[Top 5] Best and Worst Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 best hero
You either die a hero or live long enough to get the name Darth.

The Best and Worst Heroes For Your Galactic Conquests

Whether you’re using them in the heat of a massive battle or one on one against another player, the heroes of Star Wars Battlefront II are the most exciting characters to control. The chance to play as a hero doesn’t come around all the time, so choosing the right one is important if you want to keep those killstreaks alive. Here are the five best, and the five worst Star Wars Battlefront II heroes.

Top Five SWBF2 Best Heroes

5. Princess Leia Organa

Better with the buns

Leia is probably the best blaster hero in the game (although Captain Phasma and Han Solo come close). Leia has two effective offensive abilities (Flash Grenade and the E-11 blaster rifle) and one defensive ability (Squad Shield). Add to that a secondary fire from her main weapon, and that makes Leia the most robust, well-rounded hero not holding a lightsaber or lightning hands.

What Makes Princess Leia Organa Superior

  • Her Flash Grenade ability is highly effective. If you are hit with Leia’s flash grenade, you go completely blind. The screen goes 100% white and sound is cut off for several long seconds. Plenty of time to blast away.
  • The E-11 Blaster Rifle is ultra-powerful. Powerful enough even to kill a lightsaber hero charging right at you. Used smartly, the E-11 is a monster.
  • She has interesting skins. No, skins don’t change the way any of the heroes play, but they make using certain heroes more fun. Leia has five unique skins, including the classic A New Hope dress. There is no slave bikini, but you can’t have everything now, can you?

4. Luke Skywalker

Green lightsabers... mm-mm good.

Luke is your classic jedi. His ability set runs through the basics like Force Push and Saber Rush, as well as a close range ground smash called “Repulse”. He’s extremely well-balanced, with no game-breaking powers, but three effective and useful abilities. He’s a great go-to hero for any situation.

What Makes Luke Skywalker Superior

  • Force Push + maps with ledges or cliffs = Domination. The Force Push ability has the power to blow opponents back great distances. In any map where you can fall down shafts or off cliffs, a single push can result in multiple kills for Luke.
  • Repulse makes for a quick getaway. The ability to knock down all enemies standing around you is perfect for when your health is dropping and and you have to get out of there quickly.
  • Speed. Luke could be the fastest hero not named Darth Maul. His running speed gives him a slight edge over other lightsaber heroes, but when you add in the Rush ability, Luke can fly.

3. Darth Vader

Darth Vader's Choke-Out

Vader may be the most intimidating figure to see on the battlefront. He benefits from a health boost ability and high stamina to block incoming shots. The Force Choke and Lightsaber Throw are also powerful abilities. He moves slowly, but Darth Vader is quite the tank when he enters a battle. Tough to bring down, fun to play as.

What Makes Darth Vader Superior

  • A strong health bar makes Darth Vader a hero you can confidently bring into the toughest battle situations. He’s difficult to bring down, and even if he does start to take hits, his Focused Rage ability gives him a boost of temporary protection.
  • Force Choke is not the strongest ability in the game, but it does allow you to stop several enemies at once. In the right situation, you can also drop them off cliffs or into deadly shafts. Properly executed, it is one of the most satisfying things you can do in the game.
  • Playing with fear. Not many people can defeat Darth Vader one-on-one. That means when you enter a battle as Vader, people run for cover. It gives you the feeling that you really are the baddest mother --er, father-- in the galaxy.

2. Emperor Palpatine

...With These Hands...

The Emperor may not be able to use his lightsaber, but his lightning attacks and quick movement make him a nightmare to face off against. His three abilities are Dark Aura, Electrocute, and the dreaded Chain Lightning. It’s nearly impossible to avoid Palpatine’s attacks and just as hard to get a hit on him yourself.

  • Despite his looks, Emperor Palpatine is one of the most agile heroes in Battlefront II. He can jump high and float over long distances, and his dodge ability rockets him forward, making it very difficult for opponents to get more than a couple shots on him at once.
  • Long distance lightning lets you do damage without putting yourself in jeopardy. You can be in the air, on the ground, above, or below an opposing player and it doesn’t matter, Palpatine’s lightning will still drain your target’s health. You don’t have to worry about precision aiming or reloading, just blast away.
  • Comfortable control. Palpatine is one of the easiest heroes to control. You’ll almost never find yourself stuck on the scenery or accidentally falling off a ledge with the Emperor. He moves quickly and lands softly, a great combo.
  • A proper Chain Lightning attack can be devastating. If you find yourself faced with a squad of opposing soldiers, one Chain Lightning attack can wipe out everyone in the vicinity. It’s rare to find yourself in that situation, but it’s exquisite if you pull it off.

1. Anakin Skywalker

"This is outrageous. It's unfair"

Anakin is clearly the most overpowered hero in Star Wars Battlefront II. He has four abilities, including one that force chokes nearly every character on screen at any given point (Retribution). His three other abilities can all be used for attack, making him the deadliest, most powerful character in the game.

What Makes Anakin Skywalker Superior

  • You can combine abilities to devastating effect. Force Pull to Passionate Strike, Heroic Might to Force Pull, or Retribution to any of the three are killers. It completely takes away your opponents’ ability to fight back. They are either flying through the air or being hit, and there’s no in between.
  • Heroic Might does more damage the more hits you take. For any other hero, it’s suicide to charge into danger. For Anakin, it’s a winning strategy. If you start up Heroic Might in the middle of a firefight, you can get shot, and not only will you not die, you will get stronger until you release that built up power to wipe out everyone around you.
  • Adding to the embarrassment of riches for Anakin is the fact that his health bar is one of the strongest in the game. It’s not fair, but it makes him even more unbeatable.

