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Gamers Decide specializes in gaming and movie content - news, opinions, reviews and more. The majority of our content focuses on video games, horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Our writers and editors are passionate gamers and movie enthusiasts, dedicated in bringing you the best content from the world of entertainment. We fancy thinking of ourselves as a bridge that connects our audience to gaming and entertainment news, and we hope to continue doing so into the future. 


Clay Bailey

Writer (CB)

Clay is a professional writer who lives in Cornwall, U.K. He specialises in creative writing and story-telling and has written many novels, short and long. He also has experience playing games and writing articles about the following genres - Fantasy, Shooter, Adventure, RPG, Action, Strategy, Stealth and MMORPGs. Clay's favourite games are: Assassins Creed, Borderlands, Final Fantasy series, Maplestory and Skyrim.

Kurtiss Limbrick

Writer (KL)

Kurtiss Limbrick was a Creative Writing Major at Arizona State University. Focusing on Poetry and Prose, he has been successfully published in three separate magazines. His experience ranges from writing, to editing and publishing to formatting. Among all the games that are offered today, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Legend of Zelda are among Limbrick's favorites, and he's played many (almost all) of the editions that are available today. Although these games are slow paced and simplistic (for the most part) there's something about the easy going puzzles, the light hearted graphics and the tight character development that makes these games a constant and ever growing pleasure to play. The most valuable thing about writing about and for games is easily the knowledge that comes with the research. Learning about DLC's, new and upcoming games, different effects and editions, companies, and every aspect of the future of gaming gives one the chance to discuss and open up with peers, coworkers, friends and strangers.

Nikola Jovovic

Writer (NJ)

Writer by day, caffeine-fueled gaming aficionado by night, Nikola has been gaming since 1999. His interests include long walks on the beach, going on 14-hour MMO binges and letting his voice be heard on the matters that are important to gamers today. Currently leveling up to 99 in the world of gaming journalism. He claims that the genre of the game isn't important as long as the game itself is good, although he's still partial to exploring fantastic worlds in RPGs, forging empires in Total War and turning his experience into informative and well-rounded articles. 

Dan Walker

Writer (DW)

Dan moved to Frankfurt, Germany, back in 2014 with a degree in German and Mathematics and two big suitcases, but he's originally from Britain. As a writer in Germany, he has a lot to do with educational products, and he has also been an avid fan of video games ever since his 4th birthday when he got his Sega Megadrive with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. As he preferred staying at home after school and playing video games non-stop (and, to be honest, that's the same now with work), his passion for video games grew and grew, which led him to add to his abilities as a gaming article writer. His inclusive love of many genres (particularly RPG and simulation) allows him to write about various genres, though he especially enjoys writing about games, from reviews to hints and tips for other players, as he devours such articles himself to help him decide which game he should add to his ever-expanding list.

Kat Haas

Writer (KH)

Kat Hass is an avid gamer and History major at West Chester University. She started writing at a young age and went on to self-publish a novella two years ago, with a sequel on the way. She also holds an Associate’s Degree in Arts and is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the National Honor Historical Society. As far as gaming goes, she’s been doing it since her dad first handed her a SEGA GameGear when she was seven. She prefers fantasy and open world RPGs, but won’t turn down a good shooter or two. Writing about gaming gives her a chance to share her passion with other people who feel the same. She loves doing lists and reviews.

Zvonimir Rudinski

Writer (ZR)

Zvonimir Rudinski is proud to be a PC gamer, programmer and news writer too. He has started gaming since he got his first PC in 2007. Zvonimir had also placed 1st in a local writing competition 3 times in a row. Being a quiet kid in school, he enjoyed adventuring into the fantastical world of video games. In a video game he could be anyone and do anything. That's why he loves them so much to this very day. His favorite genre is RPG with his top 3 games being: Skyrim, Don't Starve and NEO Scavenger.

Allan Street

Writer (ALS)

Allan was born and raised in the wilds of “Downunder” having lived in rural, city and coastal locations around Australia. From 2000 through to 2016 Allan trained in computers which took him from being a computer repairman to being a computer salesman and then eventually to becoming a computer programmer before finally delving into game development. 2017 saw a new direction for Allan as he took his skills and entered the world of Games Journalism and hasn’t looked back since. Allan started off playing Dos games as a child and then stuck with gaming through the years to become a dedicated pc gamer now. Some of the notable titles that have influenced Allan’s gaming life include the Far Cry series, the Fallout series, the Deus Ex series and also the YuGiOh card battle series, to name a few. Allan’s favorite genre is Post-Apocalyptic games. Allan loves writing about games because it enables him to share the latest news and details about games on, or about to hit, the market. It also allows him to be a part of the industry that he loves so much.

