The 25 Best Dark Souls Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful / Best Looking)

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The endless cycle of fire continues until a lord of dark takes their throne. The constant linking of the fire repeats endlessly as hapless undead choose to sacrifice themselves just to delay the inevitable. Those undead are no more powerful than any other in the end, the only difference being they refuse to die until their duty is complete. Although through their journey, many have consumed large amounts of souls becoming not too unlike the gods during the age of fire. We have seen some of the most powerful creatures of the world in their time, and now we observe some of the greatest gods, beasts, and undead who came before us.



25) Cosplay By: HMCI - Hidetaka Miyazaki Cosplayers Italia

Some sons have a complicated past with their fathers, but the nameless king and Gwyn have likely one of the worst. Both being gods during the age of fire, something happened where the nameless king allied himself with the dragons. Due to this, his godhood was revoked and his history was stricken from any records known. That's why he’s known as the Nameless King. Very little is known of him considering the knowledge purge, but few do still tell stories of him. And whatever you say, that sword is probably the coolest thing anyone has ever held.


24)  Cosplay By:  Diego-Dydo-Nardelli

All who know him fear his meta build. With the fastest rolling, high HP, and Poise he is feared as the absolute power against other chosen undead. Specifically, he wields the Mask of the Father, Giant Armor, Giant Gauntlets, Giant Leggings, the Ring of Favor and Protection, and Havel's Ring. On his back, or in his left hand, is a Grass Crest Shield, and his right hand (or both) wields a Chaos Zweihander. Very little is known about his past, but records tell us of an aged film created by an undead known as OnlyAfro who brought the warrior into their true light and power. He is still referenced for thousands of undead cycles. And there is only one name fitting for the most enduring soul of ages: Giant Dad.


23)  Cosplay By:  cloud-dark1470

Don’t let the feminine appearance fool you, this is another of Gwyn’s sons: Gwydolyn. Although born a male, his association with magic and the moon led to him being raised a female. He eventually became the last Deity to remain in Anor Londo creating an illusion of his sister Gwynevere to keep peace and order in the city. Although he also has few followers in the Darkmoon Covenant, their tasks are sacred and important. Even though the gods raised him as a female, it’s nice to know they didn't disown them due to his personal affinity or association with the moon, they just found a way to seize power from it.


22) Cosplay By: LadyMoonshiner

A Warrior that disliked the firekeeper, to say the least. Initially having been captured at undead burg, his soul (heh) purpose in life was to kill the firekeeper. Although his general-purpose was mundane, he does hold one of the most powerful rings known to the undead. The Ring Of Favor And Protection. Thousands of undead use this ring in their journeys to link the fire due to its numerous incredible abilities increasing the wearer's vitality, their stamina, and even strengthening them allowing them to carry more. The ring is highly sought after and many undead is willing to kill, or in some cases kick, their way to this ring as quickly as possible. He is willing to help other undead, but unfortunately, his knowledge normally comes at a price changing on how powerful the undead who asks.


21) Cosplay By: pretzelbot

The Knights of Caterina are a jovial bunch. Caterina as a place is well known for its festivity and drinks as well as its generally jolly nature. In their land, the knights are proud and wear very distinctive armor. While common in Caterina, their armor earns them the name Onion Warriors in a slightly derogatory tone. Although they meet with criticism, you will never find a more enjoyable individual to sit and have a good drink with. They are also remarkably good at cooking. While most undead simply drink Estus, the Knights or Caterina also make a remarkable Estus Soup!


20) Cosplay By: Crix94

The Black Witch, her better title being Zullia the Witch, was a nefarious woman. She is known for attempting to seduce and sidetrack a warrior undead known as Alva the Wayfarer due to his devotion to Saint Serreta. Despite all her tricks and deceit, she eventually Stood with Alva although it is questioned if his ultimate failure is due to the witch. It is said he relinquished his knighthood after his failure and began a new life with Zulia shortly after. A nice smaller story is only known through her and Alva’s armor and robe sets.


