[Top 5] WoW Shadowlands Best PvP Healers That Are OP

Best PvP Healers
Even death can't stop our healing!

5. Restoration Shaman

We are beginning with nature lovers because they are so good at PVP!

Restoration Shamans are specialists in stacked healing; for a PVP style, that is what you will want to keep yourself and your allies against the enemies! Owners of remarkable survivability when talking about healing specs!

What's Great About Restoration Shaman in PvP:

  • Their stacked healing is one of the best of all healing class specs!
  • Great survivability by having a considerable number of damage reduction spells!
  • They are great in both single and multi-target!


4. Mistweaver Monk

Masters of patience and balance, also of single-target healing!

If you want to be a healer that will not be stuck in the same place while casting your skills, then Mistweaver Monk is a great choice for you! This class spec offers an excellent HPS with a solid number of cooldowns and talents! 

What's Great About Mistweaver Monk in PvP:

  • Extremely sturdy healer in terms of personal defensive cooldowns and talents.
  • Single-target healing master with great numbers!
  • One of the best mobile healing class specs in WoW.


3. Restoration Druid

These furry lovers have an impactful number of cooldowns! 

One of the best options for single-target class specs you will find! Restoration Druids are owners of good mobility and survivability that will make you last longer in PVP! Keep a good eye on your rotation, and no enemy will kill you; at least he will take a long time trying while your friends attack him!

What's Great About Restoration Druid in PvP:

  • Your list of cooldowns for healing and mobility is great!
  • Barskin is a great damage reduction and you should keep it up always when possible!


2. Holy Paladin 

A mix of punishment and redemption! 

Holy Paladins are in this position for being great on single and tank target healing! They own a good variety of blessings and defensive abilities while wearing plate armor, compensating for the lack of mobility! 

What's Great About Holy Paladin in PvP:

  • They are very durable healers and also can help with damage when needed!
  • Single and Tank target healing specialists.
  • Excellent utility through blessings.


1. Holy Priest

The top healing class spec of the entire game is here!

Holy Priest is the class spec that is always wanted in PVP groups of their much effective group healing and burst! All the cooldowns of this class spec are focused on healing style! 

What's Great About Holy Priest in PvP:

  • Holy Priest has a flexible single target and AoE-oriented healing abilities in Holy Words.
  • Can heal through death for a short period of time with Spirit of Redemption.
  • A powerful group of healing cooldowns!


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