Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Star Cards for Anakin

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Too bad the Council didn't trust him.

So What are the Best Star Cards for Anakin?

The great Jedi. The Chosen One. The one who should have destroyed the Sith, not JOIN them. And the one who murdered younglings in the Jedi Temple. 

What a man!

I could have chosen any pic from a collection of many on the Internet but this one from the Clone Wars’ final season suited the article as none other did.

The person of great strength, Anakin Skywalker is the only Hero in Battlefront 2 that has four abilities instead of 3. And what an ability! Retribution, that charges up while you and your teammates take damage, then releases a deadly 360 degree force choke. 

It’s priceless on the battlefield. Especially when surrounded by bogeys on all sides. Just be sure not to turn the ability on your wife. Cause then it becomes home violence.

5. Tenacious

I am angry. Very angry.

This Star Card is GREAT, because it adds an additional 200 hp (when fully maxed) to Anakin's already not-so-small health pool of 800 hp. For those who haven’t been on good terms with math since high school (me, sob, sob), the total goes up to STAGGERING 1000 hp.

It considerably increases your chances of survival and makes you VERY comfortable in dealing with enemies. Honestly, what can a lonely trooper do against a 1000 hp violence-monger running at him!

Use Tenacious if:

  • Having a hard time managing health
  • Want to be comfortable when dealing with enemy troopers and villains

4. Reprisal 

Your punishment shall come from my lightsaber!

This Star Card regenerates 20 hp per trooper kill and NICE 120 hp per villain kill. It is a MUST-HAVE if you are going to be in the midst of action. And knowing Anakin, he is ALWAYS in the midst of action. 

Like his Padawan used to say: “Recon missions with Anakin always end up with BIG explosions.”

Use Reprisal if:

  • You are going to be in the midst of actions
  • Surrounded by enemy troops that can be harvested for health points 

3. Control the Force

They don’t call me Chosen One for nothing.

This Star Card increases the radius of Anakin’s Heroic Might ability by 5 meters when fully maxed out. Heroic Might allows the user to get 90% damage reduction and deal up to 450 damage in all directions if enough trouble is against you. 

Once the Card is equipped, many more bogeys are gonna regret taking a single shot at you.

Use Control the Force if:

  • Enemies like to stand away from you. Cowards!

2. Massive Strikes

I shall strike you down!

With this Star Card at hand, Anakin deals more damage with each hit of his lightsaber. Up to 25 damage per hit when fully maxed out. It is a GREAT ability and it could make certain that every class (except for heavy) dies from a single swing. 

JUST PERFECT. As long as the younglings are not involved.

Use Massive Strike if:

  • Having the doubts whether enemy trooper survived or not
  • You want to make sure the villain dies sooner than later

1. All of Them

Everyone shall PAY!

With this Star Card at hand, Anakin’s Pull Dominance ability deals 50 more damage if two or more enemies have been caught in the field and are flying your way. The Pull Dominance is awfully similar to Kylo’s pull. But this one is SO much better.

Cause Kylo’s pull doesn’t deal 120 (without the card) + 50 damage when enemies fall at your feet.

Use All of Them if:

  • You want even for heavy to part with his life once he lands

If you equip your Star Cards correctly, to match your playing style, it ain’t gonna end well for your enemies. And enemies of the Galactic Republic!

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