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What Are The Best Battlepets in BfA?

The Pet Battle System was released back in 2012 during the Mists of Pandaria expansion. If you’ve ever played Pokemon on any of Nintendo’s handheld systems, then you will have a pretty good idea about how the Pet Battle System works. It’s literally a whole other game within a game, and you’ll probably find that this feature is at the very least a delightful break from hardcore raiding or tedious grinding.

Pet Battles can also satisfy those of you who like to collect rare pets and hunt for achievements and titles. Pet Battles work on a turn-based system. Pets take turn performing attacks or special abilities against other pets. Battles can be done with other players, or they can fought with NPCs called pet tamers. With every expansion, there are new pets to be collected and trained. Here are you top 10 best battle pets in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

10. Poro

Going the way of the Dodo.

Poro is one of the many rewards that are acquired from Island Expeditions. This little parrot is based off of an actual parrot called the Kakapo from New Zealand, and it is currently categorized as a critically endangered species. This pet was most likely added into the game in order to give attention to its real-life counterpart.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1502
  • Power: 272
  • Speed: 276


  • Peck
  • Preen
  • Caw
  • Scratch
  • Nature’s Touch
  • Slow and Steady

» How to Get Poro

9. Francois

What a pompous chicken!

Francois is the fanciest and most pompous chicken you’ll ever meet. The only way to get his attention in order to be given one of his eggs is to have 1,000,000 gold in your possession. Don’t worry about talking to him if you have anything less than that. He doesn’t have time for pheasants… I mean peasants. Badum tshhh.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1400
  • Power: 276
  • Speed: 293


  • Peck
  • Make it Rain
  • Egg Barrage
  • Slicing Wind
  • Squawk
  • Flock

» How to Get Francois

8. Baa'l

 Ready for your sacrificial offerings.

If what you want is a mysterious rabbit hole of an adventure, do not skip out on the treasure hunt for Baa’l. The hunt for Baa’l is quite the challenge, so don’t go looking for a guide if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1522
  • Power: 284
  • Speed: 260


  • Shadowflame
  • Curse of Doom
  • Nether Gate
  • Darkflame
  • Murder the Innocent
  • Scorched Earth

» How to Get Baa'l

7. Inky

Where's me treasure?

An octopus with an eyepatch. I don’t think I really need to say anything else to convince you to get one of these. Inky is another reward from Island Expeditions. There is also a pink version as well if that is something that floats your boat. How did Inky even get to the point where he needs an eyepatch? Maybe he got into a tentacle sword fight with another pirate octopus.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1502
  • Power: 268
  • Speed: 280


  • Tentacle Slap
  • Bubble
  • Whirlpool
  • Tentacle Stab
  • Blinding Poison
  • Dive

» How to Get Inky

6. Sir Snips / Bucketshell

Going to need a better shell opener.

Crabs usually have a sufficiently hard shell to protect them from most things. Their hard shell armor most likely protects them from kicks, bites, and scratches, but what do they do if they’re fighting other crabs that wield swords? Well the simple answer is to just put real armor over their natural armor. Duh.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1542
  • Power: 276
  • Speed: 264


  • Snap
  • Pump
  • Shell Shield
  • Surge
  • Healing Wave
  • Whirlpool

» How to Sir Snips

» How to Bucketshell

5. Hearthy

Take me home!

You know how you can show your devotion (obsession) to collecting pets? You show off Hearthy. Obtained by collecting at least 1000 unique pets, Hearthy will signify your love for all things pets. While he may not be able to help teleport you back to your home location, he will help put a smile on your face as you think about how much time you’ve invested in your pets… or maybe tears?

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1563
  • Power: 276
  • Speed: 260


  • Arcane Blast
  • Wild Magic
  • Phase Shift
  • Arcane Storm
  • Amplify Magic
  • Portal

» How to Get Hearthy

4. Accursed Hexxer

How is it floating?

You know what’s better than enjoying a nice bowl of Dole Whip? Enjoying that refreshing bowl of Dole Whip with a floating tiki mask by your side. You see that angry face on the mask? It’s most likely because he’s watching you enjoy that delicious bowl of Dole Whip. That Accursed Hexxer can’t have any since he’s just a mask. Maybe you should just put that bowl of Dole Whip away. Actually now I really want a Dole Whip. Anyways, let’s move on.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1420
  • Power: 301
  • Speed: 264


  • Chaos Beam
  • Phase Shift
  • Weakness
  • Arcane Blast
  • Frain Blood
  • Plagued Blood

» How to Get Accursed Hexxer

3. Bumbles


Bees aren’t usually aggressive. As long as you don’t mess with them, they will just be doing their own thing. However, if I saw a giant bee flying around like Bumbles, I am pretty sure I will just run away as fast as I possibly can. Let’s be real though, I probably won’t be able to outrun a giant bee. It’s probably best to kill it with fire, OR we can just keep it as a pet and show it a lot of love. That way, you can tell it to chase other people! That’ll show ’em!

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1481
  • Power: 276
  • Speed: 276


  • Barbed Stinger
  • Swarm of Bees
  • Slicing Wind
  • Confusing Sting
  • Cyclone
  • Glowing Toxin

» How to Get Bumbles

2. Miimii

Hug me!

While mummies are large, ugly looking creatures, mini-mummies like Miimii will surely bring a smile to your face. Watch out for his hugs though! These cute, adorable little pets will be able to choke the life out of other pets that it battles.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1481
  • Power: 276
  • Speed: 276


  • Infected Claw
  • Mummy Wrap
  • Gale Slash
  • Consume
  • Ancient Knowledge
  • Death and Decay

» How to Get Miimii

1. Smoochums

Time to sit on your lap.

The pet that takes the number one spot on this list is a ghost cat named Smoochums. I won’t spoil the questline to acquire him, but let’s just say his fate is a sad and creepy tale. As any domesticated pet cat will do, Smoochums will want to sleep on your lap and shower you with love scratches. During battles, he’ll want to share his deathly experience with enemy pets.

Level 25 Stats (Rare Quality):

  • Health: 1481
  • Power: 276
  • Speed: 276


  • Absorb
  • Bloodfang
  • Nap Time
  • Rabid Strike
  • Prowl
  • “Tea Party"

» How to Get Smoochums

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