Ranked: 21 Most Powerful Villains in World of Warcraft

Which villains are really out to get you?

World of Warcraft is full of all sorts of powers – but which villains have them mastered? 

Every new expansion, World of Warcraft is given countless new villains to defeat. Whether you’ve been playing for one expansion or five, you’ve defeated many a villain in your time. So which ones out there really are the best of the best, and which ones have the power to defeat all of Azeroth? Let’s count through the 21 Most Powerful Villains in World of Warcraft and find out! 

21. Kael’thas Sunstrider 

This list was merely a setback! 

While Kael’thas Sunstrider is indeed powerful, his power has changed so much over the years. Kael’thas, the Prince of Quel’Thalas, began as a member of the Kirin Tor, and even studied alongside Jaina Proudmoore, but his powers had just begun. When he lead his people to harnessing the fel, his power grew considerably, and he became the floating mage we all know and love from Tempest Keep.

20. The Burning Legion 

That’s one big … rock?

The Burning Legion as a collective pose one of the biggest threats to Azeroth as a whole, but while together they are incredibly powerful, divided they can be weak. How many demons have you slaughtered in World of Warcraft, especially since Legion’s launch? Since each and every demon counts towards The Burning Legion, when you think about it … The Burning Legion is just a hell of a lot of the demons we’ve been fighting for years. Doesn’t seem that powerful now, huh? 

19. The Four Horsemen 

The Naxxramas mixer looks pretty crowded.

The Four Horsemen might seem like a weird choice for this list, but there’s a lot more to them than a long-gone boss from Naxxramas 1.0 and 2.0. Kel’thuzad raised and created these four as his most trusted and powerful knights. Since one of the original members, Alexandros Mograine, wielded the Ashbringer (and its corrupted variant) and Sir Zeliek is an undead that is so powerful he can wield the Light, it’s pretty safe to say these guys are badass. 

18. Doom Lord Kazzak 

I’ll never tire of killing this guy.

With the amount of times we’ve been able to kill Lord Kazzak (that’s three times, to be exact), it might not seem like he’s at all that powerful, seeing as we keep on defeating him over and over. One of the things that makes him such a powerful enemy is how close he is to Kil’jaeden. He led the Burning Legion’s war effort in Outland in his name, and has seen promotions a plenty given by Kil’jaeden himself. Also… will he ever actually die?

17. Sindragosa 

Someone please shut her up!

Sindragosa is a character that has always been powerful, even before she became the villain we know today. In her life, she was the prime consort of Malygos, the Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight. Aspects don’t just name anyone their prime consort, so Sindragosa must have been up there even in life. But in death, she became one of the Lich King’s most loyal servants, and he even raised her himself. The most loyal pet you can imagine? Great! 

16. Onyxia

Maybe if she’s sleeping she’s harmless?

If you ask any WoW player to name a few of the Black Dragonflight, Onyxia will be one of the first. A boss in three separate expansions, Onyxia has really been a bane to the people of Azeroth for a long time. Her power, though large in her Dragon form, came with her cunning and deviousness in her Human form, where she was known as Katrana Prestor, and even stood beside the young child-king Anduin Wrynn in Vanilla World of Warcraft, spinning lies and evil right from the heart of the alliance. Powerful stuff, if you ask me! 

15. Mannoroth 

Not any prettier close up.

Speaking of the Burning Legion, Mannoroth is one of the high fliers in the organisation, dubbed a “General of the Legion” in his life. He led the Pit Lords when Sargeras enslaved them, and when Archimonde came to claim them, he named Mannoroth his second in command, meaning Mannoroth was pretty high up in the Burning Legion world. An enemy from all the way in Warcraft III, Mannoroth has had a lot of people to play with, and has been weaving destruction since the War of the Ancients. 

14. The Sha 

Now they want the Horde?!

The Sha may seem like a peculiar choice for this list, but there is a lot more to them than just ‘those gooey guys from Mists of Pandaria’. Formed as the physical manifestations of negative emotions such as doubt, fear, etc, the Sha basically have unlimited resources to create themselves. The Sha were one of Pandaria’s most ancient enemies, and had been dormant for many a year… until us heroes showed up, of course. Since their heart was destroyed, they won’t be coming back any time soon – but these gloopy messes sure are powerful! 

13. Kel’thuzad 

Maybe if he comes back he can get a face lift?

This cat loving lich is a lot more than he seems. An age old boss form both Vanilla and Wrath of the Lich King, Kel’thuzad has a lot of lore behind him that many people forget about. Previously an Archmage of the Kirin Tor, Kel’thuzad was the original human ally to the Lich King, before he was resurrected as the lich we know and hate today. Anyone that was an Archmage in life has to be pretty damn powerful, and Kel’thuzad has really shown us that in the past. 

12. Ner’zhul 

Don’t underestimate this Orc!

Before Arthas Menethil was the Lich King, the Orcish shaman Ner’zhul had the same fate. When this Warchief attempted to escape Draenor, Ner’zhul was given his death wielding abilities by Kil’jaeden. In his life, Ner’zhul was a powerful Elder Shaman and Warchief, and with the power that being the Lich King gives, who knows how powerful he really could have been? 

