Overwatch 2: How To Play Torbjörn Effectively

Overwatch 2 How to play Torbjorn efficiently

Armed with a Rivet Gun and an auto-turret, Torbjörn is great for defending an objective or providing your team with  extra damage. Knowing how to use him appropriately is key to his success. 

So, buckle up and sit tight; learn how to raise your ranking with Torbjorn using these simple steps.


Who is Torbjörn?

Torbjörn Lindholm is a  DPS hero in Overwatch 2. He is known to carry a  Rivet gun in one hand, and a hammer in another. 

He is a character known for his defensive nature. Holding an auto-turret in his back-pocket he can damage enemies and hold them during crucial moments, making him a destined pick in matches.


Successful Ways to Play with Torbjorn

1. Turret Placement:

Finding a nice corner or placing on a high spot can be beneficial since the turret can reach up to 15 meters out. This gives the turret time to deal damage to any enemies nearby and possibly kill them! 

Defensively, the turret deals 14 damage every ¼ second. This allows an increase in survivability, as his turret is dealing quite a bit of damage. With coverage, his turret can be a burden to enemies if they can’t damage it, as it will cause damage to them in the long run.  Now, if they do cause some damage, Torbjorn can repair it.

Torbjorn hiding turret in bush

2. Using Overload in Critical Moments:

In those moments where you are getting attacked by the enemy on the verge of death, triggering overload allows a supercharge attack. This gives Torbjörn a boost in armor and increases movement/speed by 30 % for 5 seconds. Allowing Torbjorn to make defensive moves that are risky. 

Reload and fire speed are also increased , making a smart tactic for any enemy retreating that may have low health. This allows more damage to be dealt to enemies, reducing the odds of them taking points. 

3. Molten Core During Choke Holds/ Overtime:  

Imagine, you are in overtime and need to push the payload closer to the point to unlock the objective. What is the best way to make the final push?

Use Molten Core!!!. 

If you place his ultimate all over the payload it can pull away enemies severely damaging  and killing them. Direct impact with lava causes 25 damage, 160 damage per second an enemy remains in the lava, and an additional 90 damage per second against armor.  So, the more direct you can land on enemies the more damage you will deal!

This allows your team the chance to come together and push the payload to take objectives!

Torbjorn using ultimate on practice range

4. Avoid Overhealing The Turret:

Torbjorn can heal his turret by the swing of his hammer. However, players can easily get in the swing of things and want to continuously repeat the urge, but unless Torbjorn's Turret is in a spot that is hard to hit, you will want to avoid focusing on this tactic. 

While healing the turret continuously, you will be unable to be defensive and attack the enemies yourself. 

So, while you may think healing the turret is better, the turret will deplete faster than when you are healing it. 

Once your turret is completely depleted you may feel disappointed in prioritizing your turret instead of defense, but you can rebuild your turret in 10 seconds. 

Healing Turret with hammer

5. Use Forge Hammer as Melee

While forge hammer is used more for repairing, you can also use it defensively as an attack move. In Overwatch 2, this melee weapon is one of the most powerful attacks dealing 55 damage. So, get in the habit of flipping to your hammervs your fist that does 20 damage. 

6. Using Shields as an Advantage

Torbjorn is stacked when it comes to his abilities, so when you add a shield for protection you only increase his chance of causing damage. With a shield from a tank, like Reinhardt,  you can safely plant your turret with coverage, and fire your rivet gun to make the most of your defensive strategy. 

Torbjorn is a vulnerable DPS due to his slow nature, taking the chance to hide behind shields is a strong tactic for an effective way to thrive as a Torbjorn player. 

Reinhardt giving more protection to Torb's turret using shield

7. Play more Passive

Torbjorn's build and slow movement makes him rather vulnerable, especially if you can't bail yourself out with Overload. 

So, play in the backlines!!!  Find coverage, hide behind a wall, or poke around a corner. Torbjorn isn’t built for close-range battles.

8. Find Coverage around small objects

Torbjorn’s distinct attribute is his smaller-than- average build. This means you can hide in smaller areas and even behind small objects that normally bigger heroes would be unable to.

You can try hiding behind walls, statues, fences, and even your turret. This adds another line of defense but also gives you coverage. 

Think about even using tanky heroes as cover allowing them to take the majority of damage instead of Torbjorn. 

Torbjorn hiding behind box

Torbjörn Abilities

Torbjorn's Abilities

Rivet Gun: Primary fire is a long ranged; slow firing projectile that deals 70 damage when hitting an enemy and fires .55 seconds between shots.

 Secondary fire is a powerful short-ranged weapon. It shoots 20 pellets at a time which do 12.5 damage per pellet and a fire rate of .7 seconds between shots. 

