[Top 25] Best Dark Fantasy Games (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

25. Weird West (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch)

Experience the Wild West like never before in Weird West. One of the greatest immersive sim RPG games. It offers an impressive open world. Discover the well-made narrative and the intertwined stories that will keep you entertained for several hours. 

This one is a unique game that mixes the Wild West with dark fantasy from an isometric perspective. 

Choices matter in Weird West's world, making it highly replayable. It is a truly interesting game with an original proposal that you should try. If you love RPG games this one is a must! 


24. Cult of the Lamb (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch / macOS)

The cutest building and dungeon-based game you’ll ever play. 

Cult of the Lamb is an adorable roguelike game unlike any other. Create your cult to pay tribute to a mysterious deity. You’re a lamb, a possessed lamb whose mission in this world is to manage a cult. Spread the word to gather cultists and destroy those who don’t believe. Make your cult stronger with the power of speech. Maybe one day you’ll become a God…  


23. Grim Dawn (PC / XBOX)

Grim Dawn is one of the best ARPGS despite its years. 

Explore Cairn, a place that once shined but has been destroyed by war. A conflict of interest between two factions has taken down this place. All you can do is survive and try to adapt to the grim circumstances. 

Choose and combine 6 classes with over 25 skills and modifiers. Collect items. Rebuild the city. Explore and discover secret areas. Complete quests and dungeons. Take decisions that will mark your path in this world. 

The best part is you can enjoy it alone or with friends in multiplayer mode!


22. The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales  (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX)

You are a writer who can (literally) dive into books. You lost your writing skills and are going through a terrible situation. Desperation takes over you when you accept a suspicious offer—anything to get your writing skills back. Now you can dive into the world of several books to steal some items. 

You will have to explore the worlds of different books. Each world with unique challenges, inhabitants, and stories to read. 

Prepare yourself to experience this beautiful narrative adventure. Perfect for those who love to read! 


21. Styx: Shards of Darkness (PC / PS4 / XBOX)

This title brings a stealth game where you become Styx, a goblin rogue. You are on a life-or-death mission. Your entire race is in your small dirty hands. 

Traverse through a sandbox world and meet other races. Use all your sneaky and deadly abilities to lurk in the shadows. Don’t let anybody notice you. 

Have fun by yourself or play in cooperative mode with friends. But don’t miss this fantastic game. Quite challenging in the hard difficulty and pure stealth for those who love sneaking around. 


20. A Plague Tale: Innocence  (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch / Amazon Luna)

Join the dark journey of Amicia and Hugo, two siblings struggling to survive in a hostile world. 

The black plague is destroying the Kingdom of France and the siblings are being chased by the Inquisition—two children on the run who will have to learn the dark side of life the hard way. The only way out is to trust each other and never look back. 

A Plague Tale has an engaging narrative. The sibling's bond will catch your heart as well as the soundtrack. The entire game is quite an immersive and touching experience.  


19. Grimlord (PC / PS5)

This title is a classic RPG but designed especially for VR. It promises to be everything an RPG should but in VR. 

Just imagine a dark fantasy RPG where you are the one who makes the moves. Now you can throw spells from your real hand. And if that wasn’t good enough, the game has an excellent story and map to explore. 

You can play the demo for free. Grimlord is the only game of its kind that works correctly, not perfect but almost there.  


18. Gloomhaven  (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch / macOS)

Gloomhaven is a turn-based dungeon crawler. It's an adaptation of the strategy board game that fulfilled the expectations of the players. 

Choose between 17 unique characters and sink into a great mercenaries adventure. Explore the map and complete the quests to power up. Discover every dungeon and prepare for battle. 

Gloomhaven is a high-quality game that you should play with your friends to have a blast!   


17. Metal: Hellsinger (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX)

Described as a “rhythmic FPS”, Metal Hellsinger is for sure one of the best FPS for metalheads. 

Sink into the depths of hell and destroy every single enemy that steps into your path for vengeance. Follow the brutal beat in this frenzy diabolical game. 

Let the darkness enter your flesh while enjoying musicians like Serj Tankian, Randy Blythe, Tatiana Shmyluk, Alissa White-Gluz, and many more!   


