Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Yoda Star Cards

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Do or do not. There is no try!

So What are The Best Star Cards for Yoda?

A master Jedi, deserving a high praise for his resilience and patience in dealing with the problems of the Jedi Order. But who finally passed on a desolate planet, forgotten by all, except for a dozen living Jedi outcasts. 

A good life, eh? I might disagree. I would rather pass in a great battle, leaving my name a battle cry for future generations. But I guess that’s a symptom of youthful maximalism. Once I get to live 900 years, I might rethink my position. 

A powerful Jedi Master, Yoda has a great deal of useful abilities. Presence and Dash Attack can make allies welcome. And enemies. Not so much!

5. Agility

You ain’t getting to me!

It’s great for Yoda, since it allows him to have an extra dash attack. Three dash attacks in total. Especially great since lightsaber users can’t block it. Only dodge. 

And it ain’t so easy against such a small target. 

Of course, it comes at a small cost. 10% longer cooldown. In reality, the cooldown only lasts for less than a second longer. Not a bad trade-off, eh?

Use Agility if:

  • You want to attack three times instead of two 
  • Your opponent has TOO MUCH health remaining

4. Feel the Force

I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

This Star Card REALLY improves Yoda’s Presence ability. While only 150 health points were awarded to you and teammates before, the number climbs to staggering 210. Once the card is fully maxed out. 

Just like with Officer’s Improved Battle Command, people like to be near someone, who improves their chances to survive.

You are popular!

Use Feel the Force if:

  • You want to be popular
  • You want others to follow you into dangerous situations

3. Opposing the Dark Side

You shall not pass!

With this Star Card at hand, Yoda deals more damage against enemy villains. Since there is a great chance you meet a Sith on a battlefield, this card is a MUST HAVE. Especially if you are into Heroes vs. Villains. 

Then, it’s a SUPER must have.

Use Opposing the Dark Side if:

  • You are about to face off a Sith Character
  • You don’t wanna be at mercy of multiple enemy villains

2. Lightsaber Mastery


If you equip this Star Card, each of Yoda’s strikes drains less stamina. If you are not good with stamina-management, this card is a must have. If you ARE, then it’s still advisory to have one. 

It’s always better to have MORE of something than LESS, right?

Use Lightsaber Mastery if:

  • You are not good with managing your stamina
  • You are about to face off a group of bogeys (villains included)

1. Enduring Presence

I might be gone but my presence shall prevail.

If you equip this Star Card, Yoda’s Presence ability lasts longer. 5 seconds longer when fully maxed out. Since Presence provides additional health points to you and your friends, it will keep your popularity floating.

As you might have guessed, I will strongly recommend pairing it with ‘Feel the Force’ Star Card. Then you will be truly UNSTOPPABLE!

Use Enduring Presence if:

  • You want to remain popular 
  • You have already unlocked Feel the Force

If you equip your Star Cards correctly, to match your playing style, it ain’t gonna end well for your enemies. And enemies of the Republic!

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