Star Wars Battlefront 2 Best Hero Star Cards

Star Wars Battlefront II Best Hero Star Cards
These cards have got your back.

Master The Force with Star Cards That Will Best Improve Each Battlefront II Hero

Successfully battling with heroes takes a great deal of skill. It also takes the right power-ups. 

Star Cards in Battlefront II function as supplements to the various hero characters, boosting certain abilities or traits. Choosing the right cards to pair with the right heroes is a crucial part of achieving dominance in Battlefront II.

Luke Skywalker

He is a Jedi, like his father before him.

Best Star Cards for Luke Skywalker

  • Stronger Push - The best way to use star cards is to pair them with your best abilities. Push is Luke’s best ability, and upgrading the distance it can blow people back makes it even better.
  • Strong Repulse - It can be insanely frustrating to activate Repulse in a crowded area and not knock down the enemies around you because they are just out of range. Strong Repulse increases the area of effect of Repulse and makes sure those pesky enemies can’t jump out of the way so easily.
  • Jedi Fighter - Luke is one of those heroes that can be relentless with his attacks and solid in his defense. This star card maximizes his efficiency with melee attacks and blaster deflections by reducing the stamina they drain. 

Princess Leia Organa

The princess doesn't mess around.

Best Star Cards for Princess Leia Organa

  • Rebel Heart - Used in combination with the Relentless Firing star card, Leia can get the most out of her most deadly ability, the E-11 rapid fire blaster. Rebel Heart reduces incoming damage while using the E-11.
  • Relentless Firing - What better way to further enhance your E-11 than to be able to use it for a longer period of time?
  • For the Rebellion - The For the Rebellion star card gives you 20 points of health regeneration for every enemy you defeat, and more for when you defeat a hero.

Han Solo

The only thing better than a good blaster at your side? Some star cards to go with it.

Best Star Cards for Han Solo

  • Air Burst - Han’s detonite charge is his most dangerous ability. Buffing that in any way will give you an even greater advantage on the battlefield. Air burst gives extra damage to your detonite charge if you detonate it while it’s in the air. It also forces you to be quick and accurate when you throw it.
  • Broad Shoulders - Han’s Shoulder Charge ability is so finicky and ineffective, if you want to use it at all, you have to pair it with this star card. It gives you reduce damage while you use it, which means charging into a group of enemies won’t get you killed instantly.
  • Heavily Modified Blaster - What you’re going to be doing most of the time you’re playing as Han is shooting the DL-44 blaster. You’re going to miss a lot of shots too. So this card, which makes it harder for the blaster to overheat, gives you a better chance of dispatching your target without having to “reload”.



Best Star Cards for Chewbacca

  • Bonus Health - For a large target like Chewbacca, a health card that increases your life bar is almost necessary if you want to avoid being mowed down by anyone with a clear shot on you.
  • Slammed - Bonus damage being done to enemies closer to your charge slam attack can make the difference between knocking down your targets and killing them.
  • Furious Resilience - Like the Bonus Health star card, this card beef’s up Chewbacca’s protection from enemy blasters, giving you reduced damage when the Furious Bowcaster ability is activated.

Lando Calrissian

Lando is everyone's pal.

Best Star Cards for Lando Calrissian

  • Quick Shock - Quick shock boosts your disabler’s effectiveness, shocking enemies for a longer duration if you activate it within 5 seconds of throwing it. Used in tandem with the Sharpshot ability, this can be the difference in taking out multiple enemies at once.
  • Wide-Eyed - The Sharp Shot ability can be extremely useful in battle. This card allows you to target enemies from further away, increasing your odds of a satisfying multi-kill.
  • Maximized Efficiency - If you get a multi-kill, or even just a multi-hit, on 3 or more targets, this card reduces the time you will have to wait to use the Sharp Shot ability again. 


The force is strong with her.

Best Star Cards for Rey

  • Deep Mind - To get the most out of your Insight ability, this star card is a must. It works in tandem with the Mind Trick ability, increasing the time your targets are affected by Mind Trick if they are first identified by Insight.
  • Opportunist - Opportunist is a second star card to work with Mind Trick. This one is more direct, dealing extra damage to enemies affected by Rey’s ace in the hand ability.
  • Damaging Strike - Rey’s Dash Strike is damaging in its own right, but adding extra damage the more enemies Rey hits makes it even more effective in tight quarters.