16. Vampyr  (PC / PS4 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch)

Become Dr. Jonathan Reid, a doctor who just turned into a vampire. The city you live in is being hit by the flu. And you are the last hope of every citizen but also their death sentence. 

Struggle with your two identities as you find your true self. Every choice you make will have a consequence. 

This game has a very engaging story. The ethical dichotomy of Reid’s identities makes it fascinating. 100% worth it for its smart-driven narrative. Even the NPCs have something quite interesting to tell. 


15. Nioh 2 (PC / PS4 / PS5)

Nioh is one of the most acclaimed ARPG masocore games. It offers intense challenging gameplay where the player will have to face Yokai hordes. You can also become a Yokai yourself. 

The story is set in the Sengoku period in Japan. The perfect timing for the ruined views you’ll get while completing quests. 

This title is excellent for those who seek a really hard challenge in every aspect you can imagine. Nioh requires patience and effort to understand how to build and fight correctly.  


14. Remnant: From the Ashes (PC / PS4 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch)

A creature from another dimension has brought humanity to a terrifying apocalypse. You must survive in this third-person shooter to all the unknown creatures out there. Luckily humankind has made technological advances that are buying you some time. Using these advances will be helpful to discover what the creatures are and where they came from. 

The game offers 4 worlds to explore that will change each time you play. Each game feels different in every way. 

Remnant will get to a point where you’ll need to play with other people since the challenges are way too hard to complete alone.  


13. Halls of Torment (PC / Linux)

Prepare to survive infinite hordes of monstrous creatures in the Halls. If you’re good enough to survive the endless waves of enemies you might have a taste of victory once you defeat the tormented lords. 

Designed in a great retro style, Halls of Torment is a highly addictive and enjoyable game. Choose a hero, master the skills, and let them drag you to the frenzy halls!


12. Hollow Knight (PC / PS4 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch / macOS / Linux)

Help the Knight uncover the secrets of the ancient kingdom of Hallownest and experience a Metroidvania game like never before. 

Explore a beautiful open world with an interconnected map where you’ll find caves, abandoned cities, strange creatures, and many mysteries. 

Hollow Knight is a hand-drawn 2D platformer where you are completely free to choose what to do next. If you haven’t tasted this relic yet, you’re wasting time. Go ahead and start playing one of the best Metroidvania games ever created. 


11. Soulstice (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX)

The Animas have invaded the Sacred Kingdom of Keidas. This threat needs to be wiped out. Help the “Chimera” two sisters who joined forces to battle this evil and save their kingdom. 

Soulstice offers a frenzy action RPG where you’ll have to master the dual powers of the Chimera. Battle feels quite smooth similar to DMC and it also has references to Berserk. You can wield different weapons and use them as you think convenient. 

Enjoy a breathtaking linear story and visuals with a great soundtrack giving company.   


10. Loop Hero (PC / XBOX / Nintendo Switch / macOS / Linux / Project xCloud)

Loop Hero is an idle game that takes several genres like strategy, roguelikes, card games, management, and RPG. Quite an original combination that gives shape to this title. 

The entire world is on a time loop caused by the Lich. Use your mightiest cards to save the world from this terrible chaos. 

The maps are randomly generated which makes each game a unique experience. Loop Hero is infinite, there is no ending to the fun. You can play as much as you want.

Find the perfect card strategy to complete each loop. Upgrade them, unlock new cards, and much more! 


9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PC / PS4 / XBOX)

Hold your katana and experience one of the best revenge stories ever. 

Sekiro is an action game that mixes RPG and stealth elements. Follow the path of the shinobi in the shoes of Wolf, a relentless man seeking revenge. Explore Japan in the Sengoku period. Fill your thirst for blood using your ninja skills and choose your path wisely. 

This title was developed by From Software, the acclaimed creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. That should be enough to get you playing. 


8. Thymesia  (PC / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch /  Amazon Luna)

The Hermes Kingdom has plunged into chaos. After a catastrophe caused by alchemy, humanity is now losing it all. But there’s always a hero. 

Thymesia is an RPG protagonized by Corvus, a man who can transform into a raven. Help him return the glory to this ruined Kingdom. Use the feathers and plague weapons to defeat the monstrous enemies, recover the lost memories of Corvus, and connect all the secrets to uncover the truth behind this chaos.   


