Star Wars Battlefront 2 Best Class (Ranked Worst to Best)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Best Class
Darth Maul is in his own class.

Once upon a time, there were only two Star Wars Battlefront video games, and they were….AMAZING! For years hope had diminished that there would be any follow-ups to the series.

Until, one day, a semi-reboot came out. And it was….well, just like prequels and the sequels, it was polarizing. Regardless of what you think of the games, there is one thing we can all enjoy.

Ranking the worse to the best class in Star Wars Battlefront II. So if you’ve never played the games or looking for the definitive ranking, look no further!

#5 Officer Class

In the battlefield, repairs need to be made and soldiers sometimes need that extra boost to defeat your enemies. That’s where the officer class comes into play. Not only do you apply healing for your allies, but you also advance your allies strength. However, the biggest drawback is they do have the weakest assault attack. The officer class is useful for strategic abilities during the battlefield when you need them.


  • You have the ability to heal and strengthen allies.
  • You can activate a blaster turret that destroys enemy soldiers and vehicles in strategic places on the battlefield.
  • You have the power to Battle Command your soldiers in your vicinity that will make them fight harder and withstand more damage.


  • You have a weak assault attack.
  • If you’re in heavy action, they shouldn’t be your first choice to go into the front lines with.
  • Your blaster turret is only good if you place it strategically when you’re under heavy fire from the enemy.

Officer Class rating: 80/100

# 4 Specialist Class

The specialist is, well, a sniper. You’ll take out enemies from long distances from high grounds and scout ahead as well. They are extremely vulnerable at close range though.


  • Good for long range distant attacks.
  • The higher ground is their friend.
  • Able to view the battlefield from long distances.


  • Easily vulnerable at close range.
  • If you’re not using their assault rifle at a long-distance, they’re not going to be much use to you.

Specialist Class ranking: 80/100

#3 Heavy Class

The Juggernaut on the battlefield. The heavy class is your best defense on the battlefield. You can take out vehicles as you wield a large blaster machine gun and a large number of enemies on the battlefield. They’re very slow and mobility can be limiting, but they can also take a lot of damage as well.


  • You can destroy vehicles and a large number of enemies with their weapons.
  • You can handle a lot of damage from enemy fire.
  • Great for defensive strategies.


  • Mobility is low.
  • Not the best character to choose if you want to go on the offensive.
  • They take a long time to reload.

Heavy Class ranking: 85/100

#2 Assault Class

More than likely, this is the class you’ll be playing the most throughout the game. When you master the assault class, you’ll be the deadliest soldier on the battlefield that even heroes and villains are nothing more than scum to you. Although you may be fast to attack, you take damage pretty easily.


  • Mobility is fast.
  • Great for the frontlines in battle when you need to attack quickly.
  • You can throw thermal detonators that cause high damage in a surrounding radius.


  • Their biggest downfall is they take damage pretty quickly.
  • Not good for long-distance attacks.

Assault Class ranking: 90/100

#1 Heroes

Play as your favorite hero or villain in the game. Learn the powers of the Jedi, Sith, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, and even a Wookie. Each hero and villain has their own special powers. Learn to use Darth Vader’s chokehold when necessary, or Emperor Palpatine's force lightning. And while these characters are powerful, if you don’t use them carefully and always go on the offense, you will make it easier for your enemy to win.


  • Each hero and villain has their own special skill that’ll help you win.
  • Jedi’s rule.
  • The Sith also rules!


  • You can’t overdo it on the offense or defense.
  • Using their special attack recklessly can leave you vulnerable. This will give your enemy enough time to give you damage.

Heroes class ranking: 95/100





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