[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Helms That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

Protect ya head.

They’re not just fashion statements. Here are some helms that can protect you on your journey.

Both powerful and fashionable, Elden Ring’s helms offer a variety of options the player can interact with. From hoods to helmets, no one player’s helm is the same. That being said, there are some helms that are clear winners among the rest.

On top of good damage negation, some helms are even stronger once brought together with the same armor set. While some helms are fantastic with pairings, the main focus is on an helm’s overall stats. Extra buffs are a nice bonus as you play the game in style, and will be brought up when need be.

In this list, I’ll provide an in-depth analysis on early game to late game helms and what each brings to the table. This is my personal list, so if you have a helm you wear because it looks awesome, and it’s not on the list, it still looks awesome.

10. Vagabond Knight Helm

Party on like the Vagabond.

What’s great about this helm is that you can get it as soon as you start the game. If you simply choose the Vagabond class when starting the game, you’ll have the entire set. In terms of  damage negation, it’s very strong, with a physical damage negation of 4.6. As well as great reductions to magic and fire, the helm has high robustness.

Robustness is the stat that boosts resistance to hemorrhage and frost damage. Hemorrhage is the buildup of bleed based attacks. With bleed builds still being a viable option, even after patch 1.04.1, this helm is a great pick in the early game. It can also be solid in the late game with certain builds. These include the one-shot lightning build, the sword of might and flame build, and my personal favorite, the dual wielding bleed build.

One of the only downsides is the lack of style. Other knight helms exist in the game, providing higher stats and more stylish looks. The Vagabond Knight Helm is one of the most powerful helms at the start of the game, but it’s not the most fashionable.

If you’re like mewho didn’t choose the Vagabond class, spellcasting is super cool by the way, you can buy the entire Vagabond set from a merchant in the Mountaintops of Giants, eastward:

Why Vagabond Knight Helm Is Great:

  • Strong pick at the beginning of the game.
  • High physical damage reduction as well as solid resistances to magic, fire, and bleed damage.

Vagabond Helm Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 4.6
  • VS Strike: 3.6
  • VS Slash: 4.2
  • VS pierce: 4
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 3.1
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 3.6
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 2.8
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 2.8

9. Knight Helm

Classic Knight.

Like the Vagabond Knight Helm, you can get this helm relatively early into the game. As you explore Limgrave, the starting area of the game, you’ll come across sites of grace. Similar to bonfires in the Dark Souls franchise, you can rest at a site of grace to level up your character, upgrade your healing flask, change the time of day, and assign spells among other things.

After resting at several sites of grace, you’ll be visited by Melina. Now your maiden,  Melina allows you to level up, gives you Torrent, and offers you an invitation to the Roundtable Hold. Take it, then follow a path to  a merchant called the Twin Maiden Husk. There, she’ll sell you the helm for 3,000 runes.

The biggest strength of the  helm is its high magic, fire, lightning, and holy damage reduction in the early game. On top of that, this helm is great against slash and piercing attacks. The Knight Helm also looks better than the Vagabond Knight Helm, giving you that extra bit of fashion with only a minor loss to physical damage negation. One last thing, this helm is considered a heavy armor piece, meaning it will add more weight to your overall equip load. 

For an in-depth guide on reaching the Roundtable Hold, check out this video:

Your new Firelink Shrine.

Why  Knight Helm Is Great:

  • Easy to acquire early in the game.
  • Solid resistance to elemental attacks.
  • Great against slash and piercing attacks, meaning it’s viable against most enemies
  • in the game.

Knight Helm stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 4.4
  • VS Strike: 4.2
  • VS Slash: 4.8
  • VS pierce: 4.8
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 3.8
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 3.8
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 3.4
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 3.1

8. Godrick Knight Helm

Assume Godrick's ranks.

This is the first helm on the list where you will need to farm an enemy for the item. Not to worry, the area you need to go to is on your way to Stormveil Castle. In Limgrave, you’ll come across the Gatefront Ruins, an area you can tackle head on, or sneak through, to reach a site of grace in front of the gates. After you kill the knight, rest at the grace, then rinse and repeat until you’re one of Godrick’s knights.

If it wasn’t already, crafting will be your best friend throughout the game. One item in particular that can make farming easier is the Silver Pickled Fowl Foot. This item boosts your discovery by 50 percent, but you’ll need to collect a couple items from the open world to craft it.

Now that you have the Godrick Knight Helm, here’s what it does. On top of looking the part of a royal but somewhat disheveled knight, the helm is great against slash attacks. Another strong suit of the helm is the reduction of fire damage. Of the helms so far, it has the highest physical damage negation at 4.8 and has a strong resistance to bleed attacks.

If I’ve peaked your interest on the helm, why not grab the whole set? Here’s an easy guide on the area you need to farm for the item:

A perfect farming spot.

Why Godrick Knight Helm Is Great:

  • Unlimited chances to acquire through farming.
  • Great against slash attacks.
  • Reduction of fire and resistance to bleed.