Amanda Sloan

Writer (AS)

Amanda Sloan is a 30 something gamer, writer, and coffee lover living in the United Kingdom. She began writing essays and fanfic while attending Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada in 2004. Her mum and dad bought her an original NES for her 5th birthday and that was the start of a beautiful relationship with gaming. Currently, Amanda’s favourite games are Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, and anything Mario (always and forever). She loves writing about games because it lets her do both of the things she loves: gaming and writing... plus the perks of getting to game more in order to have the inspiration to write. 

Skylar Abdeljalil

Writer (SA)

Skylar is an author and creative writer who is just beginning to establish herself in the gaming industry. She has been ghostwriting articles for nearly a year now and published her first fantasy novel back in 2011. Her favorite genres are horror games and puzzle games (or horror puzzle games) and she’s always on the lookout for the hottest new games. She hopes to keep writing about new horror games and gaming tech as the industry progresses.

Ray Razak

Writer (RR)

Ray Razak is a video game devotee who is especially fond of Jrpgs as well as fighting games. His love for video games started as a child when he got Pokemon Crystal for the Gameboy Advance. Ray’s love for writing about video games comes from playing them and wanting to share knowledge with those who wish to learn. Ray hones his skills in creative writing every single day, so he can perfect the art of the written word, while also giving a shot at game development. 

Katie Dierberger

Writer (KD)

Katie Dierberger is an author, artist, and avid gamer who spends more time on the computer than she cares to admit. She studies electrical engineering at university but secretly dreams of becoming the ultimate Pokemon master. Before writing on Gamersdecide, she edited a student literary magazine and wrote blurbs on wiki pages for older and obscure games. Katie mains Mercy in Overwatch, crushes the bot lane in League of Legends, and dabbles in indie RPGs and real-time strategy games. For her, the best part of writing about games is the chance to share her own unique experiences and opinions with the world.

Jerry Hackler


Since he was very young, Jerry enjoyed exploring the wondrous worlds created by great minded developers. Exploring these expansive worlds, and living the emotional stories they told was much more than just fun for him, it was an adventure! And growing up exploring these worlds left him with an insatiable desire to explore the entirety of the gaming industry. This sent Jerry into the epic industry full speed, and has landed him work as a beat tester, product ambassador, and has now lead him into the world of video game journalism. Jerry finds peace within writing video game based articles and knows that this will be one of the more memorable times of his adventures within the gaming industry. And though Jerry has yet to finish this chapter of his life within the gaming industry, a day will come when he will write his last article for the gaming community, but not the last chapter to his video game journey.

Eve Black

Senior Editor

Eve's writing roots come from journalism as well as the entertainment industry as an author and screenwriter. She graduated from University of Texas and has spent 6 years in the gaming industry as a writer and editor, specializing in journalism, creative writing, screenwriting and nonfiction writing. Eve's favorite gaming genre is strategy, and she has spent countless hours on games like Sid Meier's Civilization and Prison Architect. She has a passion for almost all things gaming and loves delivering that passion through writing.

Jack Anderson

Managing Editor

Jack's first full time job was as a journalist covering political news for his local newspaper. Not long after, he decided to pursue his passion for gaming and set out to build a career in the gaming industry. Jack is a highly experienced 'jack-of-many-trades' when it comes to pc gaming news. He is recognized for his ability to produce articles that fit journalism standards without compromising quality. Jack has been writing and editing since 2010 and loves his work. He strives to deliver the best content in the world of gaming.  

Leilani Luker


Leilani is a student of English composition and literature. If she isn't reading or writing, she can generally be found gaming.  As far as game writing goes she sticks to articles, though she does enjoy contributing to forums and comments as well. MMORPGs are her favorite, with adventure based games ringing in a close second. Leilani has been playing her favorite MMORPG, World of Warcraft, for almost 10 years now. Writing about the video games is a fabulous way for Leilani to combine her passions, enriching her life and driving her ambition. 

Ryan Tipper


Having grown up in the rain-drenched Pacific Northwest his entire life, Ryan has been an avid gamer since the mid 90’s when the Super Nintendo and N64 were a big deal and a writer since he could first hold a pen. Combining his love for gaming and desire to one day become a published author, Ryan has found enjoyment and success in using his past writing and editorial skills to conceptualize, draft and report upon numerous topics in the media related world. While being a gamer for the past 20+ years, Ryan began his professional steps in writing back in 2013 when he joined a college, student ran newspaper as a staff reporter, writer and editor. Learning all he could about the AP style, Ryan now uses those skills in his current professional environments as well as the novel he began working on almost 4 years ago. His favorite types of games are RPGs and MMOS, but also enjoys arcade and casual based gaming as well as breaking out the N64 from time to time to relive the days that first hooked him into the gaming world. Ryan enjoys the investigative researching that comes with writing for games and what it takes to make his work stand out and feel unique -all the while finding a deep level of passion for the medium in which he writes for.