[Top 12] WoW Dragonflight Best Mounts From The Expansion

WoW Dragonflight Best Mounts
Dragonflight has flying dragons. Who would've thought?

Dragonflight hasn’t flown out yet, and many of us are still looking for some of the best mounts in the expansion. With 42 mounts added at launch and many more along the way, it can be hard to pick one to pursue. Stragglers–you are NOT alone! Why continue flying around on your Bronze Drake from that old, crusty dungeon we all forgot about when you can soar to new heights with the slightly terrifying Boulder Hauler? Really, Ponzo’s mount of choice has the mouth of nightmares…

1. Boulder Hauler (Flying)

Ponzo's flying nightmare fuel

Speaking of…if you’ve ever wanted a mount to haul big rocks and give you nightmares, your wish has been granted!

This bad boy features a lovely dull red-orange color scheme and can be purchased from Ponzo, found in Zaralek Cavern, for a whopping 85 Barter Boulders. One of the best ways to earn Barter Boulders is to reach Renown 20 with the Loamm Niffen, which allows you to trade 100 Dragon Isles Supplies for each Barter Boulder.

See Boulder Hauler in action


2. Morsel Sniffer (Flying)

Just as terrifying as the Boulder Hauler mount...

While the aforementioned Boulder Hauler is a purchase usually made after hitting Renown 20 with the Loamm Niffen, this equally terrifying mount can be easily purchased a bit earlier. Also a shalewing, this mount has a contrasting pattern of dark, purplish browns to pure whites. To get this mount, there’s not much extra effort involved. While you’re working towards Renown 20, you’ll either have to hit Renown 18 or defy every law of counting we were taught in kindergarten.

Once you hit Renown 18, you can purchase this mount for 800 Dragon Isles Supplies from the quartermaster. The Morsel Sniffer is clearly quite a bit simpler to obtain despite being just as horrific to look at…in a cute way, of course.

See Morsel Sniffer in action. Start at 2:53


3. Gilnean Prowler (Ground)

Far cuter than those first two

Now, we have the Gilnean Prowler, a mount that is far cuter than the first two–no offense, shalewings. A white fox with charming red eyes and a beautifully colored harness, this mount will run you wherever you need to go in style.

To get this adorable beast, you’ll need to do the quest chain titled Reclamation of Gilneas. You can find the NPC to start this journey near either the Stormwind or Orgrimmar portal in Valdrakken, depending on your faction. Towards the end of the quest chain, you’ll get the Gilnean Prowler.

See Gilnean Prowler in action


4. Ochre Dreamtalon (Ground)

This mount reminds me of watermelons

While the Reclamation of Gilneas quest chain for getting the Gilnean Prowler can be completed in just one day, this autumn-themed cutie will require a bit more dedication.

This quest chain is staggered, meaning that you cannot complete it all in one go–it’ll take several days of work, as not every quest in the chain will be made available on day one. In the Emerald Dream, there is an object called Smoldering Sprout. Interact with it twice to begin the quest chain.

See Ochre Dreamtalon in action


5. Skyskin Hornstrider (Ground)

Equal parts odd and stunning

Is this one cute or terrifying? I don’t know! With some shimmering coal-colored horns and a similarly beautiful beak, the Skyskin Hornstrider is certainly a sight to behold.

This mount can be purchased from Brendormi in the Primalist Tomorrow. The currencies used to purchase this mount can be obtained from killing mobs and completing quests.

See Skyskin Hornstrider in action. Start at 0:19


6. Majestic Azure Peafowl (Flying)

This mount is definitely stunning

Majestic is certainly a good word to describe this mount. A blue and purple bird with a magical aura, this mount will fly you around Azeroth with a fabulous sense of style.

At the time of writing, March 2024, this mount is available from the Trading Post in faction capitals for 750 Trader’s Tender. This currency can be earned from several monthly activities outlined in the Adventure Guide. This turquoise beauty will likely return in a later rotation, so do not fret if you missed it this time!

See Majestic Azure Peafowl in action


7. Algarian Stormrider (Flying/Dragonriding)

Shockingly stylish...kind of like lightning

If you want to adventure through the next expansion, The War Within, you’ll need to purchase it at some point. Currently, purchasing the Heroic or Epic edition of the expansion will grant this mount.

Like the Spectral Gryphon mount, this fella has a stunning translucent quality to him. His claws remind adventurers of cold ice caverns, his feathers shine like the bright sky, and his golden armor only adds to his gorgeous look–that is, on the default appearance. When customized, this mount can be a flaming red, vibrant yellow, or electric purple beast! Really, this mount is worth the extra buck all on his own.

See Algarian Stormrider in action


8. Anu’relos, Flame’s Guidance (Flying/Dragonriding)

A fire that cannot be put out

Kill big angry bad Fyrakk, get big pretty good mount. Simple equation. The raid Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope must be set to Mythic difficulty for this mount to drop.

After killing Fyrakk, the mount can be obtained. With the face of an owl, the antlers of a stag, and the flames of hope riding alongside, this mount will guide you through any troubles you may face in World of Warcraft.

See Anu'relos, Flame's Guidance in action


9. Ancient Salamanther (Ground)

Old but reliable

A green critter without fins or gills, this ground mount can be obtained through killing rares. A lot of rares. You’ll probably kill so many rares trying to get this mount that you become ancient yourself, the decades of slaughter–okay, that’s a bit extreme.

Most rares in the Forbidden Reach have a chance to drop this mount. Just keep killing and killing, you’ll get it eventually.

See Ancient Salamanther in action. Start at 0:25


10. Liberated Slyvern (Flying)

Free at last!

Venturing into the Azure Span, you may find a rare NPC named Breezebiter. Slaying this elite monster has a chance to grant you this mount.

Appearing to be a mix between a sly fox and a creepy bat, this mount has impressive looks and the ability to fly you wherever you may need to go. The gradient on its wings and those glorious blue eyes will always draw me in…

See Liberated Slyvern in action. Start at 2:36


11. Guardian Vorquin (Ground)

Ride towards glory in style!

Like the other Vorquin mounts, you will need to make a Dracthyr character to purchase this steed. You could also reach exalted with either the Dark Talons or Obsidian Warders, depending on your faction, to gain access to this mount which costs 80 gold.

A scaled beast with a luscious mane, the Vorquin are truly unique in appearance. As you gallop across the lands, you surely won’t regret choosing the Guardian Vorquin as your mount of choice.

See Guardian Vorquin in action


12. Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier (Flying)

If collecting mounts wasn't already rewarding enough...

After you collect the previous 11 mounts on this list, you’ll be 11 mounts closer to having 500 travel buddies in your arsenal–it’s simple math!

Once you get 500 mounts usable by a single character, you’ll get this spectral Ottuk to carry you wherever you’re going. Check out some more articles below to finish your World of Warcraft collecting journeys!

See Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier in action


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