Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Weapons

best weapons star wars battlefront 2
They weren't expecting special forces!

So what are the best weapons in SWBF2?

("Use the Force, Luke" - Obi Wan)

If you can't use the Force, at least get something to even your chances. And what is a better way than picking up a Weapon of Power!

Spoiler alert: even the Best Weapon is no good in the hands of a novice. Only after hours of training can you expect to unlock its True Potential.

But if you choose a wrong weapon, no matter how long you train. You’ll still be a novice. Kind of a vicious circle, eh?

Don’t make my mistake (sob, sob). Read this article and check out...

Top 10 Best Weapons in Battlefront 2.

10. CR-2 (best for close range)

A machine gun packed inside a blaster? Mom, I know what I want for Christmas!

The gun might look small, but don’t underestimate it. Guns don’t have to be big to hit hard. 

What’s important? It gives a strong firepower without sacrificing your mobility. Because mobility is  what really keeps you alive on the battlefield. (Can already see I am not a fan of Heavy, eh?)

A third unlockable in Assault’s arsenal, it's only downside is its short range. 

Don’t try to hit a target a mile away with this thing. You’ll just give up your location and give a free kill for a camping sniper.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 16-8
  • Rate of Fire 900

What makes it great?

  • Fast rate of fire
  • Doesn't hinder mobility

CR-2 Killstreak

9. Palpatine’s lightnings (best for close range)

Unlimited Power!

I am not talking about his abilities. Just regular force lightnings he emits from his hands. 

To be honest, I had doubts whether to include it in the list or not. It is not a weapon in the sense we view one.

But Star Wars has many things Not in a sense we view one. Giant Interstellar Aircraft Carriers (Star Destroyers) being a nice example. So, I decided to include it. 

I would have loved to see Papa Palpatine with his crimson lightsaber, but then he would just become another Sith Character. 

He deserved to be seen apart from other villains. And his ‘electrifying’ anger gave him that.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage (one hand - 14 in 0.3s / two hands - 28 in 0.3s)

What makes it great?

  • Noob-friendly (auto-aim)
  • More damage if both hands are used

Palpatine Killstreak

8. Arc Trooper Twin Pistols (best for close range)

Let's show these clankers what we've got!

Ever thought of becoming a cowboy? I sure did. But I could never imagine I would get the experience from Star Wars. Battlefront 2 of all places.

Then came the Arc Trooper. 

Face covered by a mask (helmet). Sent into the midst of action. Being the only thing standing between order and anarchy. 

Full Lone Ranger experience guaranteed. 

You might not have liked the DC-17 in the hands of an officer. I didn’t either. But it's completely different in the hands of an ARC Trooper. 

What really sold it to me? The guns being two.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 35-17
  • Rate of Fire 240

What makes it great:

  • High rate of fire (if you can button mash)
  • Secondary fire allows to shoot long range
  • More damage if both pistols are used

Arc Trooper Saves the Day

7. Vanguard (best for close range)

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Wanna be in a situation when you mow down an enemy after another and they just keep coming at you to be slaughtered? 

Step into a corridor in Capital Supremacy and turn on the Vanguard. It’s gonna be that and much much more.

The shotgun is another thing that puts Assault a notch up the other troopers. They have to wait for their guns to recharge.

Assault? No need. While the Shotgun fires, the Main Gun recharges. And vice versa. Beautiful sight for you. Not so much for your enemies.

The downside of a vanguard is its close range. As the distance increases, the radius increases. But, the damage decreases. You can no longer two shot enemies if they are more than a few meters away.

And what’s the point of a shotgun if it can’t do that.

Weapon Stats:

  • Two shot kill (one if headshot) for troopers

What makes it great?

  • Doesn’t build up any heat
  • Every kill adds more time to use

Vanguard Killstreak

6. Iden’s Pulse Cannon (best for long range)

Where are you? Don't be scared.

I  hate strafers. Anyone who played Battlefront 2 repeatedly will know the pain of being killed by a lousy starfighter pilot.

One might ignore a strafer as irrelevant. You should not. They are a threat. A threat that has to be dealt with personally. 

That’s when the Pulse Cannon comes into the game.

Don’t get me wrong. It is an amazing sniper rifle. But less so than NT-242.

In dealing with Starfighters? It’s unbeatable. 

I just love seeing a ship explode. Or trying to evade your shots and flying right into a Walker. 

Catch that, sucker!

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 40-100

What makes it great?

