second cooldown, one knocks enemies back, the other is an AoE disorientation.
  • Soothe: This seems low impact, as it just dispels all enrage effects on a target enemy, but there are some dungeons where this is required to complete it quickly.
  • Stampeding Roar: A 2-minute cooldown that buffs the whole party with a 60% movement speed buff for 8 seconds. At higher levels, when every second is valuable, this is so important to use on cooldown.

Highest Rated Player: Fruìty ‹Pepelands› @ Tarren Mill (EU) (

Healing Score: 100/100

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