Godrick Knight Helm Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 4.8
  • VS Strike: 4.2
  • VS Slash: 5
  • VS pierce: 4.6
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 3.8
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 4.2
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 3.4
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 3.8

7. Carian Knight Helm

Become the enchanted knight.

By now, I hope you’ve noticed a pattern. Many of the best helms in the game are knight helms. Almost every region has their own knight guarding the area, so it’s no surprise that the Raya Lucaria Academy is no exception.

In terms of looks, the Carian Knight Helm is a perfect blend of noble knight and spellcasting sorcerer. I especially love the pointed tip of the helm. It lets you stand out amongst other knights you’ll come across. 

Stat wise, the helm is great against magic and holy damage, but it lacks in other areas like physical damage negation and strike attacks. The biggest reason this helm is 7th on the list is because of the versatility and location. For those like me, who use magic, this helm, as well as the entire set, is a huge improvement over the early game equipment. The set is also great for builds that blend melee and magic, so if you are a sorcerer and want similar armor stats of a knight, this is it. 

You can find the armor set at the Raya Lucaria Academy, the only hurdle getting there is a dragon guarding a key. bHowever, you can grab the key and leave without having to fight him:

Enchant yourself by watching this video.

Why Carian Knight Helm Is Great:

  • Great Magic and Holy resistance.
  • Viable for melee and magic builds.
  • Better gear for sorcerers than starting equipment, can take you to the late game.

Carian Knight Helm Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 4.2
  • VS Strike: 3.8
  • VS Slash: 4.4
  • VS pierce: 4.2
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 4.4
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 4.2
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 3.4
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 4.2

6. Cleanrot Helm

Cleanrot inside a corpsing shell.

The Cleanrot Helm is another farmable item you can find in the Caelid region. At this point in the game, stats become noticeably different and can greatly change playstyle. For those who don’t care about stats, you’re in luck too, because helms moving forward will continue to look amazing, making you feel amazing.

Physical damage negation is at its highest so far at a 5.2. With a reduction to piercing attacks at a whopping 6.3. The helm is also great at holy damage reduction and has a very strong immunity and robustness stat. Immunity is your resistance to poison and rot buildup. In Caelid especially, having strong immunity is a must. The only downside is the weight of the helm, so be prepared to put a lot of levels into stamina.

Fun fact, this armor set belongs to Malenia's vowed knights. Another fun fact, Malenia’s helm won’t be making this list. Not only are there better helms in the game, but the way you get her helm is by completing her questline, as well as her boss fight. Because I care, I did these things. It wasn’t worth it. The Cleanrot Helm is not only better, but is easier to get and looks very similar. 

Here’s a video on the farming location for the helm:

Cover up your rot by watching this video.

Why Cleanrot Helm Is Great:

  • Strong against piercing attacks.
  • Great immunity and robustness resistance.
  • Looks just as good as Malenia’s helm.

Cleanrot Helm Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 5.2
  • VS Strike: 4.8
  • VS Slash: 5.8
  • VS pierce: 6.3
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 4.5
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 4.6
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 4
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 4.8

5. Prisoner Iron Mask

Reminds me of a movie.

Up until this point, I’ve tried to create a clear timeline from early game helms to late game helms. Then there’s the Prisoner Iron Mask. Like the Vagabond Knight Helm, you can get the Prisoner Iron Mask as soon as you start the game by choosing the Prisoner class. It is the best starting helm in the game, tied to a class most don’t know about, or pick for their first playthrough. 

It has the best physical damage negation from the start of the game, including the best slash attack negation of 7. It’s great against all elemental attacks. Every resistance stat is in the double digits, the highest being a robustness of 44. The second highest resistance stat is focus at a 35. Focus is your resistance to sleep and madness based attacks. 

Even if you aren’t running a magic  build, this helm alone is very strong. You can also buy the helm from the Nomadic Merchant at the Ainsel River. In terms of fashion, it's very plain. However, if you are trying to cosplay as the man in the iron mask, this is for you.

If you didn’t pick the Prisoner class and still want the helm for yourself, check out this guide to find the Nomadic Mechant selling it:

Why Prisoner Iron Mask Is Great:

  • Fantastic damage negation and resistances.
  • Can take you through the entire game.
  • Easy to get.

Prisoner Iron Mask Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 6.8
  • VS Strike: 5.9
  • VS Slash: 7
  • VS pierce: 6.8
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 4.6
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 4.9
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 4.5
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 4.8

4. Pumpkin Helm

Some may call you the pumpkin king.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Blake, why would you put the Pumpkin Helm at number four? Of all the helms you could put in place of this one, why is it even on the list? Well, it’s my list, but let me explain.

Looking at the stats alone, this helm is a powerhouse. The physical damage negation, along with other attack negations, are very high. This helm is on par with the Prisoner Mask on physical stats, but the resistances are incredibly good. The robustness, focus, and immunity stats are the biggest reason to wear this helm. The only problem you may find is the weight of the item. This is the heaviest helm on the list with a weight of 12.3.

