[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best PvE Classes That Are Powerful

Best Classes That Are Powerful
Saving Azeroth in great style isn't for everybody, but don't mean you can't!

10. Fury Warrior

Be an honored war hero and defend Azeroth with your fury!

Users of two-handed weapons in both hands, the Fury Warriors are masters of multi-target damage, making them a perfect choice for PVE content! Keep Battle Shout always active, turning your life easier when playing WOW. The rotation of this class spec may be a little confusing sometimes for beginners but don’t give up; once you get it, you will feel confident enough for every situation!

Why Fury Warrior is OP in PvE:

  • Good personal defensive abilities and a raid-wide defensive cooldown such as Enraged Regeneration, Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, and Rallying Cry.
  • Bursty multitarget cooldowns, along with strong sustained damage in 3-5 target situations.
  • Excels at dynamically swapping between single target and multitarget.


9. Retribution Paladin

If you wonder why I choose one of the less famous class specs in WoW to talk about, keep reading, and you will see why!

Retribution Paladin may not be one of the most famous class specs, but it’s one with the best damage immunity in the whole game! If you are a fan of burst damage, this class spec will offer solid options for single target and AoE situations! Pray to the light and be a hero to your nation!

Why Retribution Paladin is OP in PvE:

  • Has strong burst damage in both single target and AoE situations, dealing with every situation in PVE content.
  • One of the strongest damage immunities in the game is Divine Shield.
  • Many utility spells, such as Blessing of Protection, Blessing of Sacrifice, and Blessing of Freedom.


8. Vengeance Demon Hunter

IMPs for breakfast, demons for lunch!

A high damage Tank spec speaks for itself in PVE content like questing, dungeons, and raids! This class spec has incredible self-healing, damage reduction, fantastic mobility, and enemy control! It has excellent AoE damage, is great for leveling and endgame, has solid and frequent cooldowns, and excellent resistance! Mark of Chaos increases magical damage that is taken!

Why Vengeance Demon Hunter is OP in PvE:

  • Vengeance Demon Hunter has great utility for Mythic+.
  • Consistent AoE damage, speeding up the killing of thrash mobs.
  • Precise and frequent mobility allows you to avoid AoE boss attacks.


7. Arcane Mage

If it’s a war, eat my Arcane Missils!

Leveling or doing dungeons, raids, and old content is entertaining and easy with this class spec! Arcane Mages don’t have self-healing skills while in combat so keep an eye on your health bar! Summoning your Arcane Familiar and using the option of burst damage spells Arcane Power, Touch of the Magi, and Rune of Power to show your enemies the true meaning of fear in 10 seconds! 

Why Arcane Mage is OP in PvE:

  • Good group utility with spells like Time Warp, Spellsteal, Polymorph, and Remove Curse.
  • Great battlefield mobility with Blink, Alter Time, and Shimmer | Master of Time.
  • High burst damage against single and multiple targets using spells like Arcane Power, Touch of the Magi, and Rune of Power.


6. Outlaw Rogue

Time to steal some boss kills from the others! Hehe boy…

While not being the best single-target damage, it doesn’t mean that you can underestimate Outlaw Rogue. Using this class spec, the skills Evasion and Feint rule the defensive, while having the excellent heal for emergency times Crimson Vial, preventing our death. Blade Flurry it’s Outlaw Rogue’s primary damage skill, combined with Sinister Strike and Roll the bones. Outlaw Rogue is a good choice for those who want some more challenging DPS rotation; connecting the right talents will make your enemies fear your twin blades.

Why Outlaw Rogue is OP in PvE:

  • Strong AoE damage against up to 5 targets, all while doing their regular single target rotation, thanks to Blade Flurry.
  • Fun and fast-paced spec with a lot of abilities to press. Built around a lot of continuous cooldown reduction via Restless Blades.
  • Exceptional survivability thanks to Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion, and Crimson Vial.


5. Shadow Priest

Playing as a Shadow Priest makes you wonder why there are some followers of the Old Gods. 

The self-healing skills like Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague give the user of this spec some confidence against resistant bosses and lots of minions using the proper skill rotation. Being a DPS/Healer in raids, dungeons and leveling may be challenging; time is always in your favor, but it can turn against you if not used wisely. 

Why Shadow Priest is OP in PvE:

  • Short cooldown defensives and strong self-healing make Shadow highly durable in endgame content.
  • A powerful set of talents and legendaries that provide variety and an option for most situations.
  • Shadow Priests excel at single and priority target damage. They also have access to spread cleave through multi-dotting.


4. Elemental Shaman

This class spec is full of fire and thunder!

Their cataclysmic damage skills show their versatility in different situations, but their build is entirely in one direction. The Elemental Shaman is not a survivalist spec but is the best when the thing is single-target using Lava Burst and Earth Shock. Chain Lightning and Lava Beam are the options to annihilate groups of enemies for multiple targets, also perfect for chaining attacks. 

  • Why Elemental Shaman is OP in PvE:
  • Potential for massive burst damage in Cleave/AoE.
  • Excellent utility outside of Raids.
  • Talent choices allow for excellent flexibility and varied play styles.


3. Holy Priest

I know, I always put this damn class spec in of the three best, but I can’t help with this! Holy Priest rules!

Holy Priest isn’t only a good healing spec but also has a good option for single target attack, debuffs, and defense. This spec gives you an excellent healing power focused on each party member, but also, using Symbol of Hope, Divine Hymn, and Holy Word: Salvation in a group and taking care to not be out of mana is a wise choice. For Single-Target Healing, the advice is always to keep Holy Word: Serenity active and Heal skill. Only use Flash Heal when someone is almost dying; using this under other circumstances will end your mana fast! For good solo or group PVE content, you can always count on the Holy Priest!

Why Holy Priest is OP in PvE:

  • Unique cooldown-based healing style providing regular bursts of healing, known as the most preferred class spec in raid/dungeon groups.
  • Group utility with Dispel Magic, Mass Dispel, Fade, Mind Soothe, Power Infusion, and Leap of Faith.
  • Raid-oriented cooldowns that can restore health, and reduce defensive cooldowns or mana to the group. Symbol of Hope, Divine Hymn, Holy Word: Salvation.


2. Beast-Mastery Hunter

Beast-Mastery Hunter is the best spec when the subject is mobility; you can run, jump, swim, dance… all while attacking! 

It has a solid single-target DPS, uncapped AoE, and brings substantial utility to groups with crowd control, blood lust, and misdirection! The Aspect of the Turtle is a good emergency defensive button that provides immunity and lets you negate specific boss mechanics! A straightforward playstyle will always secure your performance of being good in raids, mythic+, and leveling!

Why Beast-Mastey Hunter is OP in PvE:

  • Stronger single-target DPS than Marksmanship. It’s a must-have for a successful party!
  • Unlimited mobility: can do all damage while moving. The benefits of this can not be overstated when doing difficult or progression content.
  • Brings a solid amount of utility to groups with crowd control, blood lust, and Misdirection.


1. Guardian Druid

Finally, we came to the first and best class for PVE, and this one is mainly used in groups for Tanks!

The Guardian Druid is a durable tank with a large healing pool, a fun playstyle, and stackable active mitigation with Ironfur. This class spec has two good skills that are great in groups. They can be versatile and adaptive to many situations, especially when dealing with extensive damage numbers, using passive damage reductions!

Why Guardian Druid is OP in PvE:

  • Good raid utility in Rebirth and Stampeding Roar.
  • Flexible hybrid off-healing capabilities through the Affinity talents and Heart of the Wild.
  • Strong passive damage reductions, both baseline and through talents.

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