TIP: the secondary fire is not useful in long-range fights due to having damage fall off at farther ranges. So only use up at close range!

Forge Hammer: hit-range of 2.5 meters and can be swung every .85 seconds. It can repair Torbjörn’s turret at 50 HP per swing or can cause 55 damage to an enemy.

Deploy Turret: an automated turret you self-deploy takes 3 seconds to build. Once the 250 HP is fully built it deals 14 damage per ¼ seconds, up to 15 meters out. 

If the turret is destroyed it will endure a 10-second cooldown for you to self deploy the turret again. If the turret wasn't destroyed it only has a 5-second cooldown and will remove the previous turret and place a new one where directed.

TIP: The turret will target any enemy, however if Torbjörn shoots an enemy with his primary fire the turret will target that enemy specifically. 

Overload: increases armor by 100, reload/fire speed by 43%, and movement speed 30%. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds between uses. 

Molten Core: 10 bolts of lava that are thrown in various directions of your discretion that cause 25 damage on impact, 160 damage per second an enemy remains in the lava, and an additional 90 damage per second against armor.  


Best Torbjörn Combos


Symmetra peering at enemies

Maintain many areas defensively when you combine both Symmetra's and Torbjörn’s turret. 

Symmetra can throw 3 turrets that can attach to enemies 10 meters away that deal 40 damage per second. Adding Torbjörn’s turret you have an additional 14 damage every ¼ second. Their primary fire weapons can deal great damage together. Symmetra deals 60 damage per second, but if she holds the beam on an enemy, shield, or turret for 1.33 seconds it will deal 120 damage per second. Her Secondary does 90 damage once fully charged. So, if you focused on heroes with 200 HP, that's almost 2 shots.

Add Torbjörn’s abilities and you have a dangerous duo.  Their auto-turrets will target enemies from all angles and with primary/secondary fires the enemy team is going to have a run for their money. 

TIP: This would prevent flankers like Tracer, Sombra, and Soldier trying to come up from behind.



Kiriko healing nearby allies

Kirikos healing allows Torbjörn to play more aggressiveShe can easily use her Swift Step ability, allowing her to teleport through walls within a 35 meter radius, to get to an ally. Her Healing Ofuda, primary healing ability, locks on allies within her sight and heals 70 HP per second. This allows Torbjörn to get plenty of heals while playing close-range. 

Using Kirikos ultimate, Kitsune Rush, allies receive 30% movement speed, 50% increase on reload/fire speed. The ultimate pairs particularly well with Torbjörn as he is able to close the gap quickly and output tons of damage with his turret/primary fire. This will secure more kills and push enemies away from the Kitsune Rush. 

Making them a deadly duo. Especially during choke points!



Reinhardt intrigued by your ability to play Torb

Reinhardt's shield can provide GREAT protection to Torbjörn’s auto-turret and even other teammates.In fact, Reinhart placing his 1600 health shield  in front of the turret allows enemies to have a more difficult time to push forward and stop the payload. This is due by all the obstacles caused by ally damage,, allowing your team to push the payload faster and increase chances of winning. 

Is this the best duo for Torbjörn?  Because this defense idea is AMAZING!


Who Counters Torbjörn?


Pharah pondering how to ruin Torb's day

Pharah is a DPS hero that carries a long-range explosive projectile weapon. She deals 120 damage on a direct hit and between 24 and 80 splash damage. Making her able to blow your 200 HP turret in 2 shots. 

Her rockets travel at 35 meters per second making her rockets deadly for your allies and Torbjörn since most can be killed in 2 hits. 

Annoying, I know. 

However, if you position your turret correctly and Pharah isn't able to see it. You might get away with dealing a good deal of damage to her. 

Pharah’s 2nd ability, Concussive Blast, can push allies away 8 meters. This can throw Torbjörn from his turret while repairing or can even ruin his ultimate, molten core, by changing the area he’s targeting.  

TIP : Watch position - one blast and she can push you off the map entirely leaving your team vulnerable. 



Sombra just about to hack Torb

Sombra is a hero that can hack your turret at any time as long as she is within 15 meters of it. 

When hacked there will be a floating holographic skull symbol above the turretThis makes your turret inactive for 10 seconds,  unless Sombra pulls her 60-round glock into it. Then that's another story. 

TIP: Making a new turret will not transfer the hacked status from the former turret to the new one.

She can even hack your character, taking away any of your abilities for 6 seconds. However, you are still able to use your weapons. 

This makes attacking her as Torbjörn harder since you are unable to use any of your abilities. However, you do have your short burst secondary rivet gun to push her away if she gets a little too close.


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