Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Loadouts for Every Class

SWBF2 Best Loadouts for Every Class
Locked and Loaded

The Best SWBF2 Loadouts That Will Help You Crush Your Enemies

If you want to become a master soldier in Star Wars Battlefront II, the first step is to equip yourself with the right arsenal.

Each class has its pros and cons, but these loadouts will give you the best chance for success with whatever soldier you choose.

SWBF2 Best Assault Loadouts

Best Assault Loadout 1: Run and Gun

Quick, clean, sharply dressed

  • For close-quarters combat and aggressive play styles.
  • Weapon: CR-2
  • Acid Launcher - Launches a cloud of acid that deals damage to anyone who breathes it in. In tight situations, a well-placed acid launcher will be impossible for an enemy to avoid.
  • Killstreak Vanguard - In addition to boosting your running speed, the killstreak vanguard resets the time you’re given with the shotgun-like weapon. Good accuracy can lead to several quick kills.
  • Toughen Up - Find cover and boost your health for quick recovery. Toughen Up keeps you alive in rough spots.
  • Boost Card: Assault Training - Gain a small amount of health for each defeated enemy.

Best Assault Loadout 2: Versatile

The grizzled vet

  • For a variety of battle situations and a more cautious style of play.
  • Weapon: EL-16HFE
  • Thermal Detonator - It’s the all-purpose supplement for any situation. Throw it in the vicinity of an enemy and hope it goes off before they get away.
  • Slug Vanguard - This vanguard has increased range and damage. It’s much more useful in large, open maps.
  • Toughen up - You could equip the scan dart to reveal nearby enemies, but a health boost is always more appreciated.
  • Boost Card: Survivalist - Health regeneration delay is shorter than normal.

SWBF2 Best Heavy Loadouts

Best Heavy Loadout 1: Tank

Packed to the gills with firepower

  • For holding the line, staying firm and strong against the enemy front.
  • Weapon: FWMB-10K
  • Detonite Charge - A dynamite-like ability. You can’t throw the detonitie charge far, so it is best used by setting it up in a position where the enemy might form up and waiting to detonate.
  • Explosive Sentry - Small explosive launcher. Best used when standing still and picking off enemies from a wide range.
  • Combat Shield - Highly effective when facing a line of enemies head on.
  • Boost Card: Defender - You gain a small amount of score for each hit that you take.

Best Heavy Loadout 2: Mobile

Destruction on the go

  • For infantry support on the front lines.
  • Weapon: TL-50
  • Impact grenade - If you are accurate with the impact grenade, which explodes on contact with any surface, you can kill an enemy in one hit.
  • Mobile Sentry - Rapid fire blasting mode that allows you to move more freely than other sentries.
  • Barrage - A grenade launcher that shoots 3 small grenades. In narrow corridors, it is deadly.
  • Boost Card: Resourceful - All of your abilities have shorter recharge times.

SWBF2 Best Officer Loadouts

Best Officer Loadout 1: Team Leader

 Stoic in the face of certin doom

  • For objective-conscious players looking to win battles rather than rack up killstreaks.
  • Weapon: SE-44C
  • Defuser - This item overheats enemy weapons and disables turrets and explosives. It is vital for charging headlong into heavily fortified situations.
  • Recharge Command - A battle command that recharges nearby allies’ abilities. Your teammates will thank you any time you activate this.
  • Squad Shield - In special situations a squad shield will dramatically help you achieve certain objectives. 
  • Boost Card: Bounty Hunter - You gain Battle Points at an increased rate. 

Best Officer Loadout 2: Lone Wampa

No clone is an island, unless you are packing heat.

  • For an offensive-oriented set up where players can cover a small area on their own.
  • Wapon: BLURRG-1120
  • Flash Grenade - A grenade that can split in midair and blind several enemies, opening them up to be shot.
  • Battle Command - Gives protection to your allies and a small boost to yourself. In group charges, it may help your side gain the upper hand.
  • Blaster Turret - A set-it-and-forget-it turret that automatically shoots enemies that come within its line of sight.
  • Boost Card: Survivalist - Health regeneration delay is shorter than normal.

SWBF2 Best Specialist Loadouts

Best Specialist Loadout 1: Down and Dirty

Snipers can get their hands dirty too.

  • For an on-the-go playstyle, best used in close-quarters and small maps.
  • Weapon: A280-CFE
  • Shock Grenade - A grenade that slows enemy movement and deals damage. Best used in tight quarters when the enemy has only one way to go.
  • Hardened Infiltration - A quick-firing secondary weapon that also gives you damage reduction as you move fast through narrow quarters.
  • Personal Shield - Used in tandem with melee, the personal shield allows you to get up-close with your enemies before knocking them out.
  • Boost Card: Brawler - When you defeat an enemy in melee combat, your abilities refresh and you gain a small amount of health.

Best Specialist Loadout 2: Tatooinian Sniper

The silent killer

  • For hardcore snipers. A playstyle conducive to long range, hidden combat.
  • Weapon: NT-242
  • Stinger Pistol - This secondary weapon deals damage over time. Get a few shots on your target and watch their health drain away. Great combat tool against heroes.
  • Scramble Infiltration - Move quickly, fire quick burst shots, and reveal enemies for your teammates.
  • Thermal Binoculars - From a distance, thermal binoculars can survey the battlefield. Marking enemies will reveal them to your teammates, resulting in kill assists for yourself.
  • Boost Card: Marksman - When you defeat an enemy with a headshot, your weapon heat will be reset and your weapon will produce less heat until you overheat next time.

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