The 25 Best Handsome Jack Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful / Best Looking)

Even Jack would be hard pressed to find cosplays this good!
For such a sociopathic murderer, I can't help but love the guy

We all love the handsome menace. Be it when he’s creating diamond ponies or paying us to kill ourselves, Jack has always had a way of sticking in our minds as a fantastic villain. Our favorite office employee turned megalomaniacal owner of Hyperion always had a certain confidence and charisma that could convince us of anything. Even while terrorizing us with stories of scooping eyeballs and statues kicking us in the groin, we couldn’t help but love him. Being a multi-zillionaire, he has assassination attempts from breakfast to dessert, so he hires doppelgangers to throw them off the trail. Let’s check out the 25 best body doubles Jack has!


25. Cosplay by: SogaNoSoga

A doppelganger for the cost-effective billionaire and definitely the youngest jack on this list. Before the mask and scarring, This is when Jack was just starting out and life was going perfectly! A new job at Hyperion, a life away from his grandmother, and possibly even a blooming romance with Moxi. Nothing could dampen this suave/handsome / moneymaker’s day.


24. Cosplay By: Abby Tatreau

A perfect example of the Beta Handsome Doppelganger. The earlier jacks would wear a mask and simply sound like Jack or wouldn't speak. We can clearly see they got the walk down! Later down the line, Doppelgangers would get their masks surgically grafted onto their faces like our own handsome J. They would also have their vocal cords replaced to sound exactly like Jack, have major reconstructive surgery to look exactly like him, most would even have some of Jack's DNA crisped in place of their own, and they were paid to do it! Imagine being paid to look this good.


23. Firefly Path Work

Jack welcomes you to a plain old day in the office. A bit of paperwork, some light coffee, and genocide here and there. Even Jack had to get down and fill out forms at a desk. His mundane office antics aside, This body double shows us that not all of Handsome Jack’s days are full of splendor. After all, throwing all your potential dissenters into an airlock is a heck of a lot of paperwork!


22. Shared By Playgrim

Our devilish double playing with a prototype of a true majestic princess, Buttstalion! The horse is made of diamonds whose dual identity is to tell everyone how rich Jack is and to save Tiny Tina's campaign. We see the self-assured cockiness of a man who already knows he’s reached the top. He’s seen overlooking a world of fools without diamond-encrusted ponies that biologically function and he pities them.


21. Cosplay By: Elana89Hikari

A depiction of Jack's more suave and seductive outlook. For a man who oozes appeal with every word he actually keeps himself rather single. Despite the slight relationship with Moxie, Jack hasn't had a date in years, not counting the one with the previous owner of Hyperion of course which led to Jack’s Immediate Promotion. Being that Jack choked, oh sorry strangled him.


20. Cosplay By:TPJerematic

Great detailing of the final moments of Jack's life! Even at the end of the line, a barrel at his head, his life in another's hands, his suave features come through. Even at the end, Jack keeps a semi-smug smile knowing his ideal pandora doesn’t die with him and it’s inspiring for one to lay their life down in pursuit of their goals. While we don’t know exactly how Jack dies, We’re pretty sure this is how it went.


19. Cosplay By: Zacloudseth

A portrait Jack likely would have painted of himself! A self-assured look to match the real deal. While an amazing display this was previous to the masks being grafted onto the face and included a type of ornamental hinges that could be taken off by the double allowing them a life outside their job. Not that it ever lasted long. But hey at least it looks awesome and gives a bit more protection while being shot in the face!


18. Makeup by Firefly Path

A great depiction of Jack and the lower right shows him at the Wildlife Preservation! A great opportunity for people to earn some money by agreeing to some safe eridium… Why are we telling them this? They already know we’re mutating them. Jack simply wants to charge his vault key a bit faster knowing eridium is the key. He'll experiment on whoever, whatever, whenever he pleases until Pandora is free of bandits.

17. Cosplay By: Lena Lewin

Now that’s the owner of Hyperion! Full of confidence and grace, Jack has moved Hyperion in the right direction. After Mr.Tassiter… disappeared, Jack moved in and became the best boss ever! With handsome force, he became the leader of pandora with a noble goal to rid the world of its murderers and thieves so people can be paid to live in Opportunity! Remember kids: Love your parents, but love Jack more.


16. Created By: Guzzardi

Of course, in order to take “Sanctuary” down Jack needed some help. Without even realizing Vault Hunters were subtly manipulated by Jack in order to lower sanctuaries defenses. The only thing saving these vault hunters was a new Siren that managed to teleport the floating city away from further damage. Jack constantly hints at this by commenting on his “Little secret” and hinting at Angel betraying us but let's say he’s not the best at long-term secrets.


15. Cosplay By: Ashton Senpai

A fantastic photo of a handsome doppelganger giving Jack's presentation on how he planned to defeat the vault hunters. They explained that they lured Vault hunters to a train in order to surprise and blow them all up with dynamite. While a few survived, it turns out that was also Jack’s plan! With such gusto on stage, it’s no wonder it all went smoothly! *Cough* *Cough* sorry something in my thought process. In all fairness to Jack, it’s really hard to kill someone when all you have is unlimited money and resources when they have plot armor.


14. Picture By: Mike Wyner

A Rare photo of multiple doppelgangers can you pick out the real deal? With hundreds of doppelgangers, of course, a few would end up being friends with the mutual searing agony of daily life! And of course, as always, there is a brave engineer guarding the group against any harm. Each decked out with a different design ideal, this group would easily confuse and dissuade assassins from targeting the real deal!


