[Top 10] WoW Dragonflight Most Fun Classes (Ranked)

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What are the most fun classes in World of Warcraft?

WoW has a wide variety of options when it comes to picking the best class for your playstyle. With the recent return of specialization trees, there is now more freedom than ever when building your character.

Here are some of the most fun classes that you can select in World of Warcraft, and the specific reasons of why they have such a fun playstyle.


10. Beast Mastery Hunter

Every hunter spec is a blast to use in World of Warcraft, however the Beast Mastery path takes the spotlight here because of the variety of pets you can get and the dedicated skills you get.

This specialization can heavily increase the utility and DPS of your pets, tame exclusive exotic pets, and even summon additional pets to fight by your side in the form of dire beasts, making for an awesome playstyle that is very fun and solo friendly.

Beast Mastery Fun Factors:

  • Great for hunters focused on using their pets, increasing their performance by a huge amount;
  • Can control more than one pet at a time;
  • Can summon additional Dire Beasts to fight by your side;
  • Very solo friendly, allowing you to play through most of the game without heavily depending on other players;
  • You can watch  from afar your confused enemies trying to escape the grasp of your army of beasts.

Fun Score: 75/100


9. Brewmaster Monk

Brewmasters are the crazy friends that bring fun to a party, tripping and wobbling their way through enemy lines while inadvertently (or maybe not so much) avoiding damage.

When it comes to a match between spec design and mechanical playstyle, the Brewmaster is one of the greatest examples of a specialization done right. It doesn’t only looks like a drunken master but also plays like one, with abilities focused on drinking and smashing wooden kegs on your enemies’ heads. A personal favorite of mine for sure.

Brewmaster Fun Factors:

  • A perfect match between design and playstyle;
  • Be a drunken master who moves clumsily yet methodically through the battlefield;
  • Your source of sustain is drinking an assortment of different beverages;
  • Smash kegs of beer on the heads of your enemies;
  • Has a very high mobility that allows you to jump around the enemy lines with ease.

Fun Score: 75/100


8. Havoc Demon Hunter

Demon hunters were a heavily anticipated class in WoW before the release of Legion because, come on, Illidan is the coolest guy in Warcraft history (sorry Arthas fanboys).

Havoc Demon Hunters are the perfect representation of a classic Illidan playstyle in World of Warcraft, with the same demonic form used by the iconic character and plenty of recognizable abilities such as the eye lasers. Also, it has a double jump and gliding wings, how can something be more fun than that?

Havoc Fun Factors:

  • The best representation of the Demon Hunter fantasy in Warcraft;
  • Iconic abilities such as the demonic form and the eye lasers;
  • Moving around Azeroth as a Demon Hunter is very cool with the addition of double jumps and gliding;
  • One of the strongest DPS specs in WoW;
  • Amazing animations for every skill, making combat feel like a cinematic experience.

Fun Score: 80 /100


7. Unholy Death Knight

If you ever wanted to be your own version of the Lich King, then the Unholy specialization for Death Knights is the right choice for you.

Death Knights are the Sith Lords of the Warcraft universe, and if that isn’t enough of a reason to assume that it is a fun class, then imagine controlling a small army of undead minions to destroy your foes. Unholy Death Knights use a wide variety of diseases, dark magic, and control many different undead creatures.

Unholy Fun Factors:

  • Has access to a variety of poisonous abilities and dark magic spells;
  • Can control a small army of undead minions;
  • Are the equivalent of Sith Lords in Warcraft;
  • Create you own version of the legendary Lich King;
  • Mixes long ranged magical spells with close ranged melee skills.

Fun Score: 80/100


6. Preservation Evoker

Dracthyr are the newest race released in WoW Dragonflight, being draconic shapeshifters that take the form of humanoid dragons during battle.

The Preservation specialization tree is currently one of the most popular picks for the healer role, with a fresh, brand new and incredibly dynamic playstyle. Evokers have many abilities that are very reminiscent of action combat systems of other games, and some abilities change depending on whether you cast them on an ally or on an enemy.

Preservation Fun Factors:

  • Brand new and fresh playstyle, being the most recent class in WoW;
  • A very strong option for players who wish to get into the healer role;
  • Dynamic combat style, reminiscent of action combat;
  • Adaptable abilities that change depending on the target being an ally or an enemy, meaning that you don’t need different skills for causing damage and healing;
  • Dragons are awesome and have a racial skill that allows you to fly in a similar way to the Dragon Riding system.

Fun Score: 80/100


5. Feral Druid

If shapeshifting into a variety of cool animals doesn’t sound fun to you, then I don’t know what else to say. Druids are awesome and there’s no arguing with that.

The Feral Druid specialization tree is entirely based around the different animal forms of the druid and improving their unique capabilities, in particular the cat form that becomes an absolute killing machine when using this spec. On top of all that, if you are a Zandalari Troll, the animal forms turn into dinosaur forms. That’s right, dinosaur forms.

