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Best MMORPG games 2022
The unknown is something to be conquered!


Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe is a third-person shooting MMORPG with futuristic and alien elements. Become Tenno. A warrior of the blade and weapon: the Warframe armor master. Initially, this game had linear gameplay with limited maps and straightforward quests. The developers saw the potential of creating open-world maps with the passing years.

This game is one I have spent many hours playing and never got bored! The graphics, music, design, and story are well developed and creative! On Warframe, you play as aliens wearing badass armors and using high-tech weapons against mobs or other players. Explore the many worlds and beautiful maps while leveling up your character!



2017 was the year of Destiny 2, the famous Destiny sequel. This first-person shooting MMORPG has a futuristic and fantastic design developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game offers a good action play style in three classes: Titan, Hunter, and Arcane.

The greatest thing about Destiny 2 is how superbly detailed the lore is. Everything is so well explained! A great endgame full of things to do, you will never get tired of spending time going on a dungeon or raid, for example. Destiny 2 offers an excellent PVP system full of action and never gets stuck while casting a spell.


15. Archeage (PC)

I will talk here about both Archeage and Archeage Unchained. Archeage is one of the best MMORPGs for me. This game's crafting and sandbox elements will forever be deeply in my heart. Developed by the Korean Jake Song and his company XL Games, published by Kakao Games, Archeage has been on many players' minds since 2013. (2014 for the Americans)

This MMORPG offers a housing system, a wide variety of races, and freedom of classes; you can do yours the way you want! Archeage is one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen, the world is enormous, and even after playing this game for five years, there are places I still don't know.



One of the best combat systems of all MMORPGs in the world! Black Desert and its Remastered version aren’t famous just for being almost perfect on graphics, but also for the great story and wonderful option for customization of characters! Developed by Pearl Abyss and published by Kakao Games, this game offers a remarkable story and mobility for every class!

The profession system of Black Desert is one of the most complex and complete, offering a strong sandbox feeling with more freedom to chop some trees and farm many materials for crafting! Black Desert also offers a great housing system allowing players to create their own homes! This MMORPG has great marine content, you will build boats and ships for you to navigate and explore the ocean!


13. Aion (PC)

In 2008 NCSoft launched Aion, showing a new step of development for MMORPGs. Aion offers rich fantasy lore between two factions, the Elyos and Asmodians, in a “Light versus Shadows” way.

The game offers six classes and twelve subclasses, each with a particular play style! You can have wings and fly without a mount! Aion has a sound PVP system and is rich in PVE content!


12. The Elder Scrolls Online (PC)

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and released by Bethesda Softworks in 2014. It is considered by many players to be one of the best in its genre. With a rich story that keeps growing with each addition and DLCs! This game has a high mobile action-packed combat system, each class is great to play, and the experience gets even better in PVP!

ESO has beautiful maps with a realistic aesthetic; exploring the zones is fantastic and relaxing! The game is a mix of what were the best points of all The Elder Scrolls titles!


11. Lost Ark


Lost Ark shows why the south Koreans rule the MMORPG industry! Exploring the seven continents of Arkesia is magical; the game has an isometric vision letting you see all the details on the grounds and always keep alert about boss AoE spells!

Lost Ark was released in 2018, first in South Korea and then in 2022 on the occident! This MMORPG has a great system of PVE content like Raids, Dungeons, and Quest leveling, and it also offers a solid PVP!


10. Albion Online (PC/IOS/ANDROID)

Probably you are tired of always watching Albion Online’s promotion on Youtube but don’t let this upset you and give this fantastic game a try! Albion Online is a Sandbox MMORPG with a good focus on professions and total freedom for you to build your class and wear every kind of armor you want!

The cartooned style and the isometric version give the player a beautiful sight full of color and breathtaking details! The players set the entire economy of Albion Online. Build your house in your style, fight against demons from hell and build your farmhouse! The game is so fun that you will not notice how many hours you will play in a day!


9. Monster Hunter: World (PC/PS4/XONE) 

2018 was Capcom’s time to release a great MMORPG called Monster Hunter: World! Hunt many different creatures in an epic and beautiful world! This game offers various armors to craft, and each monster will give you other materials you will need to build your armor pieces!

Monster Hunter: World has a beautiful third-person design rich in details and creatures to hunt! Every monster has its way of being defeated, and you will not get stuck in the same mechanic; this game will never be boring for you!


