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Tekken 7 Falls Victim To Online Piracy TEKKEN 7 is a great game. No... read more
destiny 2 4k ultra hd
Powering New Generation First Person Shooters Nvidia has recently r... read more
Call of Cthulhu E3 2017 Trailer
A Reimagination of Lovecraftian Horror Cyanide Studio, the studio d... read more
Developer Dontnod teases us with yet another trailer for the upcoming... read more
god of war pc
Bad news for PC gamers... Sony's upcoming God of War, currently bei... read more
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Every year a firm by the name of PwC goes through the stats and makes... read more
pc gaming show, pc gaming show 2017, pc gaming show e3, pc gaming show e3 2017
The third annual PC Gaming Show kicks off on Monday live from the E3 s... read more
Minecraft; Update; Windows 10; mobile
The latest Minecraft has finally been released for Windows 10 and mobi... read more
eSports; Market
The eSports Market is predicted to be worth around $1 Billion by 2019... read more
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The most popular form of entertainment is now video games According... read more
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The unheard video game giant When we talk about huge gaming compani... read more
Video Games That Make You Exercise The idea of a video game that ha... read more
Hello Games, No Man's Sky, Update
No Man’s Sky was a flop – but with a new update out and more on the wa... read more
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Overtaking the US, China is now the “gamer capital of the world” On... read more
400 million people use Windows 10 Windows 10 by Microsoft is consta... read more
What’s Arizona Sunshine ? Arizona Sunshine is a zombie shooter made... read more
The big difference between both games EA, an American video game co... read more
Kil'jaeden is an eredar demon lord and acting leader of the Burning Legion.
The Tomb of Sargeras Raid Unlocks This 20th June WoW's biggest patc... read more
An example of the Luminous Engine, featuring Noctis
Final Fantasy 15's graphics engine, the Luminous Engine, was made spec... read more
Final Fantasy 15 - Noctis and his friends set up camp
Powered by the Luminous Engine, which was specifically made for it, Fi... read more
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Over $10 billion so far Marvel has set its place in stone as one of... read more
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Video game arms race Video games are a massive support for many cou... read more
Nintendo, Switch, Sales, Console, Games, Zelda, Breath of the Wild
Bringing Zelda Back at Just the Right Time Like that of your favori... read more
Nintendo, Switch, Sales, Console, Games, Zelda, Mario
The Resurgence of Nintendo Since its release over two and a half mo... read more
Overwatch, blizzard, anniversary, event, skins, characters
Cause For Celebration Everyone knew it was coming. With all the con... read more
Netflix and the petition to bring the Old Republic show to life
The Support for a Galaxy, Far, Far Away If there is one thing the S... read more
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Branching Out From Destiny’s Original Success In 2014, all the hype... read more
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Making A Difference Through Player Contributions In December of 201... read more
Kickstarting Development With a Whole New Spin In a gaming communit... read more
The Most Successful MMORPG of Our Time After 13 years of loot, dung... read more
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Casinos are trying to get in on the goods The popular two-day e... read more
xbox hacked
Not all gaming sites can be trusted A Chinese “gaming” website... read more
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Want to really feel like a pirate? Corsair is a well-known bran... read more
Civilization 6 Keeps Bringing On the DLCs Civilization IV, known co... read more
Gamestop will give away a powerful Pokemon starting May 15 From the... read more
overwatch match fixing, overwatch
What is match fixing, exactly? Well it’s cheating, for a start,... read more
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What, again? Everyone knows that trademark law is a pain in the... read more
e3, e3 2017
E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. Here's what to expect this... read more
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  Gimme the Bulbasaur! The popular mobile app that lets... read more