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Do you like Illidan just as we do? Here are the best wallpapers.

Illidan Stormrage is one of the most important and beloved characters in all of World of Warcraft’s lore. If you know his story, you would know he is the first major antagonist of World of Warcraft when he returned to the series as the villain of the expansion “Burning Crusade”.

The character returned in World of Warcraft’s expansion “Legion” and it is believed his journey is finished after defeating the burning legion and becoming the jailer of the titan Sargeras. But still, being the loved character he is, we gathered 10 amazing wallpapers you can download to set as desktop background. 

1. Illidan, the demon hunter

Illidan became a demon when he absorbed the skull of Gul’dan. He gained enormous power but with a cost big enough to be expelled from his hometown.

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

2. The Twin Blades of Azzinoth

The Twin Blades of Azzinoth is a legendary weapon used by Illidan which could be split into a set of weapons. These were taken from the fearsome demon called Azzinoth, a doomguard commander of the Burning Legion, during the War of the Ancients. This wallpaper reflects the power and detail of the amazing blades. 

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

3. Arthas vs Illidan

This is an epic moment in the history of Warcraft when Arthas and Illidan fight each other in the game of “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.” And this incredible artwork shows just how two characters are about to kick each other’s butt.

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

4. The Burning Legion

Illidan’s purpose is to destroy the burning legion, a threat to the universe with the goal of destroying worlds. This piece of art is perfectly showing the demon hunters charging to fight the legion with their leader on top. 

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

5. Skull of Gul’dan

Illidan absorbed the power of the Skull of Gul'dan known to be a demonic artifact created from the skull of the orc warlock with the same name. This gave Illidan a physical transformation with great power. This official wallpaper from the game gives a glimpse of what happened when Illidan absorbed its power.

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

6. Imprisoned

Maiev was in constant combat with Maiev, who taunted Illidan several times in reference to the pain that he has caused her, forcing her to guard his prison for 10,000 years. Our hero is tired and defeated in this wallpaper portraying his imprisonment.

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

7. Arthas vs Illidan

Arthas' main objective was to get to the frozen throne. He fought Illidan once he tried to stop him. Illidan failed ending up heavily wounded forcing him to escape to Outland. This amazing and gorgeous piece of art shows this combat incredibly.

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

8. The Lord of Outland

Illidan declared himself Lord of Outland and began creating a Fel Orc army under the Black Temple. This is where the player uses his champion to defeat Illidan in the second expansion. This classic wallpaper shows how awesome Illidan’s blades, wings, and horns look together.

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

9. Illidan Stormrage, the betrayer

Illidan wanted to destroy the Legion’s portal. He pretended to pledge himself to the Legion and Sargeras infused Illidan with demonic energy, burning his eyes out and turning him into the first Demon Hunter. This wallpaper reflects the power he gained and why he uses a piece of cloth covering his eyes.

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

10. Night-Elves

Illidan is a night-elf. Their origins go back to the Well, a magical font of power which, when discovered by a group of trolls in the distant past, transformed them into the first Night Elves, gifting them with magical abilities and making them immortal.  

Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.

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