Size matters not, star cards matter lot.

Best Star Cards for Yoda

  • Master of the Force  - A proper Unleash blast is one of the most fun things you can do in Battlefront II. Absorbing blaster fire and then unleashing back on your enemies is even better with this star card, which deals bonus damage if you’ve absorbed the maximum amount of fire.
  • Lightsaber Mastery - Attacking with Yoda’s lightsaber can often turn into a button mashing affair. Because of that, you can find yourself out of stamina and open to attack. This star card gives Yoda more stamina to play with.
  • Feel the Force - Yoda’s Presence ability is literally a life-saver. It is wise to upgrade it as much as possible. Feel the Force gives you more bonus health when you activate Presence.


For the Resistance!

Best Star Cards for Finn

  • Stay Calm - If you’re playing as Finn, you’ll want to spend as much time with Deadeye as possible. That’s exactly what this star card does, extending the duration of Deadeye.
  • Raised to Do One Thing - Here is another star card to build up your Deadeye ability. This one increases the lock-on radius.
  • Come Get It - This isn’t a necessary star card to equip, it increases the duration of Big Deal with every headshot you score, but it’s an easy way to keep Big Deal going. Useful in a pinch.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Lead by example with Obi-Wan Kenobi

Best Star Cards for Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • Jedi Resilience - There is no better star card for allowing you a longer time on the battlefield. This health regeneration card allows you to find cover and quickly get back in the action.
  • Quickened Focus - Where Obi-Wan is most exposed to attack is during his All-Out Push charge up. This star card reduces charge up time, meaning less time standing still and less shots taken.
  • Think It Over - Being on the receiving end of an Obi-Wan Mind trick can be maddening. It prevents you from dodging or using abilities yourself. This card keeps that maddening state going for longer. 

Anakin Skywalker

He is the Chosen One.

Best Star Cards for Anakin Skywalker

  • Massive Strikes - This star card allows for extra lightsaber damage without sacrificing stamina. It’s really a no-brainer.
  • Attraction - Pulling enemies toward you with Anakin’s Pull Dominance is extremely overpowered. There is nothing your targets can do but hope you miss them with your lightsaber. This only adds to the unfairness, extending the ability’s reach.
  • Raw Strength - Like other star cards, Raw Strength can be the difference between knocking enemies down, and killing them.

Boba Fett

Whin do oi git paid?

Best Star Cards for Boba Fett

  • Intense Barrage - Intense Barrage is an essential star card for Boba Fett. His Rocket Barrage is his best ability, and it’s greatest weakness is that it doesn’t fire enough rockets. Intense Barrage fixes that.
  • Blaster Disabler - Boba Fett’s Concussion Rocket is so useless, you might as well spend a star card making it do something. This card diables blaster fire from enemies hit with the Concussion Rocket for a few seconds.
  • Fuel Efficiency - The longer Boba Fett can spend in the air, the more effective he can be. There are two star cards that help in this regard, but this one let’s you fly longer in a single go.


Yessssss. These are ssssssuperior ssssstar cardssssss.

Best Star Cards for Bossk

  • Spreading the Disease - A set-it-and-forget-it ability like Bossk’s Dioxis Grenade is incredibly valuable in the heat of battle. Buffing it by increasing it’s area of effect is a must.
  • Lingering Dioxis - The second star card for the Dioxis Grenade, Lingering Dioxis adds more duration to the poison smoke. With this card equipped, enemies will have to scramble to avoid the cloud.
  • Multi-Traps - Another ability that requires no quick reflexes or precision aiming is Bossk’s Proximity Mines. With the added mines and damage that come from this star card, you can rest easier knowing that any poor sap that stumbles on your mines is going night night.

Darth Vader

It is useless to resist!

Best Star Cards for Darth Vader

  • Deflection Stamina - Want to make it next to impossible for blasters to kill you? Equip this star card and you can deflect blaster fire for an absurdly long amount of time before your stamina runs out. You might even get some deflection kills while you’re at it.
  • Bonus Health - Vader is a tank on the battlefield with his base health bar. He’s a god with this card equipped.
  • Last Gasp - Using Vader’s Choke ability in battle is most likely going to result in multiple soldiers being taken into your grasp. To make the most of that, use this star card, which deals extra damage when you choke multiple targets.

