Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Heroes that Wreck Hard

best heroes that wreck hard in swbf2
Some think getting a hero is luck. In my experience, there is no such thing as luck!

So who are those Heroes?

It was destined to be so. You got a hero to avenge all who’ve come before. Those who’ve perished without getting a single kill (sob, sob)

Now comes the hard question. Who to choose?

They all look awesome. 

Almost all are riddled by bugs, but, you know. Looks are what MATTERS in the game, right?

I hope you didn’t say Yes to the above question. If you did, the dark side just got another servant.  A lousy one too.

If No, here are top 10 heroes that wreck hard. Let’s hop right in.

(Just to mention, These are My favorites. If you prefer other heroes, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a try.)

10. Captain Phasma

You were always scum.

Captain of the First Order. A vicious Stormtrooper Commander.

And the only sequel character on my list. (just not a sequel fan, sorry.)

If she wasn’t so overly reliant on her droid and had a better aim (a stormtrooper, after all), she could have earned a much better place on the list. 

Eh, oh well.

Makes her great:

  • Fast rate of fire
  • Ability to add health points (Survivor)
  • Long Staff. Deals more damage than normal kicks.
  • Sentry droid. Zapps enemies who come close 

How to play?

  • Stay behind and hold an objective. 
  • Put a droid and don’t go far from him. 
  • Aim and REALLY try to hit something.

Phasma The Conqueror

9. Palpatine 

Execute order 66.

Like Papa needed clones to get rid of the Jedi threat, he would need his servants (other players) to play like champs. 

Of course, you could go Zapping on your own.

But that is a sure way of dying long before that Skywalker prick got to you. 

Makes him great:

  • Noob-friendly (don’t have to aim his lightnings)
  • Chain-lightning (good way to multi-kill)
  • Energy field that eats points off everyone (Dark aura)

How to play?

  • Let your servants engage the enemy FIRST and then join in
  • Put on Dark Aura and start getting assists (or even kills)

I go zapping!

8. Lando

Everything you’ve heard about me is true.

Including him being an Ultimate Cheater (eh, that moment in Solo). Please, don’t do that. 

It ruins your whole reputation. 

No one’s gonna do business with you after that.

Better grab the X-8 Night Sniper and bluff your way to greatness. Lando might not look like much but his abilities will really make THEM pay for storming into the Cloud City.

Makes him great:

  • Disabler (immobilizes and makes an easy target of)
  • Smoke grenade (masks your retreat)
  • Sharp-shot (Amazing for multi-kills + hell of a lot of damage to heroes)
  • Can see heat signatures

How to play?

  • Drop a disabler and wait for someone to step on it 
  • Do a sharp shot (if it’s a hero or his friends are coming)
  • If there are too many, drop a smoke grenade, and run away

Lando Killstreak

7. Boba Fett

He’s no good to me dead.

That might have been true in the movies but in BF2, Han is VERY GOOD dead. Or anyone else for that matter.

You can’t get battle points for bringing in Live (so sad).

Scrub that Mandalorian armor and get ready to hunt some Wookies. If the Jedi gets on your way, no need to show your close-combat skills. 

Head to the skies. Luke surely gonna regret leaving his jetpack home.

Makes him great:

  • Jetpack (allows you to get from one place to another + perfect way of retreating)
  • Concussion grenade (immobilizes a hero and leaves him defenseless)
  • Radar (points out locations of enemies)
  • Rocket Barrage (Great Multi-kill, esp if they are grouped together)

How to play?

  • Be a hunter, not the hunted
  • Turn on radar and look for your Prey
  • See a hero? Throw a concussion grenade
  • Then comes the Rocket barrage
  • If odds ain’t for you, fly away

Boba Fett Killstreak

6. Han Solo

You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.

How to earn fame?

Defeated your arch-nemesis (who has a Jetpack). That would amaze anyone. No man-eating sarlaccs in BF2, sorry. 

Would have to do with throwing him off a cliff. (make sure to time it when he has no juice)

Get out of Millenium Falcon and pair up with Chewie. You ain’t only good in space. Arm that DL-44 blaster and put on your contagious smile. Mission at hand:

Winning a Princess’ heart.

Makes him great:

  • DL-44 (Insane damage)
  • Detonite charge (definition of an easy kill)
  • Shoulder charge (puts him toe-to-toe with Jedi)
  • Sharp-shooter (weaker than Lando’s, but rinses off health nonetheless)

How to play?

  • Go in guns blazing 
  • Need to clear a corridor, Han’s your man
  • A hero wants to duel with you? Let’s see how he does after a shoulder charge
  • Boba’s back? He ain’t getting away from a sharp-shot

Han's your man!

5. Maul

Once, I had power. Now I have nothing.

Not a fan of being thrown into a shaft by Obi? And hearing ‘you’ve been replaced’ by your Master. Then don’t fail.

There is no excuse for failure. Not when wielding a character like Maul.