19) Cosplay By:  zep-hindle

OOH what a good doggo, so many pets, and adorable head pats! *Ahem* Greatwolf Sif is a likely contender for best boi. A wolf raised by Artorias, one of the greatest fighters of the abyss, Sif would lose his master to the abyss only surviving when Artorius used his great shield to protect Sif from that same abyss. Sif as loyal as they are would then guard the ring ensuring no other would become corrupted as their master. Even at the end of their life and limping, Sif fought valiantly. Unfortunately, to link the fire the ring is required so even if Sif were to be saved their duty would remain unchanged. I suppose an undead may take solace in reuniting Sif with their uncorrupted master in death. 


18) Cosplay By:  MagnaStorm

The emerald herald may be the most interesting firekeepers an undead could have met. Her original name is Shanalotte and she’s a halfbreed born of dragons. Curiously, she does not guard the fire in Majula often leaving it to speak with the undead, additionally, she is not disfigured in any noticeable way. While being created, her purpose was to break the undead cure but having failed, she now draws undead toward her in hopes they may succeed where she fell short. Although considering the path to Majula, let alone Drangleic, she still could have at least sent some kind of letter.


17) Cosplay By: MiraMarta

Estus is truly an undead favorite. Considering it is quite literally bottled fire, it’s interesting that the undead can use this drink in order to heal themselves. A small amount of Estus can be procured by the undead at any chosen bonfire, although the amount gained is always dependent on the strength of their flask, sometimes allowing 10 full drinks. While scarce, there are other ways the undead can heal, the Estus has always been a favorite, sometimes even being made into soups or stews. I really am interested in what pure fire would taste like, I imagine a pine taste or semi ash?


16) Cosplay By:  sliwkowapanna

Every Undead who embarks to link the fire will be vastly different from any other. They all have different skill sets, different weapons, different magic capacities, and different strategies. It is due to this undead that the fire continues to be linked even thousands of years after the initial Linking. Fascinatingly, some would favor a massive defense despite their inability to dodge, while others would become almost entirely without clothes dodging sword over talon without being hit a single time. Some undead has even managed to link the fire without a single death upon their shoulders. I wonder where they get their semi all-knowing aspects? It almost feels like they've done this before…


15) Cosplay By:  MartinaNSC

Originally a man of a large mass, they consumed such a large mass of souls and humanity that over time softened into a sludge-like substance, Aldrich is actually the black tail-like entity attached to the person. Called Aldrich the Devourer of Gods, It is assumed that they killed and ate both Gwydolyn and Pracilla because they use both of their weapons and abilities when fighting. And I thought my diet was bad. We also notice they use Nito’s grave lord sword, but it is unclear the entire reason for this. If I may note, many believe this beast's original form is Smough being that both are man-eaters, found in the same location through centuries, and Smough's armor can be found by scavengers after Aldrich had finally been defeated. I think he… Lost weight?


14) Cosplay By: Jinglebooboo

Crossbreed Pracilla is likely one of if not the first-ever Dragon crossbreed. While the father has been quickly speculated to be Seath the Scaleless, her mother is much less clear, some have theorized Gwynavier due to its location and the guards inside, while others hint at the goddess Velka due to many items in the painted world relating to her. No matter her parentage, she is a calm soul who would not fight and even invites the undead to peacefully leave the painted world. Unfortunately, there are those who attack her and thus she retaliates in kind. While not strong, she can turn invisible, able to quickly lose her opponents then deal with swift silent ends.


13) Cosplay By: Catcavecosplaycraft

The ring knights are among the most powerful warriors known. Although these knights followed the dark, and wielded weapons forged in the abyss, they never succumbed to the abyss instead fighting as many of Gwyn’s most powerful front-line soldiers. Despite this, their proximity to the abyss made Gwyn fear the knights so he branded each knight with a sigil of fire around their chest forever linking them to the flame. Have you ever noticed how the older they get, the more paranoid kings and lords become? Even with this mark, the Ringed City Knights stayed loyal and many of them became quite skilled with a large variety of weapons including swords, spears, and even duel wielding ultra greatswords.