  • Increased damage to vehicles
  • Especially StarFighters

Sniper Queen of Battlefront 2

5. NT-242 (best for long range)

“You are going to pay, asshole. I am gonna exact my revenge … (shot). Damn it, I’ve just respawned. I ain’t playing this game anymore.”

The caption above. That’s me after another Hoth map. Bugged and experiencing a serious mental breakdown. The reason? NT-242.

Of course, I kept coming back to Battlefront 2. Only to find myself AGAIN at the mercy of that damn camper. 

I will find yoooooou!

The beauty ofNT-242 is that it can two shot kill any trooper. One if you can land headshots. Which my enemies  always did. (I have a huge head, sorry)

It's only downside is its quick overheating. Delivering such a punch?

I would have been  surprised if it did not.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 106
  • Rate of Fire 80

What makes it great?

  • Two shot kill (one if headshot)

NT-242 Killstreak

4. Iden’s TL-50 (best for short to mid-range)

Empire sends its regards!

Remember how I said I am not a fan of Heavy? I am not. 

But it doesn’t mean I am not a fan of Heavy’s weaponry. Especially in the hands of a beauty like Iden Versio (biased, guilty as charged)

High rate of fire without sacrificing mobility? Damn, that Christmas list is getting longer and longer.

TL-50 delivered another thing it promised. A way to beat a hero. Let that Jedi block all he wants. He can’t do it forever. 

Once he is out of juice, throw a concussion blast. However much health she was left with, it will quickly disappear. 

In a fiery ball of dark colors. 


Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 15-11
  • Rate of Fire 700

What makes it great?

  • High rate of fire
  • Secondary fire (Concussion blast)


A concussion blast coming up.

3. Bossk’s Relby V-10 (best for mid to long range)

I will collect the price on your head.

Out of money? Again? And debts are mounting?

Then pick the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter and collect on that contract.

His Relby is an enemy to be reckoned with up close and afar.

Your prey is running at you, foolishly thinking he’s strong enough to beat you? Arm the shotgun. He is running away, eventually realizing his foolishness? He is not getting away.

The shotgun can become a sniper rifle in a heartbeat. Impressive, eh?

Maybe I should have considered becoming a Bounty Hunter myself. Nah, too much action for my taste. 

But I surely will pay my taxes in time.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 25-19
  • Rate of Fire 350

What makes it great?

  • Can act as shotgun and as sniper rifle

Time to hunt.

2. B2’s Wrist Rocket (best for short to mid range)

Stop right there.

Stupid, Yes. Powerless, No. I was talking about the droid.

(If the weapon was stupid, it would have never hit the list. Come on. I am better than that.)

When you’ve got the brawl, you don’t need the wits, right? Awfully lot of players seem to think that way. That’s why their rockets  seem to always fly wide.

Please, don’t do that. Aim that thing.
If it hits even in the vicinity of a bogey, there would be nothing left of him but a pair of hands. Or legs. Depends where it hit.

Yes, it does take hell of a lot of time to recharge. However, nothing can be carried ON forever like that thing, ready to strike at the foe. 

Also, it is so much easier to aim than a freaking grenade.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 250
  • Blast radius 2.5m
  • Cooldown 30s

What makes it great?

  • High damage
  • Aim doesn’t need to be perfect. Just land it near the guy

B2 Battle Droid Killstreak

1. Jedi’s Lightsaber (best for short to mid range)

This will be a day long remembered...

No one’s gonna argue this one, I hope? You? Come on!

I would have loved to write one less paragraph for this article. Oh, well. Reality crushed my dreams again.

As Obi-Wan once said, “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” I don’t believe it is. If everyone had lightsabers instead of blasters, I doubt there would be any less fighting.

But fights would surely look more epic. If Duel of the Fates plays in every single one of them. Disney, I’ve got you an idea for the next movie.

An enemy is far and you’ve gained a few pounds you shouldn’t have. Just throw that damn lightsaber. If You are Maul or Vader, that should be no problem.

If Not, it sucks to be you.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 120-170

What makes it great?

  • Can deal damage but can also deflect 
  • Can be thrown against enemies in mid-range

Vader Killstreak

Again, I’ll repeat. When you use any weapon from this list for the first time, you are not going to be John Wick. It will take practice, practice and more practice.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Once you are ready, the weapon will let you know. For you won’t miss a single shot.

But tons of planets are gonna miss a lot of their citizens.

P.S. If you ever can use the Force, Use It. (+ record it)

Not for yourself. For me.

I really wanna see someone falling off a cliff.

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