13. Cosplay By: CraftyPeat

Jack valiantly testing new horizons including a state-of-the-art powered bike! While not normally in his distinction, Jack preferred to use this as a potential motivational poster to put around Pandora. 3 doppelgangers died in the initial tests, but the 4th nailed it! Until Jack shot them for trying to “out handsome him.” But we fixed that issue so now you can be exactly 1/8th as handsome as Jack!


12. Cosplay By: Schaloime

Ah, one of Jack’s younger doubles. It shows us the years when he was simply known as John and was a steady, if a bit smart aleck, a worker for Hyperion. With a new job, wearing the latest Hyperion apparel, a wife, and a child, this man certainly has a lot to work for! This man would never fall so far as to become a major sociopath.


11. Cosplay By: Cosplaywon

A Picture-perfect representation of Jack only moments after the artifact is burned into his face. After Lilith betrayed Jack one final time, this rune was burned into him leaving him with a mask for the rest of his days. Eventually, the burning would heal, but this mark forever changed John into Handsome Jack. It probably makes for a really good after-work beer story.


10. Cosplay By: Dariarooz

 Before becoming Handsome Jack, John had fallen in love with a woman named Moxie. Despite her ruff and tumble past, Moxie acted to be a seductive and suave temptress bartender who, despite herself, even fell for Jack. Eventually fearing Jack's ambition and possible hints of megalomania, she would soon dump and eventually attempt to assassinate him. In revenge, Jack destroyed her underdome, so I’d call it a lovers quarrel


9. Cosplay By: Mary & Feinobi

A great double showing Jack at the height of his power! With his daughter being a siren connected to the entire Hyperion network, little would ever have to stand against him. Although Jack had imprisoned his daughter here since she was a child, he kept the space similar to a holodeck able to have anything she wanted within those walls. He would also have her charge the vault key by infusing his daughter with eridium to awaken the warrior giving way to a perfect coincidence plan. While sometimes harsh with her he does truly love her, and possibly even fears her. Although I think that's most fathers when their daughters become teenagers.


8. Cosplay By: Jackie69

Ah, Holo-Jack. The stored consciousness of Handsome Jack was created by professor Nakayama with the slight issue of being stuck on a hard drive. Holo-Jack may not be a physical being, but he is exactly as we remember him, strangulation, manipulation, and all. The only caveat is that his current file is only accessible by a previous Hyperion employee known as Rhys Strongfork. This is, of course, a prototype with no sentience, but it does work really well as a handsome desk mount!


7. Cosplay Worn By: Chloe Beaman

Look how much fun this double is having! Even with such a dark past, we can’t forget that Jack always tried to have fun with his life. Even after the mask, Jack never missed a chance to crack a joke and break the tension with both allies and with his enemies. Although he’s also a visionary architect. I personally can’t wait for the 15 statues of Jack “Kicking a vault hunter in the junk.” although I’d hate to be the model for it…


6. Group Cosplayer Photo: Hidriko

As always, Jack is swimming with women… most of whom want to kill him, date him, or both! Having the previous history with Moxie with mixed killings, we have Lilith who wants to kill Jack, Mara who wants to kill Jake, and Nisha. Nisha is special in having dated Jack after having the mask and then after killing Brick's dog, being given the town of Lynchwood ruling it with an iron fist with over 200 laws all punishable by death leading to her being hunted down and taken out by the vault hunters. This wouldn’t bode too well for any place with say… 4,312 laws. Surely that would lead to utter chaos with its residents! 


5. Cosplay By: RhysStrongfork

A work commissioned by Jack using one of his doppelgangers. It depicts Jack valiantly standing atop the vault hunter and confidently about to score the final blow on them. Despite what many would think, Jack could get his hands dirty to kill a vault hunter or capture a siren in person if he had to, hoping to memorialize this in a painting forever. The piece is called “It's Cute That You All Think You're The Heroes Of This Little Adventure, But, You're Not."


4. Cosplay By: Neverendingabove

A team-up everyone wanted but we never would get. Tina’s parents having been sold to Hyperion for Jack's slag experiments is the kind of thing that divides people, but we can always think about a world where Jack, after losing his daughter and Tina, after losing Roland would come together in a Last Of Us type of way. Even if it was Jack who killed all of Tina’s parental figures, we don’t have to think about that! Let's think about Jack killing bandits with Tina’s Teapot song!


3. Cosplay Taken By: butrixproduction

And now, a much sadder image. Jack losing his daughter. Having already lost his wife due to his daughter's unknown siren powers, Jack did everything he could to protect her, spending billions on a chamber where she could sit on a throne and have anything she wanted. Despite everything, the vault hunters still managed to kill her, and Jack was noticeably changed after this. He was less about the Jokes, less about having fun, now he’d be playing for keeps


2. Cosplay By: Mary & Feinobi

A man without pretense or explanation. The face of Hyperion, a multi-millionaire, a model, father to a siren. A man-made a myth, A hated that was loved, a villain that became legend. Years of comradery, betrayal, love, and pain forged him into the one, the only, Handsome Jack. It's a shame he had to meet with a woman named Tannis for a vault key, so today we have doppelganger number 23 instead.


1. Cosplay By: Mary and Feinobi

Now that's a sight for sore eyes! Jack missing the mask and scarred for the rest of his days it would be hard to tell the difference between them and the real deal! Likely even losing their left eye in the process this double even has cracks for the artifacts afterimage. With the latest Hyperion suit, his “Handsome Hair” and an indent for the mask's rightful home, Jack’s done playing games. He’s meeting the vault hunter for the second time, and now he’s ready to avenge his daughter!

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