12) Cosplay By: niamashina

One of the most interesting people among the late cycles of fire, Lady Fillianore lays atop the spear of the church cradling a small “Egg” for lack of a better term. An undead who interacted with her and touched the egg described the egg caving inward as a result, of waking lady Fillianore. Then a bright light brought them to a desolated land far beyond the moment with both kingdoms of Anor Londo, and Lothric can be seen. Strangely after this event, many undead went to check only to find the lady gone implying she and the previous undead did not simply disrupt illusion but rather were transported through space and time. Curiously it is widely speculated Fillianore is the youngest daughter of Gwyn and does not possess Gwyn in her name like many of her siblings. It is also noted that before touching the egg, it had already slightly crumbled implying that the egg or reign of fire would not last forever. As with many of the gods, all we can do is speculate on their intentions and outcomes, but we will never know the true answer.


11) Cosplay By: Ver1sa

Firekeepers are the undead best friends. Allowing the undead to become stronger using the souls of the defeated allows even the weakest undead to become lords of their own. The firekeepers themselves are a curious few. All of the firekeepers are female and all have been maimed in some way, whether it be loss of tongue, lack of eyes, or hideous scars across their bodies. All firekeepers care for a specific fire that is protected and maintained by them. Thus if they die, the fire they are protecting will also die. Most firekeepers are undead, and they all seem to support the linking of the fire as a final solution choosing to continue the cycle.


10) Photo By: Sweeney49

Black knights are some of the coolest soldiers you will ever see! Wearing all black armor highly resistant to lightning, these knightes were the highest form of Gwyn's army surpassing even giants. There are rumors on how they came to be, the most prominent one being:  that they were originally silver in armor, but became scorched and twisted in fights with chaos demons additionally giving them greater resistance to fire. There are also a few spectral knights that are said to be remnants of knights that followed Gwyn the first time he linked the flame, having all but their souls burnt to ash. I didn’t realize Gwyn had special forces, but I’m guessing it was these knights.


9) Cosplay By: Bladeinthecrowd

The final challenge of an Undead: The Soul Of Cinder. This being is an amalgamation of every soul who previously linked the flame all manifesting into this sleek and powerful form. We are able to see when it is being fought it uses a coiled sword that can constantly change its type. During The Souls Of Cinder's last leg, it also summons Gwyn for a few of its attacks as well as the grab. Ultimately, this being is as simple as the deific manifestation of all the past lords in an attempt to defend the first flame. The only way over the mountain is for the chosen undead to overcome this entity and choose once and for all to link the flame, or finally bring the reign of man.


8) Cosplay By: max_torzhkov

A sad story for this one. Slave Knight Gael was a kind man who wanted to show The Painter fire so they could create a newly painted world from the rotting scraps of the original. Having created the fire aspect, he then needs to give her the original Dark Soul for the pigment. Unfortunately, after centuries the original pygmies' blood had all dried leaving Gael with nothing. Refusing to lose out so close to the end, Gael slaughters the pygmies drinking their blood in hopes of creating the Dark Soul within himself. This corrupts the Knights's mind and body leaving him only a fraction of his former self. In the end, he would likely have asked the undead to kill him to show his lady color, but by that point, it’s far too late. I will have to admit, I admire the man's passion to simply help The Painter create a new world for the residents, one that wouldn’t rot no matter the time.


7) Cosplay By: SilverIceDragon1

The Abyss watchers are similar to a vicious circle. After being awoken, they find themselves corrupted by the abyss, unfortunately, they must always fight the abyss. Being undead, Abyss watchers also cannot die so they would eventually come back to life unless permanently stopped losing their souls. This cycle of repetition would only continue until an undead would intervene. In general, I dislike standing in between people pointing guns, or in this case swords, at each other so I'll hope eventually they tire themselves out enough. Any day now.


6) Photo By: dtjaaaam

These brothers are a unique type. Being born of royalty, they had a single mentor who daunted the linking of the fire highly influencing the princes. Lothric was the elder prince and although he was frail, he also kept his humanity, a rare thing for a hollow suggesting he has yet to die. His younger brother Lorian was a large man but was mute and Crippled in his legs. When the time to link the fire came, they rejected their duty, assuming the linking of the fire to be nothing more than a farce. In battle, the younger brother is adept at physical combat while the elder is superior in magic. It is also noted that the younger prince will often resurrect his brother if they fall in battle. Man, could you imagine your king refusing to link the fire, summoning 4 previous lords to do it and they all refuse to leaveing you,  a 1 in a million chance some random undead can get the task done? No pressure or anything.


