[Top 25] SWBF2 Best Mods You Must Have

SWBF2 Best Mods
Want to make things more interesting?

Looking to spice up your game a little bit, well look not further than mods. Mods allow you to make certain changes to the game to make things more interesting, whether it be character changes or changes to the map, these mods are perfect for those looking to have a lot of fun in this great game. Note: Mods can only be used on the PC version of the game and there is always a chance of being banned.

25: The Mandalorian

This mod allows you to play as the Bounty hunter from the hit Series The Mandalorian. The mod is pretty self explanatory.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Replaces Finn in the game

Get this mod here



24: Clone Jet Trooper Variations

This mod gives the Clone Jet troopers new appearances. This mod is inspired by the 2004 and 2005 Star Wars Battlefront games

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Comes with 5 different variations to choose from
  • You can also download a UI Portrait.

Get the mod here



23: STRKEBOMB’s Custom Clone Overhaul

This mod overhauls the Clone Legions and adds gear to nearly every class. Give each clone trooper a new and unique look to their armor.

Phase 1 has phase 2 arc trooper apparences

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Adds new loading screen

Get this mod here



22: Darth Maul With Cape

This mod gives Darth Maul a cape. Uses Kylo Ren’s Ep9 cape

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Will make a lot of players happy to have another Darth Maul outfit.

Get this mod here



21:Bryce’s Filmic Fightfight

This mod updates gives you an overhaul of the blaster fire within the game. This will be one of many mods that changes blaster fire

  • Gives you brighter muzzle flashes
  •  Multiplayer safe
  • Brighter impacts

Get the mod here



20: Scarif Lighting Tweaks

This mod makes slight lighting tweaks to the newly added Scarif map.It increases the contrast and saturation of the map during the daytime

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Makes the map look brighter

Get the mod here



19: Better Force Lightning

This mod enhances Palpatine’s force lightning attacks It makes his lightning attacks look cooler

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Lightning attacks look thicker and brighter

Get the mod here



18: OfficalMango's Environmental Loading Screens V2.0 

This mod allows you to see the map that you are loading into. 

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Gives you a new loading screen to look at.
  • Loading screens are fully animated

Get the mod here



17: AdmiralSnackbar's Additional Loading Screens

This mod is a pack of new loading screens. It replaces the current loading screen artwork

  • Come with five loading screens
  • Multiplayer safe
  • Shows off the content that is included in the game

Get the mod here



16: Improved Palpatine

This mod improves the look out Palpatine's overall look, ever so slightly.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Fixes the color of his eyes
  • Adds more details to his face

Get the mod here



15: Ortho's Young Solo Retouch

This mod gives the young apparence for Han Solo a facial retouch. Giving him a healthier look.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Improves facial features
  • Comes with a new custom character portrait

Get the mod here



14: Screen Accurate General Grievous

This mod gives a more accurate look to General Grievous. Giving him a new hero portrait as well as new details to his appearance.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Adds accurate details to Grievous’s body.
  • Details include, his throat and eyes looking more movie accurate.

Get the mod here



13: Movie Accurate Anakin Skywalker

This mod changes Anakin to look how he does in the movie: Revenge Of the Sith. Giving him a more detailed appearance in the game, with new hair color, accurate eyes.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • New facial features
  • Comes with Sith Eyes addon

Get this mod here



12: Ortho's Obi-Wan Retouch

This mod gives Obi-Wan Kenobi a facial retouch. It makes his face closely resemble Ewan McGreggor’s face in the movies. 

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Comes with realistic battle weathering to face and outfits
  • Lifelike hair and skin textures

Get the mod here



11:Cloudy Daylight Naboo for CS, Instant Action and Co-op

This mod changes the time of day for Naboo for Capital Supremacy, Instant Action and Co-op. Instead of having the map set to dusk,

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Brightens up the map
  • Visually pleasing

Get this mod here



10: Autumn on Endor

This mod changes the look of the forest moon of Endor, to a nice fall aesthetic. Making all the colors to hues of red orange and brown to fit the fall mood.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Campaign safe 
  • Visually pleasing

Get the mod here



9: Sunny Overcast Kamino

This mod changes the lighting on the dark and stormy planet Kamino. Closely resembles the weather seen in The Clone Wars Season 3 episodes 1 and 2.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Works well in Capital Supremacy

Get the mod here



8:Kylo EP9 with EP7 Hood

This mod makes slight changes to Kylo Ren’s outfit in the game. It simply replaces Kylo’s current hood with his hood from EP7: The force Awakens.

  • Multiplayer Safe
  • Works with newest game update

Get the mod here 


7: Coruscant Guard Phase 1 Overhaul

This mod makes changes to the Coruscant guard appearance for the clones. It gives them the phase one clone armor, phase two markings.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Changes apply to all classes

Get the mod here



6: Clone Wars TV Show Blasterbolts

Another simple mod, this mod replaces all blaster bolts in the game to closely resemble how they look in the Clone Wars Tv show. They are changed to be blue and red.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • All trooper and hero blaster bolts are changed
  • Vehicles are being worked on too

Get the mod here



5: Aurebesh

This simple mod turns the english text into Aurebesh writing. It was the writing system used throughout the galaxy.

  • Every one screen text is translated into Aurebesh
  • Multiplayer safe
  • Can be fully immersed in Star Wars, with this writing on screen.  

Get the mod here



4: Naboo Thunderstorm

This mod gives the beautiful world of Naboo a severe thunderstorm. The mod comes complete with sounds of thunder, rain and lightning.

  • Best test in offline first before playing a real match
  • Adds a completely different mood to the beautiful map

Get the mod here



3: Night Pack

This mod makes a major change to major maps Capital Supremacy. It turns them into a night time variant.

  • Multiplayer safe
  • Makes maps look completely different
  • A fresh take already beautiful maps

Get the mod here



2: Sly’s Cinematic Firefights III

This mod gives your blaster bolt vfx an overhaul. Giving them more vibrant colors, unique shapes and sizes. It also increases the amount of smoke, sparks and firepower that comes from each shot.

  • It works in multiplayer
  • Best used with Sly’s Lighting Overhaul
  • Every blaster bolt is changed and looks new and improved

Get the mod here



1: Sly’s Cinematic Lighting Overhaul 

This mod gives your game a complete overhaul on EVERY map. It makes the lightning and environment brighter, making everything feel a lot more realistic and accurate to the films.

  • Makes your game look and feel a lot more vibrant and alive than it already is
  • It works in multiplayer
  • Best used with previous mod

Get the mod here


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