[Top 15] Best Youtube Cosplay Channels

Best Cosplayers

15. Lanie in Wonderland

Drawing in over 32.5k subscribers Lanie in Wonderland is a wonderful channel that, though is mainly Lolita cosplay, does have some known cosplay themes like My Hero Academia, and Gravity Falls. 

bit hole you will enjoy the many playlist that she created. Some of them include Boku no Hero Academia, Cosplay Vlogs, and Lolita for beginners. This is also a great channel to check out if you’re interested in starting Lolita cosplay!


14. ShiroYuki Cosplay Productions

ShiroYuki Cosplay Productions is made up of a group of friends who love making cosplay related content, vlogs and skits. They cover characters from Naruto, Arcane, and Kingdom Hearts. 

This laid back channel, which has 137k subscribers, is sure to peak the interest of aspiring cosplayers. There are plenty of videos to get lost in, especially if you enjoy funny skits. You can also check out their different comic con interview videos that feature some cool and unique cosplays.


13. D-piddy

Deadpool vs World Cosplay Summit 2023

D-piddy is a Youtuber with 1.69M subscribers, his name was inspired by a Deadpool poster that said D.Pooly. He is most known for his Deadpool cosplay and parody videos. D-piddy also has videos dancing around with other cosplayers or trolling them as they walk by. His videos take place at different conventions like the San Diego Comic Con or the annual Anime Expo. 

One way D-piddy channels his inner deadpool is through his background of dance. He is a former B-boy (a breakdancer), which you can see in his dance and parody videos, most noticeably the Deadpool vs Gentleman PSY Parody video.


12. A.K. WIRRU

Cutting Zenitsu's Wig | Cosplay Tutorial

A.K. WIRRU is an internationally award-winning Australian Canadian cosplayer who travels around the world. Starting in 2014 he now has 4.5k subscribers on Youtube and millions of fans worldwide. 

Akwirru.com is a great website to go to and check out more! A.K. features books on patterns and cosplay prints like Inosuke’s boar head from Demon Slayer, as well as mini crafting tutorials. You can tell how much talent and experience went into creating each and every look.


11. Whole Wheat Pete

Keeping Up With The Hashira (Episode 13) || Demon Slayer Cosplay Skit

With 2.05M subscribers Whole Wheat Pete never fails to deliver funny and engaging cosplay videos (focusing more on anime) and skits. His go-to cosplay character is Zenitsu from Demon Slayer, the orange robed character who has an obsession with Nezuko. 

The Nezuko Hunter series is by far the funniest on the Whole Wheat Pete’s channel. He manages to stay in character while channeling Zenitsus' crazy infatuation with Nezuko (a demon) and showcases his crazy attempts to catch her in a fishing net.


10. Mae Love Cosplay

Let's make some super easy and fast cosplay horns!

Mae Loves Cosplay is a Non-Binary ADHD cosplayer and content creator who has over 100k subscribers. Her channel features various videos covering Q & As for cosplayers, make-up tutorials, and how to cosplay on a budget.

Almost every video features her amazingly styled wigs, she has been creating since 2021 and is still continuing to grow. You can see her cosplay life on youtube, tik tok, and instagram or by subscribing to her patreon.


9. SKS Props

How to Make a Chainsaw Man Cosplay - Free EVA Foam Template - Denji Cosplay Tutorial Part 1

Steve is the man behind SKS Props bringing in 113k subscribers, and a multi award winning Cosplay fabricator. His focus is in creating various detailed builds (ex: Gears of War Cosplay Armor), that are based on video games and pop culture.

SKS Props have also started a line of EVA foam products that are specifically designed for costume and prop fabrication. There are even some cool art ideas such as his video on making a Super Mario Pixel Art from foam scraps. His page is a great one to look at when wanting inspiration for your own cosplay looks.


8. Celeste Orchid

How to make Chicha from Emperor's New Groove

Celeste Orchid has 7.63k subscribers on Youtube, she's best known for guiding and helping people create fashionable cosplay accessories in an affordable DIY style. This comes in handy for those of us who can not always spend $300 on a cosplay but want to be able to participate. 