7. The Last Spell  (PC / PS4 / PS5 / Nintendo Switch / macOS)

Prepare your heroes to defend a city on the edge of destruction in this rogue-lite tactical RPG. 

The mages caused a catastrophe in an attempt to stop the wars that ravaged the city. Now mutants have been born of the mages’ mistake and the only hope is to cast The Last Spell which requires days of uninterrupted incantation. Here’s where you make your move. 

Use your group of heroes to defend the city and the mages during the night. Don’t let the enemies interrupt the spell or everything will go to waste. Wisely plan your strategy to survive the hordes of enemies and bosses. But most importantly, prepare to fail over and over until you make it. 

This game requires a lot of patience to complete, it’s a slow but entertaining journey. If you like progressive metal music you’ll be in good company with this title. 


6. Bramble: The Mountain King (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch / Project xCloud)

Prepare to experience the most intense game ever. 

Bramble is a disturbing adventure set in a dark magical world. Play as Olle, a young little man who has to save her sister from a troll that kidnapped her. Olle will start a journey through a strange land with all kinds of creatures lurking and hunting for blood. 

Inspired by Nordic mythology Bramble presents a terrific design for the evil monsters. The gameplay feels similar to Limbo and Little Nightmares where the world around you is way bigger than you and truly scary. It has spectacular graphics and a terrific atmosphere. Everything about this game is perfect!   


5. Elex (PC / PS4 / XBOX)

Dive into the post-apocalyptic open world of Magalan. This world is at war in the name of an element called “Elex”. This element gives power to people but takes away their humanity. 

Play as Jax, an alba creature who lost everything and has to experience humanity again. Choose which path to take and define the future of this place. 

Elex is a highly atmospheric game and quite challenging. The story is the best part of it as usual with RPG games. 


4. Darksiders Genesis  (PC / PS4 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch / Google Stadia)

This title is a hack-and-slash ARPG released as a prequel to the original game. Introducing Strife, the fourth horseman with an epic story about the seven seals. 

Play as War and Strife and save the balance of the world threatened by Lucifer. Fight your way through hell and back. Defeat master demons with guns and swords. Gather all the information you need and stop this terrible conspiracy against the balance of the world. 

You can also enjoy the cooperative mode with a friend. But be careful, maybe you become addicted to it!


3. Elden Ring (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX)

Elden Ring is probably one of the greatest RPGs released in recent years. 

Customize your character and enter an incredible journey on the Lands Between. Explore an open world filled with secrets to uncover. Upgrade your character according to your play style. 

Want to be in shape for a big fight? Go ahead and grow some muscle and equip your best gear. But what for? Well… You belong to a group of exiles who have returned to the Lands Between after an event called “the shattering”: there’s an almighty ring that has been shattered. All the pieces must be brought together to repair the Ring. Whoever repairs and dons the ring shall become the Elden Lord. 


2. Baldur’s Gate 3  (PC / PS5 / macOS)

Baldur’s Gate is a party-based RPG set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Customize your character and choose from classes and races taken from the D&D player's handbook. Step into the Forgotten Realms and enjoy infinite stories and possibilities. 

Baldur’s Gate presents a turn-based combat that follows the rules of the 5th edition of D&D. You can go as deep as you want since Baldur’s Gate has unlimited freedom of choice. You can do pretty much anything you want. The best part is the bonds you create with your party and NPCs. 

Whatever you do always remember it has a consequence. But don’t let this stop you from experiencing the greatest adventures in the greatest RPG of the year. 


1. Blasphemous  (PC / PS4 / XBOX / Linux / macOS / Amazon Luna)

The best Metroidvania game ever made. Blasphemous combines platforms with hack-and-slash combat. 

Become The Penitent, the only survivor of a massacre that tore the lands of Cvstodia apart. You’re the only one who can restore the world and set it free from its curse. Explore a world where religion is the protagonist. Learn its secrets, help the tormented souls, and battle swarms of wicked creatures with the power of Mea Culpa; Your mighty sword. 

Blasphemous is a cruel, exciting, and visually shocking adventure. This game’s aesthetics are incredible. An absolute masterpiece where you’ll spend the best hours of your life. 

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