The 25 Best Illidan Stormrage Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

Illidan Stormrage is perfect in any gender

Take a look at the best of the best Illidan cosplays you can find online.

Illidan is a character from the Warcraft series that has been through a lot of changes. He is thousands of years old and he’s been in love, transformed, become a villain, being a hero, a jailer, creator of an army of demon hunters, and many more. He is loved by a lot of fans and that’s why we assembled the best 25 Illidan Stormrage Cosplays we’ve ever seen on social media that exceed our common expectations of what cosplay should look like.

25 - Jossie Wander Cosplay

Cosplay by @wandercosplay

Now that I think about it, Illidan would be a great female character. It looks more agile and lighter.

24 - Willow Creative and AZ

Cosplay by @azproductioncosp

Now I’m sure, Illidan would be a great female character.

23 - Victoria (milliganvick)

Cosplay by @milliganvick

His purpose of life was driven by love or hate?

22 - Ilyusha Lybimtsev

Cosplay by @mid_moon

Those enormous horns must get in the way multiple times.

21- Artem S.

Cosplay by @nova_poltorashnik 

Illidan was a very attractive night-elf before becoming a demon during the war of the ancients. 

20 - Jota Vamps

Cosplay by @jotavamps 

Illidan was imprisoned for 10,000 years. That must concentrate a lot of rage.

19 - Sarizard Cosplay

Cosplay by @sarizardcosplay

A young adult novel of Illidan telling his early life years must be interesting to see his relationship with his brother, Malfurion.

18 - Willow Creative 2

Cosplay by @willowcreativ

Green is a symbol of danger. Having green weapons is a symbol of “Run if you want to live.”

17 - Nesteroff Photo

Cosplay by

Illidan’s green magic connects to the Burning Legion fel power, he transformed into what he hates in order to kill it.

16 - Demmon Hunter

Cosplay by @demmon_hunter

If anyone has to carry two massive blades and a pair of enormous horns, “Muscled” would be his middle name automatically.

15 - Ilyusha Lybimtsev

Cosplay by @iluyshalyb

The length of his horns grows as he ages? In that way, we can have a clue of where are we placed in the timeline when we see him.

14 - Stygian Vi

Cosplay by @stigivi

Even Azeroth’s greatest heroes fell in love. Illidan can be creative with his horns to be more attractive.

13 - Yumiko Rei

Cosplay by @yumikorei

Illidan never loses his weapons, but if he does, his horns can be useful.

12 - Akame

Cosplay by @akamegt

Always wondered why main characters never have colored hair. Illidan can use pink and still be a badass.

11 - Luna Cosplay

Cosplay by @luna_cosplay_craft 

Something crazier than being a blind demon hunter is having hooves-heels and still running and fighting like hell.

10 - Tony

Cosplay by @zachgambit

Young Illidan was already athletic with great abilities. What’s my excuse? I don’t want to kill an army of demons.

9 - Elise Fontaine

Cosplay by @elise_fontaine

Never surprise Illidan from above. He will perceive you.

8 - 40 Below Cosplay and Props

Cosplay by @40_below_cosplay_and_props

Fun fact: His weapons are twins. They are named The Twin Blades of Azzinoth.

7 - Deugen 

Cosplay by @deugen

When Illidan is on the burning legion’s territory, he mixes with the toxic fel surrounding the land.

6 - Esteban HN(The Doctor)

Cosplay by @thedoctor

All this anger is used to kill and be merciless with the burning legion. 

5 - Alive Alf Photography

Cosplay by @alivealfphotography

Illidan is the most used warcraft character in cinematics since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. It’s obvious why, he is just perfect.

4 - Hekady Cosplay

Cosplay by @hekadycosplay

My love for the character makes me look at him as an angel. I wonder why his looks show otherwise.

3 - Tayler B

Cosplay by @taylerb

Illidan and Malfurion have the same features. Horns/Antlers, tattoos, wings, and clawed hands, one better looking than the other.

2 - Lilly Fart 

Cosplay by @lilyfart

In case you didn’t know, Illidan's eyes were burned out by Sargeras himself. The eyes now allowed Illidan to see all forms of magic, and fel tattoos covered his body.

1 - Saud Al Hazzani

Cosplay by @saudalhazzani

Not only his body is muscled, but his wings also have their own defined muscles as well.

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