[Top 10] WoW Dragonflight Best DPS for Mythic+ (Ranked)

Dragonflight is taking Mythic plus to a whole new level

Ah! mythic plus! The crucible in which gamers determine if you have what it takes to reach new heights of glory! First launched in July 2016 in patch 7.0.3, mythic+ has taken the Warcraft world by storm! With new affixes to deal with during some already difficult encounters, the scaling of these dungeons is the true challenge. Imagine, your team enters ruby life pools and totally smashes it. You receive a key, and as you progress, your key level increases and you get this small feeling of concern growing as the mobs just aren’t dying as quickly, they’re hitting harder, what are these pools on the ground? Then it hits you...a level 20 key, suddenly you realize. Your team may be well out of their depth! That’s when the real challenge begins! 

What is mythic plus? 

Mythic Plus or to some people simply “+10/20 etc.” is a newer version of the dungeons we all know and love but with a twist, a very spicy twist in some cases, increased damage and health multipliers, new affixes every week on a rotation, time limits determine your victory points and rating. Difficulty is increased but in turn, so are the rewards, these are the dungeons that separate the casual gamers from the hardcore champions of Azeroth! Upon completion of these dungeons, expect potentially some very tasty rewards, some still being best in slot, and to top it off. A weekly chest every week that gives heroic raid gear or around that item level. Some of these will serve you well for many raids to come. Now here in this article, we are going to talk about what top 10 DPS classes truly shine beyond all others, don’t get me wrong...In the right situation, all classes can be viable but there are some that were truly built for mythic plus and can back it up. 

10. Beast mastery hunter 

Beast mastery Hunter is a solid choice for those starting out in mythic plus as a DPS

For some people this is a go-to class, its ability for your pet to tank and you to blast everything in sight is always a welcome feeling, yet they do shine in the mythic plus environment, since the beginning of expansion both their single target and AOE damage has been solid throughout. There are some fallbacks, such as survivability and potential for your pet to aggro some unwanted mobs, etc, but the pros outweigh the cons in this one.  

What makes Beast Mastery Hunter good in Mythic Plus? 

  • Insane mobility in all situations 
  • Consistent damage both AOE and single target 
  • Armour set effects from tier 2 for example, just enhance your furry friend so much it's worth the occasional pet aggro. 

Beast Mastery Hunter DPS core 75/100 

Check this link below to get your beast mastery quest started in Mythic Plus! 

What makes Arcane mage good in Mythic Plus? 

  • One of the best damage burst in Mythic Plus, taking on a tyrannical boss? Get an arcane mage! 
  • Utility, slows, polymorphs, increasing party spell power, there’s options people! 

Whilst you have a relatively high skill ceiling to learn, some players may struggle to achieve, get yourself there and you can truly see the massive potential this class has to offer! 

Arcane mage DPS score 80/100 (this would be higher if it wasn’t such a skill-based class) 

Check out this vid of an arcane mage absolutely tearing it up! 

7. Enhancement shaman

Shamans are finally getting some love and competing very well in Mythic plus 

I love it! Enhancement shamans finally getting some much-needed attention, Seen in previous patches as a very middle-of-the-pack class, we can now say that judging by PTR testing and recent data, enhancement shammies are going to be a superpower in the melee DPS rankings! Their “funnel” damage, as some people like to call it is second to none! Buying that much-needed time in some fights. Whilst lacking a little survivability, they make up for it with raw power! 

What makes enhancement shaman good for mythic plus? 

  • Funnel damage is a new term but very viable. It is using other mobs as a way of gaining resources to increase single target damage, need a mob burning down? Go enhance! 
  • Single target damage is well worthy of competing in most mythic plus 
  • Heavy burst damage, and utility to spare! 

Enhancement Shaman DPS score 80/100 

Don’t believe me? Check out the link below to see the true power of nature's finest! 

6. Demonology warlock

Warlocks have always been a solid choice in mythic plus and continue to be so  

Now warlocks have always been in the conversation when discussing DPS as a whole, never mind mythic plus, demonology takes the cake in this season though. With excellent sustained AOE damage, strong single target burst, and some completely mental combos with your pets/minions, this class is in with a shout as becoming the go-to ranged DPS for mythic plus. 

What makes Demonology Warlock good for Mythic Plus? 

  • The options are just too good to miss out on. Utility, crazy AOE damage bursts, overall, just solid for mythic plus in almost every way 
  • Minions hold their own and can account for some hefty damage themselves 
  • Who doesn't love a free summoning portal? 

Demonology Warlock DPS score   85/100 

Have a gander at this dark and mysterious man doing the dark arts proud! 

5.  Outlaw rogue

 Outlaw rogues may well be the most diverse and fun class on this roster!