Emperor Palpatine

This old man's still got it.

Best Emperor Palpatine Star Cards

  • Lightning Reach - There is no reason not to equip this star card. The longer the range of Palpatine’s lightning attacks, the better he is. It’s that simple.
  • Surge of Lightning - You have to make the most out of your best abilities. In The Emperor’s case, Chain Lightning is not really working at its best unless you have this star card equipped. It increases the number of enemies your chain lightning will affect.
  • In Full Control - By equipping this star card, and draining less stamina with your lightning attacks, Palpatine becomes almost unstoppable. You can go hog wild with lightning hands. Unlimited power!

Kylo Ren

Don't mess with the mask.

Best Star Cards for Kylo Ren

  • Harsh Pull - Pull is already an effective ability for Kylo Ren, but it does not do damage itself. That is, unless you have this star card equipped. Get an upper hand on enemies with full health or defeat enemies with depleted health.
  • Closing In - Kylo Ren’s Frenzy ability needs some buffing to be a real benefit. Closing In lets you jump to further targets while Frenzy is activated.
  • Bloodlust - Bloodlust works with Closing In, increasing the number of strikes while in Frenzy. Together they can improve the Frenzy ability into something really useful. 

Darth Maul

Fight with fear

Best Star Cards for Darth Maul

  • Accelerated Throw - Darth Maul’s Furious Throw is simply not damaging enough on its own. If you want to attack enemies from longer range with Darth Maul, you need to equip this star card, which makes your throw deal extra damage.
  • Thrown to Slow - Maul’s Choke Hold ability can throw enemies back, a la Luke’s Push, but unlike Luke it’s not easy to catch enemies off guard. Because of this, a star card that increases damage rather than distance is better.
  • Fool Me Once - This star card increases recharge rates on all your abilities. Darth Maul is the only hero with this advantage, so make use of it.

Iden Versio

Iden sans helmet

Best Star Cards for Iden Versio

  • Shock Reach - Iden’s Pulse Cannon and Droid Shield abilities are useless, so you shouldn’t bother upgrading them. One that is worth upgrading is the Stun Droid, and Shock Reach does that, shocking more enemies at once.
  • Acquiring Targets - This star card is self explanatory. It helps your Stun Droid cast a wider net when acquiring targets.
  • Cooled Blaster - As a supplement to Iden’s main weapon, this star card can turn the TL-50 into a powerful battle-changer.

Captain Phasma

The Chromed Crusader

Best Star Cards for Captain Phasma

  • The More The Better - Upgrading Phasma’s First Order Sentry Droid is the key to success with ol’ Chrome Dome. The More The Better increases the rotation speed of the droid, leading to more shots on target.
  • Not Hard Enough - Put the chrome to use with damage reduction while Survivor is activated. It can be used with another survivor star card, which boosts health, but the damage reduction makes it harder to be damaged in the first place.
  • Finish Them Off - If you’re going to use Phasma’s Staff Strikes at all, you should pair it with this star card. It makes the last strike do more damage, giving you a slight edge in one on one battles.

General Grievous

Run into this beast and you. are. doomed...

Best Star Cards for General Grievous

  • Jedi Killer - Thrust Surge is your friend in wide open battlefields, it can pick out targets from a distance and guarantee a hit on them. But you’re not using it right unless it’s paired with this star card, which increases the distance you can target enemies from.
  • Ceaseless Assault - Unrelenting Advance should only be used in specific situations because enemies can easily roll out of its way, but when you do get into a tight spot, you want to make sure those targets can’t fight back. That’s where this damage reducing boost helps.
  • Momentum - Used with Jedi Killer, this star card does bonus damage to enemies at the receiving end of your Thrust Surge.

Count Dooku

It's obvious this contest cannot be decided by his knowledge of the force, but by his skill choosing star cards.

Best Star Cards for Count Dooku

  • Blind Spot - a properly placed Lighting Stun can guarantee a couple kills. Using this star card, which increases the area of Lightning Stun, makes those odds even higher.
  • Masterful Duelist - One of the best ways to use star cards is to stack several boosts onto one ability. That is the case with Masterful Duelist, which takes an ability that does extra damage, and increases the damage of that. Good for several one-shot-kills in one go.
  • Sith Control - Dooku’s playstyle can open him up to attacks pretty easily. That’s why this health regeneration boost is extremely important.

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