The 25 Best Assassin's Creed Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

Image of many assassins seen through centuries
With how long each side has been around, you'd think one would eventually give up.

Assassin's Creed has been a story spanning generations. From early American assassins to fake pirate assassins, to ancient Greek assassins, the only thing that stayed the same is our favorite eagle vision. even the story has been slowly moving away from templars after Black Flag. Of course with so many games and multiple generations,it only makes sense we have such a variety of assassins to play as both real-world and in-game. I'm sure to be as curious as you if we currently have any assassins today, but I've found 25 images of conclusive proof the fight between assassins and templars still rages today!


25)  Cosplay By: rbf-productions-nl

A steampunk style assassin that is more advanced then current ones.

Jacob Frye Is one of the paired assassins. Convincing his sister, they left their previous assassin’s clan in order to take London back from the templars, even bringing up a clan known as the Rooks. While not as smooth and stealthy as his sister, Jacob is certainly more of a brawler able to take several larger men in a fight at the same time! Jacob definitely reflects my own playstyle in stealth games: no one can witness you killing if everyone is dead. A sound strategy and one Jacob has expertise in. When he and his sister get their hands on the zipline, he definitely acts the same way I did excited to play with the new toy. The zipline itself makes getting to points far faster than any normal channel, almost necessary with London’s towers, castles, and smokestacks which personally I’m glad I didn't have to climb


24) Cosplay By: FrodoSam4Ever

Likely the most powerful assassins you hope you wont meet.

Interestingly enough, at the beginning of this game you choose a DNA strand that was muddled in the animus allowing you to choose to play as a male or Female. Alexios, also known as Demos, did not have it easy. Growing up he barely survived a massive fall which led to him being kidnaped by cultists. Being the grandson of king Leonidas and having great potential for the cult, they forced him to endure a torturous childhood where he was turned into a weapon and brainwashed to do as the cult wished. He ultimately met his demise realizing the things he had done and forcing his sister to kill him. Poor guy probably just needs a hug oop, stabbing him works as well.


23) Cosplay By: Leon Chiro

Duel flintlock guns that can fire with wet gunpowder. They really were ahead of their time werent they?

Edward Kenway didn’t always look this good. Originally his clothes belonged to Duncan Walpole. An arrogant man who became an assassin due to his skills, but ultimately betrayed the assassins due to their stifling rules and lack of prominent figures. He eventually found his blade to another templar's throat who recruited Duncan in promise of fame and fortune. Duncan would help the templars capture a sage who could bring templars to an ancient weapon to subjugate the world. Unfortunately, he would end up meeting a pirate ship on his way back to meet the templars and wound up shipwrecked on an island with one Edward Kenway. These would be the final minutes of his life as Edward would kill him, steal his robes and identity. A blade to the back, and hidden in the brush? A traitor's end indeed.


22) Cosplay By: NEProject

It's always impresive how assassins can climb with so much weight. Have you ever felt how heavy these swords and guns are?

With his stylish new outfit, Edward Kenway found a golden opportunity. He had a letter noting the promise of riches beyond imagination, and as lady luck had it the writer had never seen Duncan's face but would recognize him by clothing. having a prism worth a massive amount of money, what's a pirate to do but return this property to their rightful owner? He would also shortly happen upon a small ship being accosted by the British that could bring him back to the mainland! With this kind of luck, it’s a wonder he didn't spend more time playing games at taverns. Wielding dual Swords, his weaponry is certainly one of the more unique of stealthy assassins!


21) Cosplay By: leonchirocosplayart 

Sometimes the constant parkour is unnecissary, but when it looks this good who cares?

Assassins are among the most stealthy individuals. Despite their clear clothing and insignias, very few people in the world actually know of their existence. The main reason for this is their skills at a travel style known as Parkour (not the one from the office).  Each movement is skillfully maneuvered and they can instantly make snap decisions in moments. They can scale the tallest of buildings in minutes, always finding the slightly loose brick or slight crack to maneuver themselves without fear of falling. Being incredibly skilled in this method of movement, they are able to stealthily infiltrate even the most secure buildings with ease. It should also be noted they occasionally can misjudge timing slightly and will spend minutes of time trying to jump up walls accidentally while running. *ahem*


20) Cosplay By: Kadart_Costumes

We always praise the assassins practical skills, but considering how old the order is they also have incredible beard grooming methods!

