The 25 Sexiest Pokemon Cosplays Ever

These cosplayers take "Gotta Catch 'em All" to a whole new level.

These cosplays will make you want to catch 'em all!

Many of us have grown up with Pokemon throughout the years, from playing the video and card games to watching the popular TV show on Saturday mornings. Over the years, this love of Pokemon has spread across the world and become a true phenomenon. No popular franchise exists without cosplay, and Pokemon is no exception. Let's have a look at some beautiful people who dress as foxy, amazing versions of our favorite characters. Cosplay truly is an art!

25. Nikki Evans as Misty

Nikki struts her stuff as the Cerulean City gym leader.

24. Maridah as Lillie from Sun and Moon

Maridah poses as the adorable Lillie.


23. Firebird Cosplay as Vaporeon

Firebird Cosplay as Vaporeon.

22. Kinpatsu Cosplay as Jigglypuff

Kinpatsu Cosplay as the adorable Jigglypuff.

21. Azayakachan as Mew

Azayakachan takes a rest in the park as Mew.

20. Ranako as Meowth

Ranako sweetly counts her coins as Meowth.

19. Sassmira Cosplay as Brock and Onix

Sassmira Cosplay as the Pewter City gym leader.

18. Conyten as Elesa from Black and White

Conyten poses as the electric gym leader.

17. Narga-chan Cosplay as Greninja

Narga-chan as the popular Greninja.

16. Alana Waffles as Raikou

Alana cosplays as the legendary dog, Raikou.

15. Termina Cosplay as Ho-Oh

Termina Cosplay is battle ready as Ho-Oh.

14. Ryuu Lavitz as Raichu

Ryuu Lavitz is cosplaying as the shocking Raichu.

13. Chaosity Cosplay and Ashlikachu as Kyogre and Groudon

Chaosity and Ashlikachu as the legendary duo of Hoenn.

12. JinxKittieCosplay as Mimikyu

JinxKittieCosplay as the shy, ghostly Mimikyu.

11. Lie-Chee as Officer Jenny

Lie-Chee brings justice to Kanto as Officer Jenny.

10. WhiteSpringPro as Charizard

WhiteSpringsPro is the powerful fire type starter, Charizard.

9. Hendo Art as Ash Ketchum

Hendo Art cosplaying as the hero of the classic Pokemon TV show.

8.  Jessica Nigri as Pikachu

Jessica Nigri wears her famous Pikachu cosplay.

7. Rising Moon Cosplay as Lugia

Rising Moon Cosplay is the legendary Lugia from Pokemon Silver.

6. Cookie Kabuki as Shaymin

Cookie Kabuki is the cute Mythical Pokemon, Shaymin.

5. Lightning--Baron as Sylveon

Lightning--Baron cosplays as the Eeveelution Sylveon.

4. Katta Ramos as Hilda from Black and White

Katta poses as the Black and White protagonist, Hilda.

3. Zettai Cosplay as Skyla from Black and White

Zettai Cosplay is the gym leader of Mistralton City.

2. Amy Thunderbolt as Serena from X and Y

Amy Thunderbolt is the lovable protagonist Selena.

1. Misa Lynn as Misty (Swimsuit)

Misa cosplays as Misty wearing a beautiful swimsuit.

What a list! This is my own opinion, of course, so comment below if you think I missed a cosplay or if you think one was in the wrong spot. If you want to see some more incredible cosplay, check these out!

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