8. RuneScape (PC/IOS/ANDROID)

Now we are talking about the most popular free MMORPG in the world! RuneScape comes to many MMO players’ minds when discussing an excellent free game! This fantastic game from 1998 and developed by Jegex has nearly 250 million registered players and is a winner of many awards in the game industry!

RuneScape has a unique style mixing simplicity and well-detailed graphics. You will not need to choose a class; freedom is your ally, and you must use it wisely while setting your skills! Enjoy the world of Guilenor and have a great adventure! I almost forgot that you could also play Runescape 2 and 3; they are amazing!


7. Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC/MAC)

The Star Wars universe is extraordinary, with nine movies and many series I can count. What if I tell you that this fantastic universe has its MMORPG and it’s famous? Star Wars: The Old Republic is a great MMORPG that you will choose between three factions to play!

Use a light saber and the force against your enemies and explore the vast galaxy using your starship! The gameplay is highly mobile and has a respectable number of classes to play! BioWare and LucasArts surprised the world with such a unique and fun game!


6. Guild Wars 2 (PC/MAC)

Guild Wars 2 is known as the best MMORPG in the occident! This game is free to play and has solid content for PVE players! Tyria is where Guild Wars 2 story happens, a world full of magic and fantastic creatures! This MMORPG offers comfortable gameplay, never letting you get bored while playing. Your character will have a good progression time without buying anything in the store.

This game has one of the best communities of all genres; the players are incredibly helpful, which makes the game even better! PVP on this game is insane, and you will common combats and instance combats; both are highly dynamic and fun! Each class in Guild Wars 2 is well balanced, offering the quality we deserve on an excellent MMORPG! Do a favor to yourself and play this fantastic game!


5. Lord of the Rings Online (PC/MAC)

As a Tolkien Books’ fan, I would never ignore this game that looks like deities created it! Lord of the Rings or commonly called “LOTRO” is a Free-to-Play MMORPG that was released in 2007 and quickly gained popularity among fans of the books and movies, what could be better than living on Middle-Earth?

The game offers a suitable number of classes and races, all of them with a good background, the most important places from the books and movies, and intense PVP gameplay! Fight against the forces of Sauron or at his side and have fun!



Lovers of My Hero Academia approve of this game! DC Universe Online is an MMORPG that allows you to create a superhero or a supervillain with good customization for your body, characteristics, and powers! This game is free-to-play and has solid content that will let you help many DC superheroes like Superman himself!

Discover all the main cities like Gotham, Metropolis, the Justice League Watchtower, and more! This game offers a housing system that looks more like a headquarter, customization of armors like changing the colors, and many accessories to make your heroes the cooler you want them to be!


3. Final Fantasy XIV (PC)

Eorzeans, the time is ours! In 2010, Square Enix made a new step for their most famous franchise, Final Fantasy XIV was released and slowly gained more visibility. When December 2021 came with Endwalker expansion, the game exploded in popularity, collapsing the servers and showing the potential this game could reach, something unforeseen even by the devs!

Final Fantasy XIV has numerous races, classes, and factions you can choose to play! The game has one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever listened to, competing with World of Warcraft! You can play for free until level 60. You will need to buy the game and its expansions to go further, but don’t worry. There’s a lot to do in the free trial!


2. Path of Exile 2 (PC/PS4/XONE)

The sequel of Path of Exile is coming this year, and we have a lot to talk about this future unique MMORPG! Announced in 2019 and on development by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile 2 is one of the most waited games for 2022! The game will count with 7 act campaign that will happen 20 years after the first game, bringing 19 new classes and much more!

The new MMORPG will have a unique skill system, ascendancy classes, engine improvement, and retain all the old expansions, storyline, and the new. The two campaigns lead to the same shared Atlas endgame! Are you ready to explore this new game?


1.- Bless Unleashed (PC/PS4/XONE)

Released in 2020 for Ps4 and Xbox One and 2021 for PC, Bless Unleashed smells like a new car! This MMORPG is free to play and allows players to explore and create their journey, having complete control over how to play the game! A rich storyline full of mystery, divinities, and immersive fantasy is present! Explore Lumios, the majestic world of Bless Unleashed, full of creatures and solo content for those who want a peaceful time playing!

Bless Online has a beautiful visual design, well-developed characters, and no boring quests! PVP content is solid, and the combat mechanics are exciting, use powerful combos to defeat monsters and annihilate enemies! The game has a sound housing system, crafting, farming, sandbox elements, and lots of mounts to collect! Play Bless Unleashed with friends; this will increase your experience!

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