[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best Gold Farming Classes For Fast Gold

Best Gold Farming Classes
Gold is the thing we can never say that we have too much!

10. Feral Druid

Farming gold is, for some, an arduous task, it takes time, and you need to find the best ways to speed it up!

Feral Druids are an excellent option for their transformation options; for a faster journey when not possible to use mounts, they can use their feral form! Their most decisive point, if not being one of the best mobile and flexible class spec, is to master the single target! These furry fanatics are great in survivalism and have two powerful cooldown tools!

Why Feral Druid is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Their feral form allows them to move faster in raids, dungeons, and every place they need to go when not able to use mounts!
  • Powerful cooldown tools with Berserk and Convoke the Spirits.
  • It’s a very flexible class spec when talking about play style!


9. Arcane Mage

If you are a gold enthusiast, keep an eye on your Arcane Mage!

My long road playing as an Arcane Mage showed me great and creative ways to farm gold! At times, visiting old dungeons and raids and cleaning some areas in Shadowlands with this class spec gave a solid result to my pocket! Create portals to the capitals after cleaning the raids and dungeons; you don’t need to only depend on the Heartstone! 

Why Arcane Mage is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Arcane Mages has an explosive DPS that will speed up your farming!
  • Create Portals to the capitals and find an item vendor to sell the raids and dungeon goodies!


8. Havoc Demon Hunter

The faster you kill the mobs and boss, the better!

Havoc Demon Hunters are a very versatile class spec. They rule doing old content so easily and fast! You can use their double jump to reach places other classes can’t and use your wings to climb to distant areas when flying mounts are impossible! More than that, this class spec offers excellent and consistent damage in combat!

Why Havoc Demon Hunter is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Using their “dash” skill to speed up your moves will fasten the gold farming!
  • You can climb from high peaks and mountains to everywhere you want!
  • They are a really good option for farming gold in Dungeons and Raids!


7. Affliction Warlock

It’s a machine; it’s a maniac; it’s way better than a casino!

Affliction Warlocks have excellent mobility, easing and speeding up your gold farming life in straightforward ways like Dungeons and Raids! Count on their Sow the Seeds spell; it’s a very effective AoE! This class spec offers excellent burst damage when the cooldown is up and active! Take advantage of the amazing single-target style of this class to kill bosses almost at light speed!

Why Affliction Warlock is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Their single-target spells will fasten your rare mobs and boss killing!
  • Affliction Warlocks has a flexible toolkit!
  • Use their great mobility for every situation in farming gold!


6. Unholy Death Knight

Open space to the Bringers of Plague! 

Holding a tremendous two-handed weapon powered by Runes and releasing Plague where their feet step gives the Unholy Death Knight the status of one of the best class specs for farming gold of all time! This class spec is known for a significant AoE burst damage full of different options, good survivability, and defensive skills!

Why Unholy Death Knight is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • A good number of AoE burst damage skills to kill more mobs at the same time!
  • Decent survivability and defensive skills that prevent you from dying in a challenging battle!


5. Fury Warrior

Get the money as if you were getting more kills for your score!

Fury Warrior is the best choice for those who want adrenaline in single and multi-target; also, never get bored in a fight! You will never be slow in combat, which optimizes your gold farming time! This class spec has extraordinary personal defensive abilities like Enraged Regeneration, Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, and Rallying Cry, making you more resistant and raid-wide defensive cooldowns! 

Why Fury Warrior is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • A fast and intuitive rotation will keep your gold farming always fun!
  • Fury Warriors have a powerful tier set in sustained combat!
  • Excels at dynamically swapping between single target and multitarget.


4. Shadow Priest

Time to say why these devotees of Void and Old Gods are admirers of great piles of gold coins!

Owners of a significant position in priority and single-target DPS, this class spec from HELL is always chosen by those tired of healing in a raid or dungeon party! Generally, people who play as prominent Shadow Priest loves the auction house and tailoring! Keep this in mind! Learning the proper rotation and timing isn’t optional; for successful damage and fast gold farming, you need to make a good choice of talents and practice with your skills until this gets natural for your maleficent fingers!

Why Shadow Priest is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Short cooldown defensives and strong self-healing make Shadow highly durable in endgame content. A great class to get rich isn’t it?
  • A powerful set of talents and legendaries that provide variety and an option for most situations.
  • Shadow Priests excel at single and priority target damage. They also have access to spread cleave through multi-dotting.


3. Beast-Mastery Hunter

Those pet lovers are always hurrying up for more money to buy more food for their pets, afraid of being devoured when sleeping!

Beast-Mastery Hunter is the best spec when the subject is mobility; you can run, jump, swim, dance… all while attacking or letting your pet shoot for you! It has a solid single-target dps, uncapped AoE, and brings substantial utility to groups with crowd control, blood lust, and misdirection!

Why Beast-Mastery Hunter is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Unlimited mobility: can do all damage while moving.
  • Great at soloing. You don’t need to wait for more people to get golds faster!
  • Has an immunity ability with Aspect of the Turtle. A good emergency defensive button and it lets you negate certain boss mechanics.


2. Frost Mage

Winter is always a magical season, but when Great Father Winter doesn’t give a special gift, it is time for YOU to farm gold and buy yourself that freaking expensive mount of your dreams!

This spec offers a variety of cleave and consistent high AoE damage, cooldown reductions, and muscular mobility, perfect for cleaning dungeons and raids when farming gold! The great survivability variety of this class spec provides an almost tank experience! Summon your Water Elemental and always use Blizzard in the area when possible!

Why Frost Mage is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Battlefield control with many tools to slow and root enemies, such as Frost Nova, Freeze, and Frostbolt.
  • Decent single-target, cleave, and consistently high AoE damage.
  • Extreme survivability with numerous defensives, including Ice Barrier, Ice Block (twice with Cold Snap), Alter Time, Mirror Image, and Invisibility.


1. Protection Paladin

The fanatics for justice and bravery also can be thirsty for gold!

Owners of a solid self-healing and defensive set of skills, Protection paladins are an excellent option for those who want to speed up their god farming! Your AoE damage is the strongest of all tanks in Azeroth, and gold farming groups are always asking for a Protection Paladin by its group utility and damage reduction! Select the right talents for your playstyle and be rewarded with faster gold farming and a well-balanced class spec in many situations!

Why Protection Paladin is a Fast Gold Farmer:

  • Robust active mitigation and cooldown kit against predictable incoming damage.
  • Multiple CC's through Hammer of Justice and Turn Evil. There is also the option to select Blinding Light or Repentance through talents.
  • Excellent group utility, like blessings that provide unique benefits such as Blessing of Sacrifice, Blessing of Freedom, or Blessing of Protection to your party and raid members. This class spec goes wildly perfect for groups and goes well-farming gold alone!

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