[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons Revealed

[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons Revealed
Dex is for the ninja

Dexterity weapons have often been the meta when it comes to FromSoftware games, and Elden Ring is no exception to that rule. They are weapons that forego strength for faster attacks, and a potentially higher DPS. While DEX weapons hit less than heavier STR weapons, they are the obvious winner when it comes to applying status effects. Since DEX weapons are faster in nature and hit more often, there are more chances for applying status effects per hit, which makes them a deadly combo with any Arcane build. 

This list will go through 10 of the best DEX weapons in my opinion. Using these can greatly help you if you’re struggling as some of them are easily game-busters in their own right. Especially with FromSoft dividing PvE and PvP into two separate scalings, DEX weapons are a beast in PvP. Hopefully, this list helps you decide what weapon to go with. 


10. Reduvia


A great weapon at the start of the game

Reduvia is a weapon you can obtain early on, and it’s recommended for quite a few reasons. Firstly, if you’re someone looking into an early Arcane build, then Reduvia is definitely the way to go. Not only can you proc the Bleed super fast (remember each hit counts and Daggers are the fastest weapons in the game), but you also deal substantial damage. Don’t like going in close? Use the Weapon Art to build up Bleed to even faster from a safe distance.

What makes Reduvia so good is that it’s really your best option early game for a Bleed weapon. You can also take this bad boy to the Elder Dragon Greyoll and start using it on him for a lot of Runes at once. It’s a great weapon that’s quite easy to obtain as well.

Reduvia Stats:

  • STR - 5 (E)
  • DEX - 10 (D)
  • ARC - 13 (D)

What Reduvia excels in: 

  • Ash of War allows you to attack from a distance
  • Great early-game Bleed weapon
  • Very fast DPS

How to get Reduvia:


9. Hand of Malenia

Hand of Malenia

Use Malenia’s signature move

One of the most infamous and hardest bosses in Elden Ring is Malenia, the Goddess of Rot. She’s an incredibly hard boss with one particular move that makes her quite fearsome to face off. I refer to, of course, the Waterfowl Dance. This move alone was the result of my many deaths against Malenia. My reward for beating her was her Katana which I used with great pride, especially because it allows you to pull off the Waterfowl Dance as well.

Now obviously the Ash of War isn’t as strong as the real thing but does it still hit a lot. This move can be quite devastating against the unprepared enemy and can allow you to dish out a lot of damage. As far as Katanas go, it’s definitely in the top tier of best Katanas and one of the best DEX weapons in the game.

Hand of Malenia Stats:

  • STR - 16 (E)
  • DEX - 48 (C)

What Hand of Malenia excels in: 

  • Waterfowl Dance Ash of War
  • Really good DEX scaling
  • Very high DPS

How to get Hand of Malenia:


8. Vyke’s War Spear

Vyke’s War Spear

One of the coolest weapons in the game 

Vyke’s War Spear is insane, especially for anyone who’s playing Dexterity/Faith builds. It’s one of the few weapons which can cause the Madness build up. Now a lot of enemies in Elden Ring are unfortunately immune to Madness. But this is the weapon you want to use in PvP, instead. With an absolutely amazing and overpowered Ash of War aptly named Frenzyflame Thrust, you can destroy any person daring to challenge you.

Great Spears in Elden Ring is already quite powerful, and Vyke’s War Spear is no exception. Madness is a status effect that causes the enemy to lose HP and FP both, making it quite interesting to use. The only reason Vyke’s War Spear is so low in this list is that its viability is lessened in PvE due to most bosses being Madness-immune. Otherwise, without a doubt, this weapon would’ve been in the top three.

Vyke’s War Spear Stats:

  • STR - 16 (E)
  • DEX - 20 (C)
  • FAI - 18 (D)

What Vyke’s War Spear excels in: 

  • Excellent Madness build-up weapon
  • Good FTH/DEX weapon
  • Amazing Ash of War

How to get Vyke’s War Spear:


7. Bolt of Gransax

Bolt of Gransax

Sometimes the Ash of War makes it all worth it

The Bolt of Gransax is a heavy commitment DEX weapon that requires you to have at least 40 DEX alongside 20 STR too. Like most Dragon weapons, it deals additional damage against Dragons and Ancient Dragons. Being a spear, it has good reach and a good way of punishing enemies who rely on dodging a lot. But what truly shines, like most weapons here, is the Ash of War.

The Bolt of Gransax comes with the Ancient Lightning Spear Ash of War, which is absolutely devastating in PvP. Throw one of these bad boys at the enemy and watch them squirming around. What makes this is even better is the fact that it’s quite viable in PvE as well, unlike Vyke’s War Spear. It’s definitely one of the better DEX weapons in the game and perhaps one of the coolest as well.

Bolt of Gransax Stats:

  • STR - 20 (D)
  • DEX - 40 (D)

What Bolt of Gransax excels in: 

  • Striking design
  • Great Ash of War
  • Amazing at PvP

How to get Bolt of Gransax:


6. Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Sword befitting a King or Queen

Morgott is a pretty hard boss for many people who shows up multiple times through the game. After you finally beat him, you can receive his sword. It’s a Curved Greatsword but doesn’t have that much scaling in STR, instead opting towards DEX and ARC. The ARC part is especially interesting, as Morgott’s Cursed Sword is very good at inflicting Bleed upon the enemy. 