Despite its odd appearance, assassins are always armored. They usually keep this armor fastened to themselves during all hours of the day so as to never become surprised attacked. While usually consisting of leather and metal in addition to the white hood, the assassins didn't keep a consistent appearance between them. The only thing that would change consistently is their belt. The belt fastened pouches where assassins would be able to pull most of their tricks including smoke bombs, throwing knives, and any odds or ends that could help them in combat. They also keep the assassin’s insignia fastened to the front as a badge of honor. Not my choice when being inconspicuous but I also haven't been trained in stealth science birth, so I prefer to think of it as them sticking out their tongues to templars saying: “Yeah we’ll out ourselves as assassins in broad daylight in the town square, what're ya gonna do about it?”


19) Cosplay By: EthlaineCosplay

We don't see it often, but how cool would a trident be as a weapon?

Assassins have been known to wield a lot of different weapons. From their trademark blades, to swords, to pistols, and yes to both tridents and mega hammers. While not the stealthiest weapon, they are certainly unique. I’m sure if someone ran at you with either you'd be too confused before being 3 point shibob or flatter than a templar's heartbeat. Even hand to hand they are specialists in their own type of fighting style very similar to Krav Maga showing heavy emphasis on attacking the throat and eyes of their opponents. With most assassins training decades in the field against beasts, they don't really have an issue with any opponent they fight against. Effectively whether they cut your throat standing behind you, or they face you head-on, you don’t have a great chance at beating one without luck on your side and a lot of experience.


18) Cosplay By: julietheadventurer

I wonder if the assassins trained animals to climb the same way they did, or did assassins train them in parkour?

Assassins are fairly good beast tamers. Although they rarely have to find an animal companion that isn't a bird, they have been known to work well with animals in nature. Even when an assassin kills an animal, they do it using the rules of the hunt making sure each part of the animal is used. Oftentimes the pelts are used for carrying cases or to better their armor, the bones are used for darts or as sharp weapons to be used some even turning it into jewelry, and their meat is eaten by them or sold off to the market to hunters who use it. In the aftermath of skinning an animal, only the animal's viscera remains to be quickly eaten by other natural predators. It is also worth noting that some specific animals were hunted only because they caused issues with native people and the animal population as a whole. I’m still waiting for the day we see an assassin riding a wooly mammoth they found frozen in ice and used a piece of Eden to revive. Make it happen!


17) Cosplay By: y.o.s.h.i.t.s.u.n.e

For such an all powerful orb, it sure gets buried in the ground in a lot of random places.

A picture-perfect Apple of Eden. The main piece connects and shapes the entirety of humanity, in addition to spelling out the assassin's conflict. Originally one of many pieces built by the Isu in order to control humanity's thoughts and actions to force peace, two human Isu hybrids are known as Adam and Eve stole the Apple and began the human Isu war. During the war, a solar flare hit earth massively damaging both parties, but while the Isu slowly became extinct, humanity would only grow. Now Templars wish to act as the Isu, forcing peace among humanity and preventing conflict, while the assassins believe that free will is more important. It’s an interesting discussion that asks would you give up your free will to have global peace? Also, if the assassins want them never to be used, why not throw them into a volcano or something? Even if the apple lives, I don't think the templars are getting to it any time soon.


16) Cosplay By: Youdid_Cosplay

I wonder if female pirates suffer from the same struggles as female workers in the 2000's?

During the 1700s, assassins weren’t all that different from pirates on a surface level. Of course, most pirates were in it for the money and adventure while assassins wanted to protect humanity, but they shared many of the same skill sets. During Edward keyways journey, we clearly saw that he held much of the expertise assassins did and he was a pirate captain when the story began. Every finger of his was like a fishhook, his stealth abilities were incredible even able to take on several assassins from the brotherhood. Even when he got his hands on a hidden blade, he mastered it fairly quickly. He even became a hero who managed to stop the templar's ultimate plan (although he also set the plan in motion so…?) Without a doubt true rags to riches story.


15) Shared by Assassinscreed_US

Do you think any assassins owned slaves? With how they are about free will, I wonder if they were main contributers in the underground railroad?

