[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Zweihander That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

What weapons will you be two handing?
With or without two handed weapons you can beat Malenia.

Probably fat rolling with that amount of gear. 

With Elden Ring having some of the best weapons in any souls game, and some of them being unfathomably large. You shouldn't be afraid to use that weapon two-handed as it will increase your damage output and also make you feel even cooler than you already are. With the Zweihander being so important to the Fromsoft formula, it shouldn't be a surprise that we dedicated a list to the top 10 best weapons to use two-handed in Elden Ring. It should also be noted that all weapons, even a shield can be used two-handed, so yes you can bonk enemies with a small shield if that is what you want to do for your playthrough. 

10. Dark Moon Greatsword

Ranni's quest is so worth it.

The Dark Moon Greatsword, a sword that's been used by players from the days of Dark Souls 1, with amazing damage, intelligence scaling, and looking amazing, this weapon is definitely worth your time. With requirements of 16 strength, 11 dex, and 38 intelligence this weapon will be the go-to weapon for a lot of mage-sword builds.

Why Dark Moon Greatsword is great:

  • High damage.
  • Great for intelligence builds.
  • Amazing weapon art.
  • How to get Dark Moon Greatsword:
  • Start Ranni’s questline at Caria manor.
  • Do her Questline until you get the key.
  • Open the chest at Rennala.
  • Take the ring to Ranni (after Astel at the Lake of Rot).
  • After you’ve finished her quest line, she will give you the sword.

Dark Moon Greatsword details: Dark Moon Greatsword | Elden Ring Wiki (fextralife.com)


9. Ghiza’s Wheel

Cutting pizza since 1805.

The pizza cutter is back from The Old Hunters DLC straight out of Yharnam. With the requirements of 28 strength and 18 dex, you will be rolling your way through bosses that are a bit less grotesque than Elden Rings's older brother Bloodborne. 

Why the pizza cutter is great:

  • Has blood loss build up.
  • Great damage.

How to get the Ghiza’s Wheel:

  • Go to Volcano Manor.
  • Go up the stairs to the left of Tanith.
  • An invader will appear wielding the weapon.
  • Kill Inquisitor Ghiza to receive the weapon.

Ghiza’s Wheel details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Ghiza's+Wheel


8. Zweihander 

It's not called the Zweihander for nothing.

The Zweihander is the weapon that got me and a lot of other players through Dark Souls 1. With low stat requirements of 19 strength and 11 dex, you will be swinging your way through enemies early on.

Why the Zweihander is great:

  • Great for crowd control with the swinging RT/R2.
  • Can change the ash of war for the weapon.
  • Can be found early on.

How to get the Zweihander:

  • Go to Weeping Peninsula
  • Can be bought from the Isolated Merchant.

Zweihander details:Zweihander | Elden Ring Wiki (fextralife.com)


7. Prelates Inferno Crozier

Bonking enemies since Dark Souls 1.

Smough has had a buff since Dark Souls 1 and his weapon is here, with requirements of 45 strength and 8 dex you can also wield this colossal weapon.

Why Prelates Inferno Crozier is great:

  • Can be infused with Ashes of War and buffed with magic and consumables.
  • Charged RT sends enemies flying into the air.

How to get the Prelates Inferno Crozier:

  • Go to Fort Laiedd.
  • Kill the Fire Prelate, and he drops the weapon.

Prelate Inferno Crozier details: Prelate's Inferno Crozier | Elden Ring Wiki (fextralife.com)


6. Fallingstar Beast Jaw

Time to give the Beasts a taste of their own... jaw.

A weapon that needs no introduction, is the Fallinstar Beast Jaw. With the requirements of 34 strength, 12 dex, and 20 intelligence, you will be slapping enemies with a Jaw! 

Why Fallinstar Beast Jaw is great:

  • Weapon skill does great physical damage.
  • Powerful stance-breaking weapon.

How to get the Fallingstar Beast Jaw:

  • Go to Mt.Gelmir.
  • Kill the Full Grown Fallingstar beast, drops right after.

Fallingstar Beast Jaw details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Fallingstar+Beast+Jaw


5. Starscourge Greatsword

Now you can hold back the stars.

As Radhan is the holder of stars and one of the best characters in the game. With that said you can use his swords if you only have 38 strength, 12 dex, and 15 intelligence, even you can be the Starscourge.

Why the Starscourge Greatsword is great:

  • Amazing weapon art.
  • Deals 30%+ damage to gravity enemies.
  • Dual wield swords if you try to use it two-handed.

How to get the Starscourge Greatsword:

  • Follow Ranni’s questline.
  • Defeat Radhan.
  • Take his remembrance to Enia at the roundtable hold
  • Trade remembrance for the sword.

Starscourge Greatsword details: Starscourge Greatsword | Elden Ring Wiki (fextralife.com)


4. Godslayer Greatsword

This weapon will be dealing great damage and slaying gods.

With a beautiful twirling sword, you will be doing great damage and looking amazing doing it. As you’ll need 20 strength and faith, with 22 dex to use this sword, this weapon is amazing for faith users as well.

Why the Godslayer Greatsword is great:

  • Is faster than other colossal swords.
  • Blackflame can be inflicted with the weapon art.

How to get the Godslayer Greatsword:

  • Go to the divine tower of Caelid.
  • Fall down until you get to the boss room.
  • Defeat the Godskin Apostle.
  • In a chest behind him, you will find the weapon.

Godslayer Greatsword details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Godslayer's+Greatsword


3. Grafted Blade

The sword of swords.

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones this sword will be quite familiar, as this sword is the same as the throne made of swords in GOT, with requirements of 40 strength and 14 dex, you will be wielding this sword made of swords!

Why the Grafted Blade is great:

  • Weapon skill grants the same as Godricks great rune for 30 seconds.
  • Massive damage.

How to get the Grafted Blade:

  • Go to Castle Morne.
  • Beat Leonine Misbegotten, and the weapon drops after the fight.

Grafted Blade Details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Grafted+Blade+Greatsword


2. Golden Order Greatsword

And just like that, you respec into a holy build.

The Golden Order Greatsword is an amazingly strong weapon that looks even better than Radagon. With its requirements being 16 strength, 21 dex, and 28 faith, faith players can rejoice with this weapon.

Why the Golden Order Greatsword is great:

  • Amazing weapon art.
  • Deals 20%+ damage to undead enemies.
  • Prevents skeletons from reviving.

How to get the Golden Order Greatsword:

  • Go to Consecrated Snowfield.
  • Go to the Cave of the Forlorn.
  • Defeat the Misbegotten Crusader (wielding the sword)
  • After he is defeated, you will receive the sword.

Golden Order Greatsword: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Golden+Order+Greatsword


1. Maliketh’s Black Blade

What an overpowered weapon.

Maliketh, one of the best bosses in the game with a weapon that can lower your maximum HP and does massive damage, with only the requirements of 34 strength, 12 dex, and 20 faith. This will be my greatsword of choice.
Why Maliketh’s Black Blade is great:

  • Amazing weapon art that can lower enemies' max HP and does a health drain.
  • Amazing against Elden Beast,
  • Amazing damage.

How to get Maliketh’s Black Blade:

  • Reach Farum Azula.
  • Make your way to the boss area.
  • Defeat Maliketh and go to the Roundtable Hold.
  • Take his remembrance to Enia and receive the sword.

Maliketh’s Black Blade details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Maliketh's+Black+Blade



This concludes our Top 10 Elden Ring Best Zweihanders That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them). 

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