[Top 15] WoW Shadowlands Best DPS Specs PvE

Best DPS Class Specs For PVE
War and adventures is what motivate us all!

15. Unholy Death Knight

Users of profanity and plague, these Death Knights are great.

Holding a great two-handed weapon powered by Runes gives the Unholy Death Knight the status of being one of the best DPS class specs of all time! "A rotation to rule them all!" is incredibly easy and intuitive. You start by using Festering Strike, which costs two Runes, then Scourge Strike will use the already formed Festering Wound to pop them on the target. Spending runes will generate Runic Power, which we will spend on Death Coil. Then Finally, we will use Outbreak! We also have the strongest executed burst, Bloodlust.

What's Great About Unholy Death Knight:

  • Unholy Death Knights are masters in survivability, especially for Mythic+.
  • They have a consistent single-target play style.
  • This class spec offers solid AoE burst windows.


14. Enhancement Shaman

For those who love to use Nature Power, Enhancement Shaman will never disappoint. 

With a sustained single-target style in which they are masters, powerful rotation altering the Legendary effects, opening up a lot of flexibility in damage profiles, and variable AoE choices, the Enhancement Shaman will guarantee a creative, intuitive, and fun playstyle full of action! Even if Hot Hand and Elemental Spirits exacerbate the RNG and uptime requirements, they are too strong to ignore these abilities.

What's Great About Enhancement Shaman:

  • It has great mobility via Spirit walk and Ghost Wolf.
  • Has some good options for AoE damage like Hailstorm and Fire Nova.
  • The flexibility at the Covenant choice is rare to work in many specs.


13. Beast-Mastery Hunter

Who doesn’t love pets? But this is not the only reason you should play with this class spec!

Beast-Mastery Hunter is the best DPS class spec when talking about mobility. It has a solid single-target DPS, uncapped AoE, and brings a solid amount of utility to groups with crowd control, blood lust, and misdirection. Aspect of the Turtle is a good emergency defensive button that provides immunity and lets you negate certain boss mechanics.

What's Great About Beast-Mastery Hunter:

  • Mastery: Master of Beasts increases the damage done by your pets.
  • The rotation is easy and intuitive to play, not slow but also not so fast.
  • It’s considered by many as a great soloing class spec.


12. Fire Mage

If you identify yourself as a pyromaniac and always make fireworks during New Year celebrations, this class spec is PERFECT for you!

Mages in general are a combo of versatility in battle, and this time will not be different! The Fire Mage is a great spec with the best mobility of the class, and it has great sustained AoE damage with Flamestrike and Flame Orb. With Mastery: Ignite, your single-target damage will not need to be sacrificed! Outstanding survivability with Blazing Barrier, Cauterize, Mirror Image, Alter Time, and Ice Block. This class spec is the only ranged specialization to have a cheat death built in.

What's Great About Fire Mage:

  • The best mobility of any Mage spec with Shimmer, Alter Time, Hot Streak!, and Scorch.
  • Great burst damage like Combustion and Firestarter.
  • Very strong burst for Single Target and AoE via Combustion. Firestarter increases damage at the start of the fight, for fights where Combustion is delayed for a damage amplification. Searing Touch is useful for execution.


11. Assassination Rogue

If you see him/her, you don’t see him/her.

With impressive single-target melee and multi-target cleave damage, this DPS has a slower and easier rotation for those just starting out! They also have additional damage by poison and bleed effects; I will show you the incredible Assassination Rogue. This spec offers you a significant variability of group abilities and relies on a good number of defensive skills; all this eases the boss’s mechanics fight by having great survivability.

What's Great About Assassination Rogue:

  • It has a great damage rate, and the group skills make the difference in a brutal battle.
  • Known by many as the main DPS spec of Rogue class.
  • Cooldowns are short and can be used frequently.


10. Frost Mage

If you like winter, hot cocoa, and freezing your enemies, then Frost Mage is for you.

This class spec is one of the best-sustained single-target and priority cleave damage! Frost Mage has excellent mobility and kiting skills and built-in cooldown reduction, some of which increases with more targets. Why not talk about their PVP? Frost Mages have battlefield control with many tools to slow and root enemies.

What's Great About Frost Mage:

  • Strong mobility with Shimmer, Alter Time, and instant cast procs.
  • Extreme survivability with numerous defensives, including Ice Barrier, Ice Block (twice with Cold Snap), Alter Time, Mirror Image, and Invisibility.
  • Battlefield control with many tools to slow and root enemies, such as Frost Nova, Freeze, and Frostbolt.


9. Shadow Priest

The great part of devoting your soul to sinister creatures is that you have UNLIMITED power.

Shadow Priests are the owners of a great position in single and priority target DPS. This spec is always chosen by those tired of healing in a group! They also have access to spread cleave through multi-dotting. Take advantage of your short cooldowns and strong self-healing skills to slaughter your enemies! Learning the correct rotation and timing is not optional; for a successful damage, you must make a good talent selection and practice until it becomes natural! Practice is the key to mastering this powerful class spec.

What's Great About Shadow Priest:

  • A powerful set of talents and legendaries that provide variety and an option for most situations.
  • The addition of Searing Nightmare gives shadow some potent sustained stacked cleave.
  • The masters of the void energy will always be versatile in combat.


8. Survival Hunter

If you like to go and stay in the forest to test yourself, then this class spec will provide the same experience in-game.

This class spec has one of the most impressive AoE tier sets of all specs! Their AoE damage is ridiculously strong, and they don’t disappoint in single-target damage either! Their temporary damage immunity and solid self-sustain show why their spec name is so well represented.