Ratonhnhaké:ton, or Connor as I’ll call him for simplicity was made an assassin as a teenager. While young he was a native living off the land during the colonial period which did not bode well with Americans… expanding. He lost his mother and entire village due to colonial templars raiding it to find a sacred temple. Soon after, he sought teaching by an older assassin named Achilles Davenport who would end up training him for many years to become an assassin and gave him the pseudonym Connor. I’m sure it was no offense but Ratonhnhaké:ton doesn't really roll off the tongue. Eventually, he would find the apple of Eden in his possession seeing a vision of a tyrannical United States. The vision would eventually cause him to form the colonial assassins in the newly formed U.S and he quickly disposed of the apple by hiding it. His specialties always included stealth as a child as hunting was natural practice for natives in order to get food. It’s nice to see the assassins took in, trained, and allowed Connor to form a whole brotherhood during this era.


14) Cosplay By: Chibidudecosplay

On the plus side, James Kidd never had to worry about societal beauty... wait when did that start?

James Kidd really does look good doesn’t he? I suppose they thought the name Mary Read was too feminine, but most of the early life, their mother did dress her up as a boy to pass them off as another person's child. Kidd became an assassin only shortly after having a position in the royal navy in their teenage years. Either they were desperate, or Kidd had the skills to match. After joining and marrying a man, she became content, until her husband died of ill-defined causes right after the wedding. After this, she continued to dress as a man and eventually met a man named Ah Tabai immediately trusting him due to wisdom in his eyes. It would be this man who trained her as a full-fledged pirate assassin who kept an eye on the unlawful side, matching or likely even surpassing the skills of Edward Kenway shortly after their meeting.


13) Cosplay By: FaroniCosplay

The templars should just put a few turrets on the tallest structures around. I'm sure they'll knock off a few assassins that way.

Being as high as he was in the sky, this assassin was barely photographed before taking the assassin staples leap of faith. In this jump, an assassin would survey a large area at the highest point, and then dramatically leap off into a safe and soft landing to save time climbing down. A true staple of assassins and a direct proof that they hold no fear from heights unlike me. Additionally, they are noted to jump, do ¾ of a flip, and land all with their eyes closed trusting in their body and movements to make the correct decisions. Considering I cant move around my house with eyes closed before slamming into a wall, I’d have to say “Leap Of Faith” is a perfect description.


12) Photo By: TimeyWimey-007

Nothing to see here, just a normal group of average people. 

Assassins have always been known as an organization rather than a few individuals with similar goals. Better known as the brotherhood of assassins, most are trained from birth to become an assassin and they have strict laws and punishments specific to their order. They all fight in order to keep humanity free with a will and mind that makes their own decisions originating back to ancient Egypt. While their main enemy is Templars, it is not exclusive as they are known to take action to free men and women from captivity whenever possible. They also believe in the Assassin's Creed (He said it!) which primarily restricted unnecessary slaughter of innocents, preserved the reputation of oneself and of the Order, and was meant to create peace not only within the world but within the individual. It was hoped that while few, these rules would be unbreakable and form a larger group willing to fight against the Templar's tyranny. I still want to know the secret handshake, but I have it on good authority that it involves losing your ring finger sooo…


11) Cosplay By: Kazeshini Cosplay

What do assassins do in their free time? Do they have jobs? Do they have friends? Do a few have to choose between a promotion and the creed?

As is well known, most assassins did not look even remotely similar. While the traditional assassins are known to wear white garments, it was not required by any means. White did have a tendency to stick out in a crowd after all, so some would prefer darker colors. Of course, this armor is worn year-round so keeping it warm and cold is necessary when battling the elements. Most assassins have pelts or fur lining the interior or armor while keeping the armor made of the leather hide. These elements are easy to remove in a pinch all except the bare armor colored by preference. Most of the time, an assassin would simply use smoke bombs, but in last cases, being able to shed quickly would become necessary.


10) Cosplay By: KseniyaKanda

I think the assassins have some kind of aviary that holds birds trained for assassin duties, and if thats the case, at least one trained assassin is on cleanup.

Eagle Vision is one of the assassin's most valuable powers. Eagle vision for humans is a result of cross-breeding between humans and Isu. The Isu was immediately able to harness this vision with what they called knowledge. Humans on the other hand all have the ability, but many have to train for years to access it. However, some rare humans are able to instantly tap into the ability due to life circumstances forcing them to learn it. The vision allows humans to see a type of aura that gives insight as to its properties according to the user. Red being an enemy, blue an ally, white a useful object, and gold are things of interest. Most notably, it appears it directly relates to how we perceive them as the auras have changed based on how the assassin knows them. This aura can be seen through walls and it can even be used to sense heartbeats or walking paths depending on the user. It’s an invaluable skill when it comes to the art of killing and I think it would make the real world a lot easier if I could just look for the golden light to victory.