11. Ragnaros 

Anyone want some BBQ?

With a title like The Firelord, it’s safe to say that Ragnaros is pretty powerful from the get go. As one of the Elemental Lords of Azeroth, Ragnaros wields fire in almost any form you can think of, including the lava that he laid dormant in for so long (that is, until a 40 man raid party came and poked him too much). The Elemental Lords are also allied with the Old Gods and fight for their cause, including fighting against the Titans themselves. 

10. Gul’dan 

Somehow, he looks even uglier in Heroes of the Storm…

Gul’dan has always been a powerful character, ever since his introduction in the original Warcraft series. Originally, Gul’dan was a powerful shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan on Draenor. When he abandoned the ways of shamanism for allies, Gul’dan’s power only grew stronger, as he became the first Orcish warlock ever. He was taught the ways of the fel by the lord of the Burning Legion, straight from the source, which makes him possibly the most powerful warlock to this day. 

9. Medivh 

Who wants to party?

Now, Medivh might not seem like as much as a villain as some of the features on this list, but his descent to madness and the power he wields makes him still a great candidate for the spot. Born as the son of Aegwynn, one of the last Guardians of Tirisfal, Medivh was unknowingly possessed by the power of Sargeras, an ex-titan and one of the founders of Azeroth itself. So, the power Medivh wields is practically supercharged, making him one of the most powerful people on Azeroth even in death.

8. Illidan

Remember when this CGI looked cool?

Now, Illidan is an incredibly loved character in the WoW community, and since Legion heavily revolves around him, it’s safe to say that his power can be a little… overestimated. While Illidan is incredibly powerful (if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be on this list) there are characters that far overpower him still. Plus, to this day, we still don’t know the extent of his powers or what he can really do – so for now, here he is! 

7. The Lich King 

Undead army in 3… 2... 1.

The Lich King has always been a powerful character, which is a given. Traditionally Arthas Menethil, who we faced throughout the entirety of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Having the ability to control the dead and raise an entire army out of estranged zombies is pretty damn powerful, and being born of an ex-powerful paladin and Prince, well. It all adds up for one pretty powerful guy. Including a historically difficult boss fight (well, before the nerf). 

6. Archimonde

I wonder if he listened to “Castles Made of Sand” a lot.

Although to someone that isn’t interested in the lore behind World of Warcraft it might not seem like it, Archimonde is an incredibly powerful character. Archimonde, however, is one of the titan Sargeras’ closest lieutenants, and in the past was one of the three leaders of the Eredar, along with Velen and Kil’jaeden. He also managed to destroy Dalaran with the power of sand. Uh huh, even sand can be pretty powerful in his hands. 

5. Kil’jaeden 

Someone get this guy a crane ASAP!

Kil’jaeden might not have been seen with legs in game yet – but a lack of legs doesn’t diminish his power. Kil’jaeden is the commander of the Burning Legion, which means he orders around all of the demons we see throughout the Burning Crusade and beyond. He also gave Ner’zhul the powers that made the Lich King in the first place, and has wreaked havoc literally everywhere. 

4. Deathwing 

When PMS gets… really bad.

As a dragon aspect, Deathwing has a pretty good amount of power from the get go. Empowered by the Titans in order to hold dominion over the earth, Deathwing was original known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder, and was good as the rest of the Dragon Aspects. But coupled with the corruption of the old gods, all the power that he originally harnessed would be unleashed on Azeroth. Well, let’s say that the world was never the same after that. I miss old Barrens… 

3. C’thun 

That looks infected.

C’thun is one of the four Old Gods that we currently know of, and although he was just a level 60 boss in Ahn’Qiraj, is incredibly powerful to this day. One of the most powerful creatures to ever be found on Azeroth, C’thun is the Old God of Chaos, and ruled over Azeroth in its very beginning before the Titans found it and claimed it theirs. 

2. Queen Azshara 

Hear me out with this one.

Queen Azshara might seem like a random pick for my number two spot, but there’s a part of her story that so many people overlook. Now the ruler of the Naga race, Queen Azshara was once a beloved ruler of the original Kalimdor – but her ambitions were far too high. After she sought to create her perfect world with the help of Sargeras, Mannoroth met her and declared one thing: That her power was second only to Sargeras. That’s why I’ve put her at the number two spot, because, even though she was just a Queen, and just a Naga, she is a lot more than she seems. 

1. Sargeras 

As evil as evil will ever get.

Also on that topic, I suppose it’s no surprise now that I would put Sargeras as my number 1 most powerful villain.  Sargeras was a titan who fell to darkness, and abandoned the Pantheon in order to create the Burning Legion. His one goal is ultimate destruction, and he currently resides in the Twisting Nether, waiting patiently to return. If we ever get to defeat him in World of Warcraft, this would be the end boss to end all bosses, and would probably mean the end of World of Warcraft itself.

Well, that’s it for my list of the 21 Most Powerful Villains in World of Warcraft. What did you think? Do you agree with my choices and top picks? 

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