About Us

Gamers Decide specializes in gaming content - news, opinions, reviews and more. The majority of our content focuses on PC Gaming, and we love helping you discover the best games through unbiased opinions. Occasionally, you’ll get to read some exciting stuff on movies and superheroes too. Our team of writers and editors are all passionate gamers, dedicated in bringing you the best content from the gaming world. We fancy thinking of ourselves as a bridge that will always connect our audience to awesome games, and we hope to continue doing so far into the distant future. 


Eve Black

Senior Editor

Eve's writing roots come from journalism as well as the entertainment industry as an author and screenwriter. She graduated from University of Texas and has spent 6 years in the gaming industry as a writer and editor, specializing in journalism, creative writing, screenwriting and nonfiction writing. Eve's favorite gaming genre is strategy, and she has spent countless hours on games like Sid Meier's Civilization and Prison Architect. She has a passion for almost all things gaming and loves delivering that passion through writing.

Jack Anderson


Jack's first full time job was as a journalist covering political news for his local newspaper. Not long after, he decided to pursue his passion for gaming and set out to build a career in the gaming industry. Jack is a highly experienced 'jack-of-many-trades' when it comes to pc gaming news. He is recognized for his ability to produce articles that fit journalism standards without compromising quality. Jack has been writing and editing since 2010 and loves his work. He strives to deliver the best content in the world of gaming.  

Leilani Luker


Leilani is a student of English composition and literature. If she isn't reading or writing, she can generally be found gaming.  As far as game writing goes she sticks to articles, though she does enjoy contributing to forums and comments as well. MMORPGs are her favorite, with adventure based games ringing in a close second. Leilani has been playing her favorite MMORPG, World of Warcraft, for almost 10 years now. Writing about the video games is a fabulous way for Leilani to combine her passions, enriching her life and driving her ambition. 

Ryan Tipper


Having grown up in the rain-drenched Pacific Northwest his entire life, Ryan has been an avid gamer since the mid 90’s when the Super Nintendo and N64 were a big deal and a writer since he could first hold a pen. Combining his love for gaming and desire to one day become a published author, Ryan has found enjoyment and success in using his past writing and editorial skills to conceptualize, draft and report upon numerous topics in the media related world. While being a gamer for the past 20+ years, Ryan began his professional steps in writing back in 2013 when he joined a college, student ran newspaper as a staff reporter, writer and editor. Learning all he could about the AP style, Ryan now uses those skills in his current professional environments as well as the novel he began working on almost 4 years ago. His favorite types of games are RPGs and MMOS, but also enjoys arcade and casual based gaming as well as breaking out the N64 from time to time to relive the days that first hooked him into the gaming world. Ryan enjoys the investigative researching that comes with writing for games and what it takes to make his work stand out and feel unique -all the while finding a deep level of passion for the medium in which he writes for.