9) Cosplay By: Kassandracosplay

I feel like long hair would be a big hinderence in combat. Do even thieves adhere to the rules of honor?

The sister of Alexios, and daughter to King Leonidis, Kassandra. She by no means had an easy childhood, but she was better off in comparison to her brother. After preventing the sacrifice of her brother and being condemned by Sparta, she was forced off a cliff to what they thought would be her death. Worst Day Ever. Unfortunately for them, spartans are the toughest people around, and she survived enough to sail a boat away. She was then found by a man named Markos who raised her similar to a daughter, but they grew up more like friends, even having Kassandra bail him out of several situations despite the age gap. Again spartans don’t mess around. She then grew up to become Mistios and protector to those who ask. As a spartan, she is heavily trained in many types of weapons in addition to fighting styles. Eventually, she would become involved with cultists and traitors which she had to prevent from gaining power. As a historical figure, she is seen as a precursor to the assassin's brotherhood, but likely inspiration for its creation.


8) Cosplay By: Rick Boer

A lot of assassins lost their ring fingers from the hidden blade, so what does that do to a marriage?

Viking assassin… Man, that's an awesome phrase. While not entirely like the traditional assassin, these Vikings were trained in stealth and combat through standard Viking nature. Hardened by tough lives, they would become more fighters upfront than those who hide behind, and with the build and clothing most had, it was far harder to hide. This made it, so those who could be vicious and likely feared for miles upon miles. Additionally, we are able to see the use of hidden blades dating back to these Norse legends. Although it is not hidden in a natural sense as early versions of the blade would be from a pulse in the wrist cutting off the wearer's ring finger. Instead, some chose to wear it on the outside as a type of intimidation tactic before battles.


7) Cosplay By: Shiva Abarai

I wonder how the assassin order spread around the globe? did they just set sail in search of people? How did they stay in contact?

Eivor is one of few Viking assassins not belonging to the brotherhood. At an early age, her parents were murdered in front of her causing her to swear vengeance upon them and kill the man known as Kjotve. Only minutes after her parent's death, she was attacked by wolves and injured but survived with the name: Wolf kissed. I’m seeing a trend between rough childhoods and assassins. While stealthy in plans, she was also ruthlessly competent in combat, most notably being proficient in Viking weapons including dual axes. She would eventually avenge her family and live a life of honor at one point ending a cult seeking to replace Christianity and Norse faith with their own and participating in the second Viking siege of Paris. While she did lead an interesting life, I don’t think the Norse gods really helped as much as she believed they did. But each to their own, and I'm not arguing with a Viking anytime soon.


6) Cosplay By: Elanor Elwyn

Besides the normal hidden blade, why didn't more assassins use other kinds of hidden weapons like Evie?

Evie Fryethe sister of the Frye twins and certainly more stealthy than her younger brother. While sharing a backstory many of their personal aspects differ. While Jacob preferred battered submission, Evie preferred blades, the most notable of which being her cane blade. Being the slightly more sensible twin, she handles most of the day-to-day affairs and talking side of things. The twins would become ensnared by a multitude of events, one of the most interesting being their meeting with Jack the Ripper. Realizing Jack the Ripper kidnapped Jacob, Evie manages to track the murderer down and kill him, fortunately finding Jacob alive if not slightly uncomfortable. We realize during the story that Jack had once been an assassin but disliked the way the brotherhood had been handling things. It’s a pretty good dark mirror of what could happen if Jacob or Evie continue to ignore their creed simply because it is simple. Ultimately, Jack, the ripper was incredible, if not disturbed, an assassin who was a good amount of fun!


5) Cosplay By: Leon Chiro & Cosplay Annart

I wonder if there are earlier fights by assassins ageinst the templars we don't know about? Can we see a prehistoric assassin ride a mammoth in battle?

