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Tekken 7 Falls Victim To Online Piracy TEKKEN 7 is a great game. No... read more
Tekken 7, Akuma, Street Fighter,
Why did Bandai Namco choose to introduce Akuma to Tekken 7? During... read more
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Every year a firm by the name of PwC goes through the stats and makes... read more
eSports; Market
The eSports Market is predicted to be worth around $1 Billion by 2019... read more
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The most popular form of entertainment today is video games Ac... read more
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Overtaking the US, China is now the “gamer capital of the world” On... read more
Kil'jaeden is an eredar demon lord and acting leader of the Burning Legion.
The Tomb of Sargeras Raid Unlocks This 20th June WoW's biggest patc... read more
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Netflix and the petition to bring the Old Republic show to life
The Support for a Galaxy, Far, Far Away If there is one thing the S... read more
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xbox hacked
Not all gaming sites can be trusted A Chinese “gaming” website know... read more
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What is match fixing, exactly? Well it’s cheating, for a start, usu... read more
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What, again? Everyone knows that trademark law is a pain in the but... read more
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E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. Here's what to expect this... read more
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