Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Guns for Officer Class

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"Good soldiers follow orders" - Tup

So What are the Best Guns in Battlefront 2:

I wish it was true in Battlefront 2. Good soldiers following orders. 

All the good soldiers in the game are WANDERING AROUND. Looking for personal glory!

When they should be eliminating threats to the Walkers (if you are on Hoth).

If you wanna maintain discipline, put on that sexy cap and lead your troops to victory. 

Some might set up a turret and be tempted to defend. Please don’t.

The BEST lead from Up Front!

Or aren’t you up for the task?

Ah, I get it. You haven’t picked a gun yet. 

Let’s get it done then. You will be back in action in no time!

3. BLURRG-1120 (best for close to mid range)

A weapon worthy of a Rebel Cap’n. 

A funny name, right? Bluuuurg. Brings up a memory of a squeaky door that hasn’t been oiled in a while. Bluuurg.
Named after a flat T-Rex of Ryloth, it ain’t so funny when you start firing. Or else why would it be a weapon of choice for Ghost’s fearless pilot, Hera Syndulla?

Its double burst system lets you have two rounds for every press of a trigger. If one didn’t get the bogey, the other one surely will. 

The mods you should install are Reduced Recoil and Improved Burst. The first makes it easier to keep the shots on target and the other gets the amount of shots per round up to 4. Two shots more at the enemy? That’s better than Assault’s A280. And it’s SOOO much lighter!

The Blurrg’s main downside is its quick overheat. Only 5 shots at your disposal before having to recharge. At some point, there might be too many coming at you to handle on your own.

Weapon Stats: 

  • Damage 30-12
  • Rate of Fire 600 

Why Great:

  • 2-4 round burst per shot 
  • MUUUCH lighter than A280 

How to get:

  • 200 kills with Officer

2. SE-44C (best for close range)

That’s a WIDE barrel for a pistol.

Isn’t it WIDE? It looks more like a funnel used to get liquids into small containers. Not the beginning of a killing machine that SE-44C is. 

This beauty works best in close ranges. Especially in close-quarter combat maps like Kamino and Hoth. 

The best strategy is to wait around the corner and ...  to keep waiting. Wait. Wait. 

A bogey snuck his head out? What was that phrase the battle droids used to say?. Ah, yes. Blast him!

SE-44C without mods is a formidable weapon but with them. Unstoppable. Improved Cooling speaks for itself. And Rapid Fire turns it into a ‘true to god’ machine gun.

That’s how you become a Heavy without losing mobility. Gosh, who would think of picking Heavy anymore? 

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 31-15
  • Rate of Fire 300

Why Great:

  • Fully-automatic fire 
  • Large magazine
  • Deadly in close-quarter combat (esp hallways)
  • Uzi of the Star Wars universe 

How to get:

  • 500 kills with Officer

1. S-5 (best for long range)

You’ve messed with the wrong gun. 

Even if EA decides to make an update (which they won’t, sob, sob) and hand me another gun, my heart will always lie with S-5. 

Why? Cause snipers rock!

Its VERY high damage and very LONG range (in officer terms) can give NT-242 a run for its money. No wonder they are used by Royal Naboo Security Forces. With these monsters at hand, Trade Federation got a galactic class beating. (Let’s forget the Jedi were even there)

Just like with the SE-44C, add-ons can provide a massive upgrade to the weapon. Reduced Recoil takes away a kickback. And Ion Shot deals extra damage to vehicles and armor. 

So, for those who decided not to read the whole thing and skipped to the end of the paragraph, I’ll summarize: 

Snipers rock! And Sniper Officers rock even more!

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 67-45
  • Rate of Fire 140

Why Great:

  • High damage
  • Can fire on long ranges
  • Can compete with Sniper’s NT-242 
  •  Damage doesn’t drop so significantly as range increases
  • Snipers rock!

How to get:

  • 50 kills with Officer

That’s the end, folks. I didn’t include the weapon added at the last update, DL-18 for a simple reason. It’s pretty much a copy of SE-44C. A bad copy. 

Like a movie pirated off a sketchy site. Looks good and all, but doesn’t deliver what it promised. The Repeating Mode makes the gun automatic, but there’s no increase to the rate of fire. And what’s the fun without it? 

Especially if semi-automatic allows you to land better shots.

All in all, I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. Once again, if you didn’t like my choices, feel free to leave yours in the comments. I’ll be happy to take a look.

May the Force be with you!

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