5) Cosplay By: ClaireSea

What an absolutely beautiful sight. Gwynevire is seen as the only female of Gwyn's children having many powerful children in her time. She is also said to be highly wise and kind during her rule, so much so that Gwyndolyn used an illusion of her to help him control Anor Londo. The real Gwynevere is married to Flan God Of Flame. She is also said to have created the Bountiful sunlight, and Soothing Sunlight miracles. Both are highly powerful spells of healing and are used by her maidens to assist “Many a great warriors.” She’s such a kind woman and being motherly explains why so many immediately trusted the illusion made in her absence.


4) Posted By: AtlantaBoyz.

Artorius may have been the greatest warrior to ever live. Being one of 4 knights to the Gwyn himself should tell you how powerful Artorius is and he always fought with his great wold Sif. eventually, he would make a pact with an entity allowing him to traverse the abyss using his personal ring. Unfortunately, he would fall to Manus's father to the abyss and sacrifice himself using his great shield to protect Sif from further attacks. He would then escape Manus but was slowly corrupted by the abyss. His last shreds of humanity still have him killing those of the abyss, and have him sacrificing himself once more in a test to see if an undead my be able to complete the task he began 


3) Cosplay By: Sonicboomish

Orenstein was one of Gwyn's most trusted knights. Being an excellent spearman, he was gifted a lightning spear that was said to split boulders in two and a set of armor resembling that of a golden lion. Originally having served Gwyn’s firstborn son, Orenstein would stay as the remaining gods fled Anor Lond leaving himself and Executioner Smough in the cathedral guarding the illusion of Gwynevere. After a certain time, he would seek out the nameless king thought to be Gwyn's firstborn. It is not entirely clear what happened to Ornstein after he found the nameless king as all that remains is his armor and spear not on a dead body, but sitting on the ground in the great belfry where you meet the nameless king. For such a powerful warrior, I would personally love to see him fight a couple of drakes or dragons, but suffice to say he likely had experience in the art.


2) Cosplay By: Thehudsonforge

Executioner Smough was a gory man. After executions, he would take his enemies’ bones and grind them into seasonings for his meals. Although he was powerful enough to become one of Gwyn’s four knights, he was ultimately rejected due to his sadistic and cannibalistic tendencies. It’s nice to know the hiring standards we’re working with. Anyway, after Orinstein left Anor Londo in search of the nameless king, it is theorized Smough would search for new meaning in the church in an attempt to redeem himself even changing his name to Aldrich. Unfortunately, his cannibalistic tendencies return and he begins seeing visions from these people eventually convincing people he is a god, he eats the souls of men and gods possibly even Nito, Pracila, and Gwyndolin. Even gaining their powers in the process. Eventually, his mass became so large that it softened into a jelly-like substance forming the new protector of Anor Londo and earring the moniker: Aldrich Devourer of Gods. Man, this is what could have happened to the covetous demon? He shouldn't have stopped eating people.


1.   Cosplay By: Megamo

(Bye 4th wall!) Let's be honest, Who else deserves the number one spot? In all reality, it is so fascinating that such a dark and remorseful community has such a fun community. I think of it as the Viking style. Yeah it’s brutal and if you're fighting a bear they’ll take bets on the winner, but the entire community is so open-armed with tips and tricks as well as fun goals and teamwork. I think I wouldn't be the first to accuse Solaire of this very opinion. Until meeting him, the undead is simply working through an unforgiving world, but Solaire is different. He was jovial from the moment you met him looking on the literal bright side of things and even helping you on some of the hardest bosses. He can always be found dispensing encouragement or determination at your given goal. I think the phrase normally is the brighter the light the darker the shadow, but in the souls series, it works the opposite. The darker the world, the harder the enemies, the more unforgiving the bosses, the brighter the sunlight. So everyone who knows how to do it, in the name of our man; PRAISE THE SUN!!


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