The 20 Best Kakashi Cosplays of All Time

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Kakashi is all dressed up and ready for the show

Starting as a Japanese manga back in 1997, Naruto has recently exploded in popularity. The English translation of the manga series has even appeared on both The New York Times bestseller list and on USA Today. With the Naruto going mainstream, franchising into movies, video games, and even a trading card game, there is plenty of material to inspire fans to cosplay Kakashi. Here are the top 20 Kakashi Cosplays for you to draw your own inspiration from.

20 – Epizky

Cosplay by Epizky

Kakashi cosplay isn’t restricted to just guys. Epizky mixes goth and geek in this genderbend version.

19 – Koicosplay

Cosplay by Koicosplay

Koicosplay dons some black and red in her version of Kakashi. Looks like she is taking some time off of fighting to read today.

18 – MeganMegoo

Cosplay by Megan Megoo

Megan poses in a more traditional female Kakashi costume. Even in a skirt, she looks like she could hurt someone.

17 – Lucky Pain

Cosplay by Lucky Pain

Lucky Pain seems like he’s ready for a fight. He better watch out though, he’s already lost one eye as Lucky’s red contact shows off.

16 – Cheshire-kitteh

Cosplay by Cheshire-kitteh

Cheshire-kitteh is looking dangerous with her costume complete with some throwing daggers. Let’s join her as she chills with a female Kiba.

15 – Firecasterx2

Cosplay by Firecasterx2

Firecaster changes it up during his trip to London. He’s shown here in two of his Kakashi costumes.

14 – Kairu-Cosplay

Cosplay by Kairu-Cosplay

Kairu shows off his fighting stance as well as that injured left eye. With his clean, white backgrounds we can really focus on the costume.

13 – Laura

Cosplay by Laura and Stray-cat-yoru

Kakashi and Naruto are getting into some antics in this lively reenactment. Laura seems to have Kakashi’s moves down well.

12 – Graysonfin

Cosplay by Graysonfin

Graysonfin does a great job of cosplaying Kakashi. He even manages to summon up a lightning blade for us.

11 – SanetomoIjuin

Cosplay by SanetomoIjuin

With or without the cape SanetomoIjuin looks like he could take anyone in a fight. We’d better keep an eye on this one.

10 – G-cosplayer

Cosplay by G-cosplayer

G-cosplayer looks like he’s ready to jump down that hole. Do you think he’ll be able to take on whatever is lurking down there?

9 – Hime

Cosplay by Hime Cosplay

Whether it’s being friendly or summoning a lightning sword for a fight, Hime nails Kakashi’s look.

8 – Truck-killer

Cosplay by Truck-killer

Seems like Kakashi doesn’t approve of Minato-sensei’s advice. Let’s hope this trip doesn’t lead to too much trouble.

7 – Zumi

Cosplay by Zumi

Zumi looks pretty comfortable in his Kakashi costume. I wonder what he’s thinking about.

6 – Kelly-chan7

Cosplay by Kelly-chan7

Kelly has a great genderbent Kakashi costume complete with a damaged eye contact. If you think otherwise, she might sic her ninken on you.

5 – OtakuNL

Cosplay by OtakuNL

Looks like Kakashi didn’t like us catching him reading. Better get ready for a fight!

4 – Kumaqi

Cosplay by Kumaqi

Masks and lightning swords are just two things Kumaqi perfects in his version of Kakashi. Wouldn’t want to catch him at the wrong time.

3 – Benihannahcosplay

Cosplay by Benihannahcosplay

Benihannah takes genderbending to a new level with her Kakashi costume. She makes cosplaying and swinging that huge sword look as easy as reading a book.

2 – Suki

Cosplay by Suki

No matter what kind of sword Suki is wielding, he looks great in his Kakashi costumes.

1 – Suki Formal

Cosplay by Suki

Suki has done so many cosplays it needed two slots. Here he is in a more formal Kakashi silver suit. Even when he’s not fighting, he looks great.

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