What do you get if you cross Blackbeard with Ra’s Al Ghul? The outlaw rogue! I love this class, its versatility and all-round effectiveness are truly a beauty to behold, and let's face it, everybody wanted to play a Van Cleef-esque class back in classic. Well now you can and what a joy it is! Guns, knives, axes, everything is there. Solid AOE DPS (up to 10 mobs usually) with excellent single target, this class truly shines as top of the rogues Christmas list. Don’t be surprised to see this take the top spot as the melee DPS king in the near future! 

What makes Outlaw Rogue good for Mythic Plus? 

  • Excellent damage across the board 
  • High utility, survivability, loads of defensive skills (MAGIC IMMUNITY) 
  • High mobility, which in a timed instance is invaluable  
  • Guns...lots of guns. 

Outlaw Rogue DPS score 85/100  

Check out this swashbuckling hero annihilating the competition! 

4. Havoc demon hunter

Demon hunters are most certainly making waves in the world of DPS and proving to be very efficient 

The current champion of melee DPS in Mythic Plus. We all wanted to be our own little Illidan after black temple and don’t deny it! Luckily blizzard gave us that in the form of demon hunters. These guys and girls are the business when it comes to melee, just tremendous DPS in both single target and melee it’s like a pinball with blades. Get it right and you’ll be head and shoulders above everyone else in the recount! 

What makes Havoc Demon Hunter good for Mythic Plus? 

  • DAMAGE (it’s just magnificent) 
  • Aoe capabilities through the roof, AOE stuns also. Super effective against mob packs. 
  • Mobility is ridiculous, in and out, and everywhere at once! 

Havoc Demon Hunter DPS score 90/100 

Want to see a pinball whizzing death machine at its finest? Check the link below! 

3. Frost mage

Frost mages are the up-and-comers, and they're coming in with a bang!

I said there were more mages, didn't I? Now don’t get me wrong, currently, they primarily revolve around the glacial spike spell, which I'm sure will change to give them more options in the future, but you just can't ignore the raw damage this spec can do. It’s ridiculous sometimes, both AOE and single target capabilities. Frost Mage is a heavily viable and outright monster of a spec for mythic plus. 

What makes Frost Mage good for Mythic Plus? 

  • Just overall raw power and damage is what's putting this class so high 
  • Cheat code (not actually a cheat) immunity to survive pretty much anything including insta-kills 
  • Frost exclusive permanent slow to pretty much all their spells makes crowd control a breeze. 

Frost Mage DPS Score 90/100 

Check out this frost mage cooly cruising past the competition! 

2. Fire Mage

Just nudging out the other mages based on damage scaling, blazing glory at its finest 

We knew it was going to be a top three, didn’t we? And it takes second place only just nudged off the top spot by the next and final class on this list. Fire Mages have been at the top of the recount meters since the start of the expansion, crazy damage topped with and if played right...one of the toughest classes in the game. That's including your plate wearers, play this class right and you're a mythic plus boss, never mind the monster you're trying to kill! 

What makes Fire Mage good for Mythic Plus? 

Hardcore damage, BURN EVERYTHING 

  • Some super solid defensives that make you a tank in robes, what more can you ask for!? 
  • Utility, great group-wide buffs  
  • Excellent mobility, you’ll be a fiery blur in every dungeon! 

Fire Mage DPS Score 95/100  

Here's a hot take on why Fire Mage is in its well-deserved place! 


1. Augmentation Evoker (Best)

One of the newer DPS classes in Dragonflight, and certainly making an interesting impression 

Now it's a given that usually on the release of a new expansion, the “hero” class of that expansion will be top tier. At least from the start, did we expect augmentation to be the king of DPS? Perhaps not. With a toolkit that cannot be ignored, you make your team a powerhouse as well as churning out some hefty numbers yourself. 

What makes Augmentation Evoker powerful for Mythic Plus? 

  • Toolkit is like no other, tremendous group damage buffs, your teammates boost your damage, and vice-versa! 
  • Incredible survivability as well as keeping your teammates in the fight 
  • Raw damage is up there with the best, all combined, it is just such a powerful spec 

Check out the link below! Now augmentation works differently, don’t look at the damage the evoker is doing, look at the damage spikes of the teammates when the evoker is at work, the class shines on making others rise from mediocre damage to absolute titans of carnage! 

Augmentation Evoker DPS Score 100/100 (Best) 

Have a look at This evoker Augmenting a win for their group! 

In conclusion, the augmentation evoker is just a wonder to behold! The toolkit and buffs it can provide are like no other, it’s like having a class packed with super-juice and they’re giving everyone a drink! Please note, that all classes are viable in one way or another, but these top 10 shine specifically in Mythic Plus! 

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