[Top 7] WoW Dragonflight Best PvP Class (Solo)

Players battle in the arena
The Wow arena in the heat of battle

Ah! PVP or player vs player for those new to the world of MMORPG’s! The crucible in which you test your mettle against like-minded players for the chance of ultimate glory and becoming a champion of the arena! Wow’s gladiatorial take on the style of PVP combat is a favorite amongst the vast majority of players, with 2v2, 3v3, and solo shuffle all available for you to test yourself against the best of the best! Here we are focussing on the solo element of PVP, what can you do to win that round? Which classes have the most impact solo? Here we explore and rank the top 7, most classes can bring value one way or another but some are just outright juggernauts in the PVP world currently.  Please note https://www.pvpleaderboard.com/ has provided this information to determine win rates, compatibility, etc.


7. Restoration druid

Wow Resto druid

A Druid channels a healing spell to sustain their teamates

Sorry guys and gals, but dps are going to be swarming this list, what wins fights? Kills, and the dps are the most proficient, but let's not overlook the healers! Resto druids have instant cast heals and healing over time, very useful in a situation where you are running from that pesky rogue! They have plenty of crowd control to keep the enemies at bay or to help divide them (entangling roots, cyclone) and with the ability to shapeshift, this puts them up there in competition with the most mobile in the arena!

Why are resto druids great for PVP (solo)?

  • Plenty of crowd control, divide and conquer!
  • Keep them heals up and you and your team will never die!
  • Shapeshift makes them very mobile and if you’re hard to catch, you’re hard to kill

Class matchups

Strong against

  • Mage (can counter all of their crowd control and hunt them down efficiently)
  • Rogue (faerie fire removes the rogues' stealth, their main weapon)
  • Shaman (lock a shaman and it's over)

Weak against

  • Demon hunters (their mobility and ability to close the distance is unmatched)
  • Arms warrior (once again, can close the gap and those bleeds are nasty!)
  • Feral druids (They annihilate pretty much everything 1v1)


6. Beast mastery hunter

Master and beast come together once again in the crucible of combat

We’re not surprised to see a hunter here are we? Great mobility, pets are brilliant sources of damage and a sheer nuisance to healers and casters, traps galore, and of course, straight-up raw damage. A few strong defensive cooldowns and immunities make these a force to be reckoned with/.

What makes Beast Mastery Hunter great for PVP (solo)

  • They are a renowned solo class in all aspects, don't need friends when you’ve got pets!
  • Sufficient crowd control and Stun effects (Traps, countershot, concussive shot)
  • Great mobility and range make this class force you to close the distance.

Class matchups

Strong against

  • Paladins (with enough cc they can't touch you)
  • Balance druid (they have cc yes but you have the range)
  • Other hunter specs (skill determinate but with pets in their face, the other hunter will struggle)

Weak against

  • Rogues (if they catch you it's more than likely over)
  • Feral druid (most of the list will have this as they are shredding everything!)
  • Arms warrior (them bleeds are going to seriously hurt)


5. Windwalker monk

Whatever you do when fighting a monk, don't blink

The fists of fury are tearing it up in the arena once again! Able to close the gap before you can blink, surprisingly brutal burst damage, and a fair bit of mitigation in tight spots, nail the mechanics of a Windwalker and you have a solid competitor in your arena lineup.

What makes Windwalker Monk great for PVP (solo)

  • Rolling thunder!!! (roll everywhere, nuke everything just don’t get caught!)
  • Incredible burst dps, target a caster or healer, and its goodnight
  • Mitigation enabling you to survive the onslaught from your competitors

Class matchups

Strong against

  • Priest (no real disengage, will struggle to escape)
  • Warlock (once again, will struggle to get away from the monk’s mobility)
  • Rogues (if you can stunlock their rotation they’ll be dead before they can touch you)

Weak against 

  • Mage (specifically frost mage, these guys will half afk kite you through the whole fight)
  • Hunters (disengage will be your worst enemy, throw that in with some traps and you may never reach them
  • Warriors (they will take everything you throw and laugh, sorry)


4. Blood death knight

The Death Knight channels his Death coil to sustain himself and drain his opponent.

Death knights get a nod in the PVP world, blood DKs are just unkillable juggernauts, they have decent damage, they do have somewhat mobility issues but they make up for it by being able to tank pretty much anything. It's going to take everything you’ve got and then some to bring these guys down!

