WoW Dragonflight Best Ways To Make Gold (Top 10 Ways)

Making Gold in WoW
Time to enter GOBLIN MODE!

Whether you’re trying to tip your artisan for the gear you want crafted or looking to buy consumables from the auction house, gold is the most basic and versatile resource in World of Warcraft. As such, we could all use a bit more coin in our pocket. In this article, the best methods of making gold will be discussed. Some players will naturally gravitate towards one method or another. In time, you’ll find your niche in the market. This guide does not cover crafting, as it has already been talked about plenty. Now, less talking, more goblin-ing!

1. Mindless Gathering (Best for Beginners and Casuals)

Little bit of work, little bit of gold

By picking up two gathering professions, you can make some decent gold without a thought. This can be done while leveling an alt, exploring new zones, or while listening to a podcast. The steps for this method vary greatly, but there are a few ground rules.

  • Some races have increased skill or speed for certain gathering professions. For example, Worgen players can skin corpses faster. The race you choose may determine the gathering professions you select
  • Generally speaking, most gatherers are going to want a Druid toon thanks to their travel forms. Druids can shift into a mount instantly rather than manually mounting, which can take a few precious seconds
  • Skin mobs, mine ore nodes, or gather herbs as you explore Azeroth
  • Go to the auction house and list your goods. Do not undercut by one silver–it is pointless. If a buyer purchases a good at a certain price, the most recently listed instance of that good at that price will be purchased. In other words, you’ll only be hurting your wallet…and, of course, the economy

2. Intentional Gathering (Best for Slightly Dedicated Casuals)

Bit more work, bit more gold

Okay, you’ve tried gathering and you’ve liked it. What now? Well, you can take gathering a step further with some dedication.

3. Specialized Gathering (Best for Dedicated Players)

A lot of work that will hopefully provide a lot of gold!

Once you’ve gotten your fill of gathering materials in older expansions, why not give Dragonflight a shot? With a more complex system, gold making in Dragonflight is not for the faint of heart. However, it can be fun to try out!

  • Look at your specialization opportunities. With Herbalism, any one of the specializations can be valuable. When it comes to Mining, either Metallurgy or Mastering the Elements will get you the most gold. Skinning is a bit of an oddball, as you should choose the Harvesting specialization for leveling. After you hit 70, you may want to change your spec
  • Pay attention to your stats. Will you use Finesse to collect extra resources from time to time? What about utilizing Deftness to increase your gathering speed? Maybe you’ll use Perception to gather more rare materials. This ultimately comes down to personal choice
  • As always, maximize your routes and go!

4. Dragonriding (Best for Racing Enthusiasts)

NASCAR on wings!

Simple and profitable, this method can be done after biweekly resets.

  • Look into using an addon to track world quests
  • Locate the Dragonriding world quests. These can award over 500 gold each
  • Complete the races as often as they pop up
  • Profit!

5. Other World Quests (Best for Alt Addicts)

Altoholics will love this one

Similar idea to number 4 on this list, but with a more broad approach.

  • Find an addon to track world quests. While optional with the previous method, this one almost requires a tracker
  • Locate the world quests that provide the most gold. Generally, you will avoid the ones that only award 28 gold
  • Complete the world quests and the raw gold will appear!

6. Battle Pet Farming (Best for Pokemon Fans)

Gotta catch 'em all...then sell them

The battle pets minigame has a fair share of rare critters to collect. As such, you can find a chance to make some gold here.

  • Find out where the gold is. What battle pets sell for the most? Which ones are easiest to farm? These are things to consider before you hop in
  • Figure out where those pets can be farmed. A helpful website for that is 
  • List the pets on the auction house for 48 hours, as battle pets tend to sell slowly

7. Auction House Flipping (Best for Economists)

Supply and demand

Oh boy…hope you’re ready for Wall Street! There are many ways to flip the auction house, but the following method is the most basic.

  • Find out what days leading raid teams do their thing on. Most commonly, you’ll find raid teams slaying bosses on Tuesdays…and thus, needing consumables
  • Find out what days necessities for raiding are at a low price
  • Buy the goods while their price is low
  • Sell when the price is high

8.  Rare Transmog Farming (Best for Fashionistas)

Slay in style!

Transmogrification is the method by which WoW players can change the appearance of their armor and weapons. There is a high demand for desirable looks, which is fortunate enough for the average gold making goblin…since the fashion stars will need an item with the appearance to add the look to their collection.

  • Depending on your realm population, you may find selling transmogs harder or easier. Consider this first
  • Find out what transmogs fetch the highest price or are the easiest to farm
  • Run dungeons and/or raids to get the gear
  • Sell the bind-on-equip items on the auction house

9. Raw Gold Farming (Best for Economy Major Dropouts)

Maybe college wasn’t a good fit after all

If a hassle-free experience that doesn't involve the gold market appeals to you, this may be your favorite method!

  • Get a mount that has a built-in vendor. This will speed up the process
  • Locate your raw gold farm of choice
  • Kill the mobs, run the instance, do your thing
  • Sell the items to the vendor

10. WoW Token (Best for Fast Food Workers)

Turn your money into money!

Get a job, lowlife!

  • Go to the Blizzard store
  • Spend ~20 USD to get a WoW Token
  • Wait for a bit
  • Receive about 250,000 to 300,000 gold depending on the current market

Today is a good day to get rich. Using the tactics above, you may become the richest goblin in Booty Bay!

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