What's Great About Survival Hunter:

  • Taming pets isn’t just adorable, but a great way to ease your life!
  • Great mobility is offered by this class spec.
  • Solid AoE damage and absolutely not bad on single-target.


7. Fury Warrior

There is nothing like relaxing on your chair after a busy day to relax on your chair while slaying your enemies.

Users of two two-handed weapons, the Fury Warriors are masters of multi-target damage. This class spec excels at dynamically swapping between single and multi-target! Keep Battle Shout active at all times; you will notice an increase in damage with this skill! The Fury rotation may be a little challenging sometimes for newbies, but don’t give up; once you get it, you will be soloing elite enemies and mastering BGs.

What's Great About Fury Warrior:

  • You can slaught enemies quickly without putting your HP in risk.
  • Fury Warrior has strong mobility that is the key to never dying in combat against multiple enemies, by avoiding their AoE damage.
  • This class spec has multiple defensive skills for emergency times.


6. Havoc Demon Hunter

Other enemies may be healthier than demons, so you should vary your menu from time to time. 

Havoc Demon Hunters are among the easiest class specs in the game, with a good variety of AOE spells. The CD-heavy rotations will be impactful to the damage. The great thing about Havoc Demon Hunters is their flexible mobility; you can use almost all of the skills while avoiding traps and AOE attacks. You can turn yourself into a demon, and your damage will increase even more.

What's Great About Havoc Demon Hunter:

  • Strong and frequently usable cooldowns and talents: Eye Beam, Unbound Chaos, and Demonic.
  • Strong group utility, especially via Chaos Brand.
  • Flexible mobility, allowing for great positioning control in encounters.


5. Demonology Warlock

No matter how difficult the battle is, your demon will not… well, he can’t run away.

As a big fan of challenges, Demonology Warlock called my attention. The wide variety of talents will give you many combinations of rotations for higher damage while summoning great demons while on cooldown. You always need to pay attention to the soulshards and use the Hand of Gul’dan. Mobility is a great point in this spec. You can conjure Demonic Portal, Demonic Circle, and Burning Rush that increase your speed of movement at the cost of your own life.

What's Great About Demonology Warlock:

  • Provides the option for instance skips with Demonic Gateway and Soulstone.
  • High variety of talent options for a variety of group compositions.
  • Solo ability is quite strong due to pet tanking and overall self-healing.


4. Windwalker Monk

These DPS martial artists go well in both single-target and multi-target situations when fighting.

Windwalker Monk is a well-balanced class spec that has great mobility. Using fist weapons and one-handed weapons on each hand will make you feel your moves lighter and combinations between Expel Harm when your life isn’t full. Tiger Palm is your primary energy font. In the Multi-Target way, the rotation needs more attention, using first Storm, Earth, and Fire in the two strongest creatures. Then always keeping the aura using the correct sequence: Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, and Spinning Crane Kick. Patience is a virtue; for Monks especially. The proper rotation of skills will show your enemies who are the Energy and Chi masters.

What's Great About Windwalker Monk:

  • Strong burst and sustained stacked AOE and Cleave.
  • Little to no damage loss from target switching.
  • Windwalker Monks is a jack of all trades.


3. Subtlety Rogue

Those who love acting like ninjas have a great class spec.

Subtlety Rogue is not only great at a single target, but also has good sustained AoE damage, awesome mobility, and solid survivability! Throw some shuriken against your enemies and attack them by stealth; make the enemy’s healer get pissed after being killed so quickly and nobody seeing what happened. As a Rogue, your weapons are two daggers; energy is your resource; and your only friend is your thirst for blood.

What's Great About Subtlety Rogue:

  • Good single target damage with a focus on the ability to deal priority damage in AoE situations due to Shuriken Storm, which gives combo points for each enemy it hits.
  • Powerful defensive cooldowns such as Cloak of Shadows, Feint, Evasion, and Crimson Vial.
  • Utilities such as Shroud of Concealment, Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot, and Blind can come in handy in some situations, mainly Mythic+.


2. Retribution Paladin

"May the light show you mercy, because my hammer will not!"-Every Retribution Paladin.

Retribution Paladin may not be one of the most popular class specs, but it’s one with the best damage immunity in the whole game! If you are a fan of cleave, burst, AoE, and single-target damage, then this class spec will offer solid options for you! Pray to the light, punish the heretics, and be a hero to your faction and world.

What's Great About Retribution Paladin:

  • Many utility spells, such as Blessing of Protection, Blessing of Sacrifice, and Blessing of Freedom.
  • Retribution Paladin has strong defenses like Divine Shield, Shield of Vengeance, and Eye for an Eye.
  • Source of the raid-wide 3% damage reduction aura with Devotion Aura.


1. Frost Death Knight

If you are allergic to summer and like to be mysterious, then Frost Death Knight is for you.

Users of Runes and Runic Power, the Frost Death Knights show everybody how to keep a robust AoE burst and cleave damage rate without losing so much single-target damage on their setup. The rotation is simple and easy to use in Mytical+, Raids, and PVP! They have plenty of survivability full of defensive spells like Fortitude of Frost, Anti Magic Shell, and Veteran of the Third War. One of the best melee DPS in WOW, and users of the Frozen North power, gave this class a great experience in every play style.

What's Great About Retribution Paladin:

  • Although a lot of defensive cooldowns were taken away from the Death Knight, we still have some of the best survivability in the game with Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, Veteran of the Third War, and the option to talent into either Death Pact or Permafrost.
  • Great add control with Death Grip.
  • High burst damage and cleave with Breath of Sindragosa.

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