With immense speed, one would be lucky to catch up to Maul. Only to find himself facing him alone and the entire droid army. 

If a single blade isn’t enough to kill, a double blade should do the trick. The Jedi can block all they want, but a spin and you are behind them. 

There is no escape!

Makes him great:

  • Great speed (much faster than most heroes)
  • Choke hold (No oxygen for you!)
  • Furious throw (Never bring a knife to a gunfight. Oh, really?)
  • Spin (There is no stopping meeee!)

How to play?

  • Run into a group of enemies, spin, and slice them in half
  • One left standing, choke him to death
  • Two? Throw your lightsaber
  • A hero? Your spin should have recharged. Retreat!

Not clear, not clear!

4. Leia

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

It might not be Obi-Wan Kenobi. Could be Luke, Anakin, Han or anyone else for that matter. As a support character, you do need Help.

Or you would end up dead and those Death Star plans would never reach the Rebellion. 

Put on that shield and make enemies come to you. Once inside, they are at disadvantage. Cause you are being healed and they aren’t.

Or at least they waste their precious ammo on the shield instead of your health bar. 

Makes her great:

  • Shield (heals you)
  • Secondary fire allows pin-point shots
  • Grenades can make a mess of the battlefield 

How to play?

  • Place a shield
  • Enemies will either come to you or waste their shots
  • Once inside, drop grenades and get out
  • BOOM!

Badass Warrior Princess

3. General Grievous

(Cough, cough)

The true master of Hide and Seek. Who might have contracted Covid-19. Or is it Asthma? It’s so confusing!

The only hero with four lightsabers, you don’t wanna meet him as you round the corner. You wanna know the trick to finding him? 

Watch out for his coughing.

Grievous is a formidable warrior that can clear out entire hallways all by himself. He might be big. But no bullet can pass through Unrelenting advance. Just keep marching.

As you get close, there’s gonna be tons of stuff to add to your collection.

Makes him great:

  • Unrelenting advance
  • Claw Rush (ultimate way to retreat)
  • Rust surge (buggy, but gets you right at your enemy in a heartbeat)
  • More damage from lightsaber than other heroes

How to play?

  • Find a corridor, filled with enemies
  • Fire Unrelenting Advance
  • Let your droids pick off anyone who thinks he can flank you
  • Once Bullet Deflection (Unrelenting Advance) runs off, claw rush away

Hahaha! Please, try to run!

2. Obi-Wan

So uncivilized.

A battlefield is no Jedi Temple. No chamber of solitude. But rather a place of anger. The realm of the Dark Side.

To find your way to light, you need a master like Obi-Wan for a guide. He is not swayed by petty problems. He knows the right thing to do:

Making sure Anakin Calms Down!

If that happens, no war. No Empire. Everyone lives happily ever after. 

Maybe Covid-19 was also Anakin’s making?

Eh. Where’s Obi-Wan when you need him!

Makes him great:

  • The strongest force push of all Jedi
  • Mind-trick (enemies can’t use abilities)
  • Defensive rush (Like Grievous's unrelenting advance, but much faster)

How to play?

  • Find a group of enemies, force push them away
  • Leave only Sith standing
  • Take away his abilities and make him rethink his ways
  • (VERY IMPORTANT) Spam ‘hello there’ every 5 seconds

Another happy landing

1. Iden Versio

The fleet’s location is still safe. Today, the Rebellion dies.

Survivor of Yavin. Leader of Inferno Squad. Traitor. Hero of the Rebellion. 

So many names and tragedy after tragedy. 

Lost her comrades on the Death Star. Lost hope in the Empire after Cinder. Lost her husband to the First Order. 

But That’s in the Campaign.

In Multiplayer, she’s  an efficient Imperial agent, enforcing the will of the Emperor. Her TL-50 rains hell on the enemies.

The guy is too far away? Pulse Cannon will make an easy game of him.

In pair with her droid, she’ll make you regret ever thinking to join the Rebellion.

Makes her great:

  • TL-50 (concussion blast)
  • Droid (immobilizes a hero with an electric shock)
  • Droid shield (great for retreating)
  • Pulse Cannon (a perfect sniper rifle)
  • Iden is great up close as much as she is from afar

How to play?

  • Find an optimal position behind someone
  • Rain ion shots on the enemy 
  • Being over-run, turn on a shield 
  • Facing a Jedi? Order your droid to stun him. 

Inferno Squad leads the way!

There is a reason why I didn’t include Anakin and Darth Vader in the list. They are both powerful heroes. They would have been in top 5 for sure. But it would have been too generic.

I’ve seen them so many times in other lists so I decided to give space to others. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. I also hope the list helps you find the hero that best suits your style.

Never. Ever. Choose a hero because someone told you he is better. Well-trained Phasma will have no trouble dealing with a crappy Iden. 

Play to your skills and to your enemies’ weaknesses. 

But most importantly. Have Fun!

May the Force be with you!

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