[Top 3] SWBF2 Best Officer Builds

SWBF2 Best Officer Builds
You Rebel Scum

    Like all classes, the officer class is based on your play style. With the right card stack and gun, you can dominate the battlefield with the officer class. They are intended to be a support class, however, they are capable of surviving on their own. Here are some of the best officer builds in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

3) The Leader Build

The Showrunner.

This pack works together!

    This build contains the cards Survivalist, Expert Weapons Handling, and Improved Battle Command. A build like this works when you’re on the front lines with your teammates. This is for people who want to be the support player and also attack head-on. 

    What’s good about this build:

  • Survivalist will shorten the delay for your health regen to help you live longer.
  • Expert Weapons Handling reduces the cooldown on your gun.
  • Improved Battle Command has a bigger blast radius and a shorter recharge time making it faster to shield teammates and reach more of them.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnlOvDeeehA

2) The Protector Build

The Defensive Line

Don't worry, I'll keep us safe.

    This build consists of Improved Battle Command, Disruption, and the Improved Flash Grenade. The Improved Battle Command is one of the best perks for the officer class so it’s not surprising that it’s here a second time. For this build, it works as both offensive and defensive play styles. Although, Its focus can be on a defensive style.

    What’s good about this class:

  • The Disruption ability works as an EMP, it will overheat enemy weapons, defuse explosives, and temporarily disable turrets.
  • Improved Flash Grenade has a bigger blast radius and will do more damage.
  • Improved Battle Command will help with being able to use these abilities more.
  • Flash Grenade will split into fragments, affecting enemies that are a bit more spaced out.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzeNoIE43P8&t=102s


1) Points Collector

The Gatherer

Let's get this over with.

    If your objective is to get to play as a hero as fast as you can, this is your build. This build consists of Officer’s Presence, Bounty Hunter, and Improved Battle Command. Here, you’ll be able to stay alive longer and deal more damage. 

    What’s good about this build:

  • On top of shortening your teammate’s delay on health regen, you’ll gain battle points for each teammate that regains health.
  • Bounty Hunter will get you battle points faster and more frequently.
  • Improved Battle Command will give you a buff, making it easier to get kills.
  • Improved Battle Command will also help you stay alive longer to get kills.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5f1AGp85jI&t=359s

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