Out of all the helms on the list, this is by far the funniest one to wear. With every other helm I’ve considered style, color, and overall appeal as well as raw stats. As soon as I saw this helm was not only powerful, but also looked goofy on my character, I knew it needed to be high on my list.

You can get this helm by fighting the Pumpkin Head enemy at several locations. These include castle Morne, the Waypoint Ruins, Fort Haight, and the Saintsbridge in Limgrave:

Not a pumpkin patch, but close enough.

Why Pumpkin Helm Is Great:

  • Insane defense.
  • Resistance is very strong.
  • Compliments heavy strength builds.

Pumpkin Helm Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 7
  • VS Strike: 5.9
  • VS Slash: 6.7
  • VS pierce: 6.7
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 4.6
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 4.7
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 5.2
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 4.5

3. White Mask

It'd be a shame to get blood on this.

Bleed builds are some of the most viable builds in the game. I mentioned at the beginning of the article that extra bonuses and buffs are icing on the cake when ranking each helm on this list. I also mentioned I’d cover early to late game helms. The White Mask is that weird exception to the first rule, because when stacked with other items, this helm’s unique skill can lead to complete and utter decimation.

Raw stats are weaker than most on this list, but the resistances are still solid. The reason you want this helm is that when blood-loss is inflicted on an enemy, your attack power increases 10 percent for 20 seconds. This stacks with the Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman, which increases attack power around blood-loss. The mask doesn’t just raise physical attack power, it even raises the attack power of spells and incantations.

If you want to look like an angel of death, and are running a bleed build, this mask is essential. You can acquire the mask from defeating one of three Nameless White Mask Invaders:

Why White Mask Is Great:

  • Increases attack power by 10 percent with blood loss.
  • When stacked with other items, damage output is insane.
  • Great for bleed builds.

White Mask Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 2.7
  • VS Strike: 3
  • VS Slash: 3.3
  • VS pierce: 2.7
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 3.5
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 3.7
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 3.9
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 3.7      

2. Radahn’s Redmane Helm

Don't poke your eye out.

This is the helm that I rocked for the entire rest of the game.  Just on visuals and the boss fight required to obtain it, Radahn’s Redmane Helm was barely beaten out by the number one spot. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t wear, love, and appreciate this helm and all it can offer you.

This helm is on par with other helms on the list, with a physical damage negation of 6.8. It works best against slashing and piercing attacks, as well as having a robustness of 42. With the entire set in mind, you can negate most, but not all, bleed damage. This isn’t to say there aren’t better ways to deal with bleed, but, it is a contender for best armor to run to counter bleed builds.

This is the best looking helm in the game. The red ploom accents the gold color. The shape looks fierce, with fangs on the inside and tusks on the outside, Radahn’s Redmane Helm is my personal favorite from the entire game, but alas, there is one better.

To get Radahn’s Redmane Helm, you must beat Radahn’s boss fight to then buy his armor from Enia at the Roundtable Hold:

Why Radahn’s Redmane Helm Is Great:

  • Best looking in the game.
  • Strong against bleed, the most used source of damage in the game.
  • One of the best late game armors.

Radahn’s Redmane Helm Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 6.8
  • VS Strike: 5.4
  • VS Slash: 6.7
  • VS pierce: 6.3
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 4.8
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 5
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 4.5
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 4.8

1. Veteran’s Helm

The best of the best.

It was a toss up between this helm and Radahn’s, but when comparing the stats of each, I had to put my personal feelings aside and give the number one spot to the Veteran’s Helm. This is another boss related helm, so acquiring it shouldn’t be a problem.

One of the biggest things going for this helm is the slashing damage negation of 6.8. This is another helm that’s great against bleed damage. Another excellent feature of the helm is the high immunity, robustness, focus and vitality resistances Not one stat is overpowered, but all stats are equally strong and can help you tank most attacks.

What I like most about the helm, besides its great stats, is your means of getting it. In order to buy this helm from the Roundtable Hold, you must defeat Commander Niall at Castle Sol. This boss fight, unlike Radahn, wasn’t patched into the ground and is still difficult. Not impossible, but still a challenge.

For help with the fight, check out this video:

After watching this video, you'll be a veteran of this article.

Why veteran Helm Is Great

  • Balanced negation stats.
  • Exceedingly great resistances.
  • Solid elemental attack negation.  

Veteran’s Helm Stats:

  • Physical Damage Reduction: 6.8
  • VS Strike: 6.1
  • VS Slash: 6.8
  • VS pierce: 6.3
  • Magic Damage Reduction: 4.8
  • Fire Damage Reduction: 5
  • Lightning Damage Reduction: 4.6
  • Holy Damage Reduction: 4.7

Those were the Top Ten Elden Ring Helms That Are Powerful, And How To Get Them.. Now go claim the title of Elden Lord ye Tarnished, and look good while doing it.


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