She has been cosplaying since 2005 and has won numerous awards. Some of the most popular videos fans enjoy include a DIY wedding dress video (who doesn’t love weddings), DIY Harley Quinn Cosplay, and when she was pregnant a DIY Chicha from Emperor’s New Groove.


7. Kirilee Cosplay

How to make Puff Sleeves (tutorial)

Kirilee Cosplay is an Australian cosplayer/Youtuber, with 31.8k subscribers, who makes different tutorials and vlogs. Some of her most popular videos include how to make a short petticoat and how to make gems from plastic caps. 

This channel is perfect for a step by step look at how to make or alter your very own cosplays. Some of Kirilee’s videos break down the making of full outfits such as her video on Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender.


6. Princess Sachiko

How Peach escapes Bowser's castle

Princess Sachiko has 577k subscribers on Youtube, but started on tik tok. Her channel has videos that cover anime, makeup, cosplay, fashion and gaming.

Currently her Youtube channel only showcases Youtube shorts (clips) from her tik toks. Recently more up and coming cosplayers have started their content creator careers from Tik Tok. Princess Sachiko has hundreds of videos that you will enjoy, most notably her cosplay as Anya Forger from Spy x Family.


5. Cosplay Cinematics (by Sevenblade Media)

Real Life SPIDER-MAN vs. VENMON :: Insane Freestyle Break Dance Battle!!

9.91k fans tune in to watch Cosplay Cinematics high def videos. She focuses on Cosplay, Gaming, and comic con adventures all shot in a cinematic movie style. Everyone enjoys the versatile comic con videos and interviews, they are from many different cons all across Europe.

Some of her most viewed videos include Real Life Spider-Man vs. Venom, which is a freestyle dance battle. Or if you wanted to take a trip down memory lane, there is a 2016 London Comic Con video (shot cinematically) that showcases the highlights of con.


4. Kleiner Pixel

Inosuke Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Demon Slayer

Over 2.21M fans enjoy Kleiner Pixel on Youtube. She is a German cosplayer who started her channel in 2014 and focuses on anime/cosplay makeup tutorials. One repeated video game theme on her channel is Genshin Impact, while for anime it varies. 

Some of her most popular videos related to anime are What Circle Lenses do for Cosplay, which is a contact lens review for a wide variety of characters, and make up tutorials for characters like Nezuko and Rize Kamishiro.


3. Lighting Cosplay

System Shock: S.H.O.D.A.N. Cosplay Making-of

Making videos about Cosplay, Costume Design and various Tutorials, Lighting Cosplay has 414k subscribers that showcase the making of each cosplay look she does. 

Videos span from making a cat skull mask all the way to making an original cyberpunk inspired samurai mask. You will get to see each project from start to finish in detail about the costume making process. Taking the time to make a detailed tutorial for cosplays really helps out a lot of newer and older cosplayers and inspires a lot of people.


2. Jessica Nigri

How To Become a Cute Goblin ... Goblin Costume Creation!

When you think Cosplay, who is the first person that comes to mind? For some, it may be Jessica Nigri. With 1.24m subscribers, Jessica is a model, voice actress and cosplayer who cosplays characters from different anime, manga, and video games. 

Back in 2009, her cosplay as a sexy Pikachu cosplay turned heads and put her name on the map. A majority of her cosplays/videos are a bit reeling, but this does not subtract from the alluring silent hill or cosplay crafting videos.


1. Kamui Cosplay

Full EVA Foam Armor - Medion Erazer Girl

Do you like cool props? Then you might enjoy Kamui Cosplay! Svetlana and Benni started making costumes and props in 2003. They feature videos of various prop weapons and how to get the best photos for your cosplay look. 

You can deep dive into the cosplay world through Kamui Cosplay’s website, kamuicosplay.com. Their website features a more indepth look into their backgrounds. Kamui Cosplay has produced 15 books, made 53 costumes, visited 38 countries all with 19 years of experience. 

There are so many options for helpful books to pick, giving more detail into shoulder armor patterns, how to build a mini fog machine, and details about how to paint your cosplay with brushes and acrylics.

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