Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Weapons for Assault Class

best weapons for assault class in swbf2
Never tell me the odds of surviving with a wrong gun at hand.

So What are the Best Weapons for Assault Class?

The caption above. You asked me not to. But I will. Low. Extremely low. 

Assault is a very versatile class. It can match anyone’s playing style. That’s why I play assault far more than other classes. Even more than I play heroes! 

Unexpected, eh? Having 5,000 points and choosing Assault? Yep, that’s me. 

You would make a galaxy (not our galaxy, I couldn’t care less about ours, but the Star Wars Galaxy) a great injustice. If you played it with the wrong weapon. 

Join me and together we can rule the gala … Ooops. The wrong line. Join me and together we can find you the gun that will earn you honour and glory.

Now, that’s better. 

5. E-11D (best for close to mid range)

That's a loooong barrel.

You wouldn’t believe where I first saw a death trooper!

Far before The Rogue One (I’ve watched it late). On YouTube. The Channel called Larry The Stormtrooper. 

There, he was holding a default Imperial blaster. I had no idea they were issued their own specialized guns. It was only after watching 'Rebels' I learned otherwise. 

E-11D is a mighty weapon, if you know how to use it. I didn’t seem to grasp the concept. 

The gun has similar statistics to E-11. But, Its add-ons are what makes it shine. ‘Flashlight’ allows you to see enemies in the dark and ‘Improved Range’ increases long-range damage. 

If I ever learn to use it properly, I may revisit this page and rank it higher. 

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 35-20
  • Rate of Fire 300

What makes it great:

  • Add-ons (esp. flashlight)

How to get:

  • 50 kills in Co-Op

E-11D Killstreak

4. A280 (best for mid-range)

Three-burst beauty.

Out of all the guns in Battlefront 2, A-280 is the most stable. Not including lightsabers, of course. Its recoil is barely noticeable. 

If you have a stormtrooper syndrome (landing shots problem), it is a must use. Its three-burst system lets you have three tries for every shot. If one shot didn’t hit the target, the other two  will.

It can be a bit tricky to land shots on long-range. The bullets will cause less damage and may not even reach the target. 

Pssst. I don’t have a stormtrooper syndrome every day, but when I do...

I pick nothing but his one.

Weapon Stats: 

  • Damage 33-19
  • Rate of Fire 600

What makes it great:

  • Three shots for each trigger pull
  • Light recoil

How to get:

  • 50 kills with Assault

A280 Overview

3. EL-16HFE (best for mid to long range)

And that's how Snipers are born.

The gun that turns Assault into a Sniper. 

Any target from a few hundred meters to a few kilometers? No problem at all.

El-16 is especially deadly if you can land headshots. Not quite NT-242. But this gun also has far more shots. If you miss, you can always try again.

It can be tricky to use the gun up close. However,I guess it’s better to shoot people down before they come close to you.

Warning: It may not work in close quarters.

EL-16 is not very user friendly and its harsh recoil can throw off even an experienced trooper. But if in pair with Reduced Recoil and Improved Range add-ons... 


Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 49-30
  • Rate of Fire 200

What makes it great:

  • High damage 
  • Long range

How to get:

  • 500 kills with Assault

EL-16HFE Master Guide

2. CR-2 (best for close range)

A machine gun packed inside a blaster? Mom, I know what I want for Christmas!

The gun might look small, but don’t underestimate it. Guns don’t have to be big to hit hard. 

What’s important? It gives a strong firepower without sacrificing your mobility. Because mobility is  what really keeps you alive on the battlefield. (Can already see I am not a fan of Heavy, eh?)

A third unlockable in Assault’s arsenal, it's only downside is its short range. 

Don’t try to hit a target a mile away with this thing. You’ll just give up your location and give a free kill to a camping sniper.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 16-8
  • Rate of Fire 900

What makes it great?

  • Fast rate of fire
  • Not heavy (doesn’t hinder mobility)

How to get:

  • 200 kills with Assault

CR-2 Killstreak

1. Vanguard (best for close range) Another loooong barrel.

Wanna be in a situation when you mow down enemy after enemy and they just keep coming at you to be slaughtered? 

Step into a corridor in Capital Supremacy and turn on the Vanguard. It’s gonna be that and much much more.

The shotgun is another thing that puts Assault a notch up the other troopers. They have to wait for their guns to recharge.

Assault? No need. While the Shotgun fires, the Main Gun recharges. And vice versa. Beautiful sight for you. Not so much for your enemies.

The downside of a vanguard is its close range. As the distance increases, the radius increases. But, the damage decreases. You can no longer two shot enemies if they are more than a few meters away.

And what’s the point of a shotgun if it can’t do that.

Weapon Stats:

  • Two shot kill (one shot if headshot) for troopers

What makes it great?

  • Doesn’t build up any heat
  • Every kill adds more time to use

How to get:

  • Default ability

All we know of Vanguard

No, no. You’ve ruined everything! 

That’s what I would have said if you didn’t come up with a choice by now. 

Or if you said you are content with the default blaster. 

Try out. Learn. And most importantly, improve your skill. 

Cause on the battlefield, it isn’t the gun that matters the most.

It’s your Abilities and Determination.

Good luck. And May The Force be with you!

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