Feral Fun Factors:

  • Mixes long ranged nature magic with close ranged melee skills;
  • Can transform into a variety of awesome beasts;
  • One of the strongest bursts of damage in WoW when in cat form;
  • Can freely fly around Azeroth without the need of a mount;
  • Build up combo points in cat form to unleash devastating attacks;
  • Incredible mobility that allows you to dash all around the battlefield and secure those kills in PvP.

Fun Score: 85/100


4. Holy Paladin

If you want to play a healer that doesn’t just stand in the backlines constantly spamming healing spells, then the Holy Paladin might be the best spec for you.

This is another personal favorite of mine, an absolute blast to play with and a very dynamic class. Holy Paladins switch constantly between healing and dealing damage thanks to their unique resource, the Holy Power, which goes up whenever you use most of the damaging abilities of the class, and then can be spent in order to increase your healing spells.

Holy Fun Factors:

  • Dynamic playstyle that switches between healing and dealing damage;
  • One of the most fun healer specs due to being in the middle of the battles instead of sitting at the backlines;
  • The unique Holy Power mechanic makes the class very engaging to play with;
  • This specialization has remained strong and reliable over the years, so you don’t have to worry about being nerfed into the abyss with future patches;
  • One of the greatest survivability potential for a healer in WoW, forget the days of getting frustrated about easily dying if you tank is lacking.

Fun Score: 90/100


3. Outlaw Rogue

Rogues are a very popular class in World of Warcraft, and every MMORPG for that matter, because they have incredible mobility, very high bursts of damage, and can escape dangerous situations with ease, making them the best class for people who just want to score some nice kills in PvP.

The Outlaw Rogues are pretty much the pirates of WoW, making use of an offhand pistol and gambling with fate in order to decide the outcome of battles. Roll the Bones is definitely the defining ability of this spec, granting you a random effect that lasts longer depending on your combo counter, which is built up by the other skills of the class. If you like playing with luck and rolling the dice, consider trying the Outlaw Rogue.

Outlaw Fun Factors:

  • A unique playstyle based around luck and gambling;
  • Has access to plenty of mobility and emergency escape skills;
  • Incredible bursts of damage that can guarantee PvP kills;
  • Every battle feels unique due to the random effects provided by Roll the Bones;
  • Fulfill your pirate fantasy wielding a scimitar and a flintlock pistol at the same time.

Fun Score: 95/100


2. Devastation Evoker

We have already talked about the new Dracthyr class in this list, the Evoker, however the Devastation specialization tree has some unique perks that push it further into the higher positions of this ranking.

On top of everything that we have already mentioned with the Preservation spec, such as the ability to fly and the action combat nature of many abilities of the class, the Devastation evoker is incredibly powerful and able to melt entire lines of enemies at once while gliding through the air and breathing fire all over the battlefield. This spec truly makes you feel like a draconic beast that should be feared by every enemy around you.

Devastation Fun Factors:

  • A very dynamic playstyle provided by the action combat nature of many skills;
  • Freely fly through the skies of Azeroth with amazing mechanics similar to the Dragon Riding system;
  • Perfectly fulfill the draconic fantasy, melting your enemies with incredible fire magic;
  • One of the strongest ranged DPS specs in the current meta, with great mobility on top;
  • Glide through the battlefield and destroy entire lines of enemies.

Fun Score: 95/100


1. Vengeance Demon Hunter

While the Havoc specialization might be the closest match of what you would expect from a Demon Hunter, being very similar to the skillset of Illidan himself, Vengeance Demon Hunters are, in my humble opinion, the most fun class in World of Warcraft.

This specialization combines the best features of Demon Hunters, such as the double jumping, the gliding, the spectacular combat animations, with unique mechanics like gathering the souls of dead enemies in order to empower your own abilities and randomly spawning demons that you can kill and deal massive AoE damage as they explode upon dying. I might be partial here, since this is my most played class in WoW, but I truly believe that the Vengeance Demon Hunter is amazing, and everyone should try this one out if they haven’t already, especially if you are a tank player or even someone trying to learn tanking for the first time.

Vengeance Fun Factors:

  • One of the strongest and most independent specs in the game with massive self healing and survivability, allowing you to play through most of the content in WoW without heavily relying in other players;
  • Amazing mobility in and out of combat, with dashes, backflips, double jumps and gliding;
  • The unique mechanic of gathering the souls of defeated enemies in very engaging and has you constantly moving around the battlefield instead of staying put while doing your rotation;
  • Demons spawn out of nowhere and you can kill them in order to cause huge explosions that deal massive AoE damage;
  • You can transform into an absolute hulking demon with giant horns and spikes coming out of their back;
  • Deals an outstanding amount of damage for a tank spec, especially in bursts when using your long CD abilities.

Fun Score: 100/100

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