We’ve already discussed at length by now how good Bleed is, and Morgott’s Cursed Sword utilized that quite well, especially with its amazing Ash of War: Cursed-Blood Slice. The weapon also looks quite striking and has pretty good damage as well.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword Stats:

  • STR - 14 (E)
  • DEX - 35 (C)
  • ARC - 17 (D)

What Morgott’s Cursed Sword excels in: 

  • Bleed built-up
  • Ash of War can decimate enemies
  • Fast for a Curved Greatsword

How to get Morgott’s Cursed Sword:


5. Moonveil


The most iconic Elden Ring weapon

What’s a DEX weapons list without the iconic Moonveil? Moonveil is, at this point, one of the most recognizable weapons in Elden Ring. You simply can’t talk about DEX weapons or Katanas without bringing up the insane capabilities of Moonveil. 

Moonveil might’ve gone through various nerfs in the past, but it remains a weapon to be feared nonetheless. It has an amazing Ash of War that allows you to hit in two different ways: if you want to go for a single target or multiple targets. This is excellent because in a way it allows crowd control. The real beauty of this weapon is when you dual-wield it with another Katana. Bleed-builds are crazy and Moonveil works wonderfully with them. Being an INT weapon as well, there are a lot of potential shenanigans to be pulled off with it.

Moonveil Stats:

  • STR - 12 (E)
  • DEX - 18 (D)
  • INT - 23 (C)

What Moonveil excels in: 

  • Weapon Art is very strong, even after all the patches
  • Works really well with most Katanas
  • Consistently remains one of the strongest weapons in the game

How to get Moonveil:


4. Dragon King’s Cragblade

Dragon King’s Cragblade

Coolest Ash of War by a mile

It appears in Elden Ring FromSoft really felt challenged to create excellent Dragon Weapons. This resulted in the ever-brilliant Bolt of Gransax, but the real winner, in my eyes, is the Dragon King’s Cragblade. Obtaining this weapon is pure hell and by the time you get it, you’ll most likely be in the endgame, but oh God is this weapon worth everything.

Like most Dragon Weapons, it deals additional damage to Dragons, like a whopping 30% to normal Dragons, and 15% to Ancient Dragons. It also has perhaps THE coolest Ash of War in the game: Thundercloud Form. Being a Heavy Thrusting Sword, it’s as fast as it is deadly. Whether it’s PvP or PvE, this weapon is a true menace and a true contester for one of the strongest DEX weapons in the game.

Dragon King’s Cragblade Stats:

  • STR - 18 (E)
  • DEX - 37 (D)

What Dragon King’s Cragblade excels in: 

  • Ash of War is brilliant in every way conceivable
  • Fast yet deadly
  • Excellent damage

How to get Dragon King’s Cragblade:


3. Bloodhound Fang

Bloodhound Fang

The weapon that parents warn you about

Before Moonveil consumed the meta entirely, there was a brief period when I remember people talking about how absolutely overpowered Bloodhound Fang is. Naturally, I tested it out to see how good the weapon stacks against the many beasts of Elden Ring. And I can safely confirm that this might be an absolutely busted weapon. For starters, Bloodhound Fang has very low stats, plus it’s found in the early game, meaning you can play the entire game with it. 

Its unique Ash of War allows you to attack and dash backward which is excellent for offense and defense at the same time. Being a Curved Greatsword means great agility, faster attacks, and decent damage to boot. Not to mention, it has Bleed in it. It’s a weapon that anyone can master really easily, and it’s excellent on anything. Whether it’s PvP or PvE, Bloodhound Fang remains a force to be reckoned with.

Bloodhound Fang Stats:

  • STR - 18 (D)
  • DEX - 17 (C)

What Bloodhound Fang excels in: 

  • Amazing agility
  • Ash of War allows for better dodges
  • Insanely good DPS

How to get Bloodhound Fang:


2. Rivers of Blood

Rivers of Blood

Ah, the classic 

Rivers of Blood is perhaps one of the most iconic weapons in Elden Ring by now. It’s hard to miss all the various memes made on this absolute menace of a weapon. It is without a doubt the most famous Katana in Elden Ring and quite possibly one of the best Dex weapons in this game. 
Rivers of Blood utilizes a unique Weapon Art which allows you to shred your enemy in tears as you deal a massive amount of damage alongside bleed to your enemies. This Weapon Art coupled with how good the innate bleed is on this weapon means you’ll always be set on winning any duel with this weapon. Shame you get it so late in the game though. 

Rivers of Blood Stats:

  • STR - 12 (E)
  • DEX - 18 (D)
  • ARC - 20 (D)

What Rivers of Blood excels in: 

  • Destroying waves of enemies with ease
  • Quick bleed proc
  • Devastating at close range

How to get Rivers of Blood:


1. Godskin Peeler

Godskin Peeler

Bleed build enthusiasts be like

The Godskin Peeler is a weapon that is incredibly fearsome in the hands of someone skilled. Poleblades have always been a polarizing weapon type because while they are awesome, they require a higher skillset than other weapons to utilize better. The Godskin Peeler is perhaps one of the most infamous Dexterity weapons, fully capitalizing on what makes this speedy type of weapons so good.

This weapon has a unique Ash of War that allows you to surround yourself in a tornado of Black Flame. This is a very great skill and you might often see it being used in Colloseums. The real power move is by focusing completely on Bleed with this weapon. A proper built Godskin Peeler can dish out so intense damage that it can butcher anything in sight.

Godskin Peeler Stats:

  • STR - 17 (E)
  • DEX - 22 (C)

What Godskin Peeler excels in: 

  • Absolutely ridiculous Bleed build-up
  • Really cool Weapon Art
  • Fast, strong and has good reach

How to get Godskin Peeler:


And these are the 10 best Dex weapons in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide helps you figure out which one you want to go for. Ultimately, Elden Ring has an immense amount of weapons. Find one that works best for you and lets you have fun!

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