The name is not just for fanfare. Bayek could be seen as one of the original assassins that formed the brotherhood. Originally a Medjay, he lived a mostly peaceful life until an organization known as the order of the ancients killed his son because he refused to give them entry to the Siwa-Vault. The Order of the Ancients was seen as a prototype of the Templars, much like Bayek was a prototype for the assassins. Bayek would systematically kill every member aligned with this organization out of vengeance only to realize the 6 degrees of separation. Considering the massive amount of people involved, Bayek would not be able to complete his mission himself and found a greater evil within this organization that required its end. It was then that Bayek founded the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassins recruiting people from anywhere he found talent. He also became the seed for the creed and its rules on never harming an innocent life.


4) Cosplay By: Grimwulfe

Why wear 1 giant belt when you can wear 3 regular belts?

The hidden blades are a staple among assassins. No matter which assassin you meet, their background, walk of life, clothing, or values, not a single one will be without hidden blades. With the original design predating known recorded history at minimum having been used to kill Xerxes 1, the earliest designs triggered on a type of muscle pulse when you flex your arm and thus assassins would have to remove their ring fingers lest they become accidentally cut when activated. Newer designs however allowed the user to use the blade without issue originally designed through Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. I’m certain it really helped people with wedding rings and kept people less conspicuous. There have also been modifications to the blade by many others, one designed for afoot, or another for a trident, and the most recent adjustment being a shock blade. Without a doubt one of the most iconic and oldest weapons ever seen. Really glad they fixed the issue with flexing releasing the blade. Can you imagine shaking someone's hand, flexing a bit too hard, and whoops now you've disarmed them (Dishanded?)


3) Cosplay By: Forcebewitya

I kind of want to know the assassins training program? If Edward Kenway can be an assassin, I have to have some kind of chance right?

While many believe that the assassins no longer exist, it’s simply not the case! While not clad as impressive armor like this, assassins are still fighting the templars using a new machine known as the animus. Originally designed by the templars, it allows someone to tap into their, or later versions grow others, DNA allowing them to live like their ancestors. This was of course used by templars in order to find the missing pieces of Eden using Desmond Miles to achieve this goal. It wasn’t too long after Desmond would be contacted by the brotherhood and eventually fight the templars somehow getting their hands on a more portable animus. Desmond then began to look for the pieces of Eden in hopes of sabotaging the current templars who grew to massive wealth and power due to connections through thousands of years.


2) Photo By: Greengreencat

Assassins must have compatitions with one another. I would far rather watch the assassins games over the olympics any day of the week. (No offence)

Despite its massive age, or perhaps because of its age, the brotherhood doesn't have gender issues. One sex is never seen as lesser due to gender but only as experience. In fact, some of the oldest and most powerful, and influential assassins were women. Evie Frye, Kassandra, and Eivor all immediately jump to mind in this aspect. The assassins never played them up as special, or put them down in this case they weren't special as that would say they were an exception to the rule rather than the norm. All the assassins were simply assassins and nothing more. While there were a few who dressed as a male, James Kidd immediately comes to mind, it was a personal choice rather than a brotherhood choice. This marks the assassins as a highly unified group regardless of religion, age, race, or gender; they are all part of the Creed. I’m no skilled feminist writer, but I don’t suppose we can get some of that over here?


1)  Cosplay By: LeonChiroCosplayArt

If normal people can become assassins, why don't they have assassins stationed in promising lines of work? Like on pirate ships or high guards?

My shot for the best is that of Edward Kenway. For some backstory, Edward was originally a pirate captain until a fateful crash with sir Duncan Walpole. Edward would end up impersonating Duncan in search of greed damn the consequences. Eventually, he rescues who would become his right-hand man as well as many others who he hired on as his crew aboard the nation of Jackdaw. While originally only seeking coins, after realizing the templar final plan, he personally chose to prevent them from doing so albeit to find it first and sell it for a mountain of treasure. Eventually, however, he ends up destroying the machine keeping it from the templars reaching all to protect humanity. He could have chosen countless riches and a spot among the most powerful in the world, but he sabotaged himself for the greater good. He became a full-fledged assassin and even married a woman and fathered a child. His story is unique because he was trained his whole life, hell he was an anti-law pirate the entire time, but when push came to shove he was a good man and eventually even became a master assassin, and then even Leader. Upon seeing others much like he used to be, he helps them simply out of instinct even when it would almost blow his cover. Edward Kenway was a pirate turned one of the most enjoyable and sideways friendly assassins you will ever meet. Just don't have too many valuables when talking to him, yeah?

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