Top Five Worst Heroes

5. Rey


Of the lightsaber heroes, Rey is the least effective. That doesn’t make her completely without merit. Two of her abilities deal zero damage, but her Mind Trick ability can be a major nuisance to opponents and her Dash Strike is more damaging than Obi-Wan’s. She’s not terrible, just overshadowed by the other lightsaber heroes.

What Makes Rey Lame

  • Getting hit by the Mind Trick can be a death sentence in a tight spot, it makes it impossible to turn around and your target can become trapped. But if you use mind trick in open areas, it’s way too easy for your target to get away. That means many wasted attempts before it actually works.
  • Insight is boring. So you can reveal enemies, big whoop.
  • It’s the same for other heroes with a dash ability, but any time you use it, you run the risk of running into danger and not being able to get back out.

4. Boba Fett

Just as useless as in Return of the Jedi

In theory, Boba Fett is a great hero. He can fly around the map faster than anyone else. He can reach places that no one else can, he’s got two attack abilities, plus a flamethrower melee attack. But… You can’t kill anybody as Boba Fett. His attacks do so little damage, it’s a miracle when he actually dispatches an enemy.

What Makes Boba Fett Lame

  • His gun sucks. The only way you are killing someone with the BlasTech EE-3 is if their health is almost completely depleted. The gun does nothing. You can unload 2,3,4 rounds into another hero’s head, and their health barely drops at all.
  • The only reasonable way to kill enemies is with Boba Fett’s Rocket Barrage. The problem is, your target has to be sitting still or the rockets are going to miss. You could fire all of your rockets in the area of someone, and unless you’re dead-on accurate, it might not do a single point of damage.
  • Unlike Princess Leia’s flash grenade, Boba Fett’s Concussion Rocket does not blind his opponents or even impair them in any meaningful way. If you get hit with the Concussion Rocket, the screen gets a little wavy, but you can still see where you’re going and even enemies in front of you.
  • If you get caught by a lightsaber hero, it’s game over. Once someone starts hitting you with a lightsaber, you are sucked in. You can’t get away with a dodge and you can’t fly away with your jetpack. You have to suck it up and die.

3. Lando Calrissian

The nightman stalketh

Lando is disappointing. He’s a highly specialized hero, designed to be used in a specific way. If you play a stealthy, in-and-out style, Lando can help win a battle or kill a hero or two. If you play any other kind of way, he’s a burden, too vulnerable to attack and not powerful enough to do major damage.

What Makes Lando Calrissian Lame

  • One of his abilities is a smoke grenade. I understand the point of Lando’s smoke grenade, but it’s not particularly useful. Of course it does no damage, but it doesn’t actually make it any easier to shoot enemies. They can’t see you, but you still have the problem of trying toget your crosshairs on enemies that are jumping and rolling out of the way.
  • Lando’s most useful ability is Sharp Shot, where he can shoot multiple targets at once. However, he rarely kills every target with one shot. Simply put, the gun isn’t powerful enough. 9 times out of 10 you’re going to waste your best ability damaging one or two enemies.
  • His Disabler, which shocks nearby enemies, doesn’t keep them paralyzed for long enough. By the time you have thrown the device, waited for a group to gather around it, and set it off, there is barely any time left to shoot.

2. Finn

Smells like... salt.

Finn has a good main weapon, his Deadeye ability is a lifesaver, but that’s where the positives stop. He has two team-oriented abilities that are basically the same, and neither one helps that much at all. Finn is the smallest step up from the regular soldier class. I’ll still occasionally play as Finn, but you’d be silly to use him all the time.

What Makes Finn Lame

  • One of his abilities replaces his main weapon with a worse gun. When you use the Undercover Team ability, you can run a little faster, and nearby enemies are revealed on your radar, but you replace your main weapon with the GLIE-44, a less powerful blaster pistol. So not only does your ability not do much positive, it makes you less powerful.
  • The Big Deal ability and Undercover Team ability are too similar. Both are team-boosting abilities, but they are only effective in the most specific of situations. Normally, neither one will make any difference in a battle.
  • He only has his one, basic skin. I might be tempted to use Finn more if he had some unique skins, but alas, we’re stuck with the pants and jacket.

1. Iden Versio

Remember her from the movies? Me neither.

Why would anyone want to play as Iden Versio? Her main weapon is a leftover from one of the main soldier classes, she’s dressed in a worse-looking Stormtrooper costume, and she’s not even from the movies. That’s not to mention her two useless abilities. Sure, you can do some damage with Iden, but why would I waste my time?

What Makes Iden Versio Lame

  • There is nothing unique about Iden Versio. She has a personal droid, yes, but every other part of her arsenal is borrowed from other soldier classes. Her gun is from the Heavy class, and two of her abilities are from the specialist class.
  • The Pulse Cannon ability flat out doesn’t work. It takes way too long to charge up, it’s impossible to aim accurately, people run out of your sight immediately, and even if you manage to hit someone, it does almost no damage. This is the most useless ability in the entire game.
  • What do you need a shield for? Specialists use it to melee enemies one-on-one or escape fire, but it’s not worth risking it when you’re a hero. You can’t shoot while the shield is up, so what is it doing? Nothing, that’s what.
  • Iden’s costume is horrible. It’s made up of discarded stormtrooper parts and spray painted black. It’s ugly, and it doesn’t help her case as a hero you might want to use.

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