What makes Blood Death Knights great for PVP (solo)

  • They are built as attrition fighters, let the enemy pop their cooldowns then clean up shop!
  • Self-healing for days, it's going to take everything to go beyond tickling these guys
  • Relatively solid damage, good damage over time, death grip is the bane of many casters

Class matchups

Strong against

  • Rogues (once they pop they won’t have anything left to counter what you throw at them)
  • Priests (a caster with lacking mobility and you’ve just gripped them, its game over)
  • Shamans (these guys have it tough in this lineup, they just don’t have a counter for the death knights pressure)

Weak against

  • Mages (Their ability to kite is like kryptonite for a DK as your mobility is lesser than others, this fight may go on a while)
  • Paladin (They can go toe-to-toe with a blood DK in every aspect such as self-healing, shielding, etc, another attrition fight where it could go either way)
  • Hunter (Notice how all of these classes have significant mobility compared to the DK? If you can kite a DK you can eventually wear them down)


3. Havoc demon hunter

Demon Hunters are the Go-to Rush assassins for PVP currently

The boys/girls in green are in another top spot on our lists! Surely these are targeted for a nerf soon as they are just tearing everything up! Excellent mobility, defensives to survive most, and insane damage both burst and sustain!

What makes Havoc Demon Hunters great for pvp (solo)

  • Burst damage, you can probably nuke 2-3 players solo without taking a scratch
  • Mobility, fly across the battlefield and nothing will escape you!
  • Unlike most DPS that are glass cannons, these can take a beating and dish one out twice as hard

Class matchup

Strong against

  • Mages (No kiting for you guys, the demon hunter is just too quick!)
  • Hunters (for the most part, close the distance and their range means nothing)
  • Rogues (the demon hunters escape abilities and mitigations severely hamper the rogues dps, in a battle of attrition…the demon hunter will win)

Weak against

  • Feral druid (the bleeds from the druid as well as being able to switch up mobility at will makes these a hard counter for demon hunters )
  • Warriors (these guys are just beasts, tanky and damage output that is just terrifying)
  • Monk ( these can go toe-to-toe with damage and mobility, the demon hunter wins in sustain but if a monk gets the drop on you, it very well could be game over already)


2. Feral Druid

The feral Druid stalks its prey

The long-time King of the Arena, still very much a solid contender for the top spot and it can’t be any closer! I think some recent changes have just nudged this class off the top, they can do everything, tank damage, mobility, bleed everything, burst DPS, you name it, they can do it.

What makes feral druids great for PVP (solo)

  • Bleed damage is their forte and in the long-haul battles, this will be the decider!
  • Shapeshifting mobility to escape most traps and crowd control, whilst simultaneously dealing damage, a skill in itself!
  • They also have the added ability of stealth, get behind the healer, pop your rotation, and it’s gg!

Class matchup

Strong against

  • Not going to lie, it's pretty much everything, skilled players on other classes can snatch victory but if you're just stepping into the world of PVP, prepare to be eaten alive by these guys.

Weak against

  • They have no real weaknesses, warriors can definitely compete and beat them, crowd control classes like hunters, for example, can do it but it will always be a hard-fought battle!


1. Arms warrior (Best)

The current king of the arena, want a class that can close the distance? tank everything they’ve got? and throw down damage beyond all others? this is the class to be. When properly optimized these are whirling beyblades of death on the battlefield.

What makes Arms Warrior great for PVP (solo)

  • Defensive plate wearers with plenty of mitigation and mobility, you’re not getting away from these guys and they can hit and run whenever they want
  • Their bleeds are on par with the feral druid, so imagine a feral druid in plate armor, that’s where we’re at!
  • Able to negate most stuns and crow control, freedom of mobility to pick and choose targets at will
  • Just sheer damage output is terrifying to anyone who comes against it!

Class matchup

Strong against 

  • Literally everything, there is not a class that this one will struggle against when done properly

Weak against

  • Very very few weaknesses, I can’t actually give you a class specifically, you’re going to need 2-3 guys to take one of these down

The world of PVP is forever changing, many battles will be fought and many words exchanged over who is truly the best, we may never know. Until then LOK-TAR-OGAR!!

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